Letter from the Editor #30: My Fourth Paper, “The Orion Empire” Released Today!

Friday, July 13, 2012 @ 6:25 pm


Number 4 in my series of papers of ‘The Second Level of Learning’ released today. Hope you’ll enjoy! The web address is, http://wespenre.com/2/orion-empire.htm. More to come soon and releases will be announced here on my blog.


7 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor #30: My Fourth Paper, “The Orion Empire” Released Today!

  1. Another thing…the star constellations indicate that Orion is the Hunter and Sirius is the ‘underdog’, running at his side. Something to ponder: did the Sirians want to stay that way? Did they want to remain underdogs?

    The Sirian Overlords were taken into the Orion Empire through a peace treaty – yes. The Aryans remained in charge and let the Sirians do their own things, although they joined forced when they faced war. Even when they came down to Earth the Sirians were part of the Orion Empire and technically still are. Thus the Sphinx + some joined symbols that are both Sirian and Aryan in nature. Also, the King’s chamber in the Great Pyramid is the Queen’s chamber and vice versa. Big misunderstanding. In the stars, when a race rebels, if they are smart, they do so by manipulation like the Sirians did. They are still considered themselves part of the ORion Empire, though, but don’t agree with a lot of things…

    Yes, I am using Morning Sky as one of my main references in my first few papers, and to a certain degree in the next two as well, only because he is the one who comes closest – but he didn’t score.

    After that, my ‘story’ is going to take a different twist & turn – you’ll see…

  2. Wes,

    Like with the previous papers, you are getting closer, but it appears that alot of this paper is based on Robert Morning Sky’s theories. Some of which he is spot on, but other things he either was told wrong or formed the wrong conclusion.

    Take the Orion Empire for example. Originally, there was a King, but the females were\are superior when it comes to combat. The female that the King had taken as a mate killed him and took control.

    Also, the relationship between Sirian and Orion Empires is a simple one. The Sirians bow to the Orion Empire. This can be known by Sphinx. The body of a Dog and the head of the Orion Queen. The head rules the body.

    One more thing….a race doesn’t just “join” the Orion Empire….they are conquered first or they willingly submit and bow down.

    Keep up the good work Wes!!

    1. Or maybe that’s what some ”people” want us to believe ;-). Stay tuned.

      Thanks a lot for your support, Larnhr. Dearly appreciate your comments. Keep them coming!

      1. Wes,

        When I post comments here, I don’t base them on other people’s research or “beLIEfs”. They are strictly based on my own “experiences”.

        If you seek “knowledge”….it will find you…if it is meant for you to have.

        1. Yes, I agree with you, Larnhr. I don’t write out of beLIEfs either. I write from ‘personal experience’ and from knowledge that found me. I back it up where I can; sometimes I simply can’t, because there is no frame of reference, but that’s ok if I know it to be my ‘experience’. Hopefully makes people think, and that’s what we want.

          My comment was not meant to offend you, however. I just wrote it because my experiences seem similar to yours, but also slightly different, and was not intended to criticize you or your experiences. If I offended you unwittingly, I apologize.

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