Planet X Nibiru – June 1-15 – Timelapse (The Event Is Approaching)

Source:You Tube
Posted here: Monday, July 16, 2012 @ 5:30 am

Editor’s note: This is, almost word by word, what the Anunnaki prince, Utu Shamash, told me when he contacted me (see article: This is what they want us to believe. Yes, ‘Nibiru’ is approaching rapidly, and we may have an encounter, as the planet is coming in from the south, earlier than expected. But don’t believe they are our saviors and creators and our loving ancestors. They are here to invade, not to save. Yes, they may plan on destroying the Global Elite, but that’s part of the show. They will fulfill prophecy, start the War of Armageddon, and rule over the remaining humanity in a machine world most of us don’t want to experience! Also, please read my papers at . This website talks in length about this problem. Don’t be fooled, friends!

Like I’ve said so many times before; no aliens are coming to save us — we are OUR OWN saviors. We are evolving as a species in a natural chain of events, and we have the right to be left alone to complete the process. Our only way out of this mess is to start creating a new reality which will also create a new timeline in our new Multiverse where our thoughts and actions will become our new reality. No more sloppy thinking. Think clear thoughts, set your intentions and live your dreams. Disagree with the Sirian Overlords who are currently controlling our world from behind the scenes. We raise our consciousness by disagreeing with the current system, creating new, positive thoughts containing our dreams and visions of the Multiverse we want to live in. Every single moment of the day, you create a new version of the Multiverse. Your THOUGHTS are POWERFUL. Use them as your weapon and don’t let counter-intentions steer you astray!

And lastly, the Sun is an electrical (yes, electrical) sentient being, and very little of what She is doing is ‘random’. These CMEs are parts of a cycle and are sent out intentionally by the Sun and are meant to reach her children (the planets) and their inhabitants (us) to upgrade us and send us information. Love, Wes

9 thoughts on “Planet X Nibiru – June 1-15 – Timelapse (The Event Is Approaching)

  1. Yann

    Hi there!!

    Like a lot of people, I’m also pretty clueless on the subject of the Anunnaki, Nibiru and the history of human origins, and with everyone saying something different on the matter, it’s extremely difficult to believe one thing or the other despite being open minded and having an overactive imagination.

    I’d like for everyone to ague their points and provide irrefutable / undeniable / referenced evidence in support of their theories, beliefs and stories in order for us to eventually reach a consensus on the subject at large. Currently there is a lot of hogwash, misinterpretation, misinformation and disorder in the community, and I’m sure that everyone would like something more substantial to work with.

    Time to get organised :)

  2. Christopher

    So what do you think Wes, invading or returning? I don’t understand why this one says invading and another one says returning.. Was this even you who wrote this Wes?


  3. Devianne

    Why are you here then? Just to insult him? That seems like a waste of time, maybe you should get a life of your own instead of meddling with other people’s.

    1. Hullo Devianne, would it be possible to place your comments under the person you are addressing so we can respond more meaningfully?
      Or use the name to whom you want to address.
      From my perspective I am placing down some statements and expect some reply from Wes who I happen to enjoy most of the time. My enquiring mind seeks for answers. I am not sure what you mean by meddling, is this not a blog for others to put forth their views.
      I have to say however, that the use of foul language as is depicted in the comment by Larry Miller is a sure sign of a cluttered and limited mind.
      Thank you and love to you.

  4. You are fucking OUT OF YOUR MIND DUDE!
    Really must be money in it though! You make me realize the old adage about people who are so stupid to be ripped off ARE the rightful prey of those who rip them off! SAD BUT TRUE. ” Planet x…
    Nibiru ” Jesus FUCKING Christ…don’t you realize that the intergalactic confederacy of the tooth fairies blew that planet out of the sky last year?

    1. Keyser

      You only make yourself look foolish with trollish posts. Time to go back a watch re-runs of the Simpsons as you have proven you are one of the sheeple.

  5. Hi Wes, Now I have read a few things which you have published around your many blogs, and quite enjoyed some of them, they were nice thrilling stories. What really puzzles me is whether you actually believe such utter fantasy or not!

    “Nibiru:” I thought this was debunked long ago after the Nancy Leider of Zetatalk disinformation site predicted this in 2003, Planet X, etc and what about this:

    “Armageddon:” When is everyone going to understand that Armageddon is the war that will take place inside each and every one of us at some point in one of our lives when WE ARE FINALLY AWARE that we are fighting a battle between the great duality of materialism (desire) and spirituality (oneness)? The greatest and only real contest of the dweller in the body towards ascension.

    “Disagree with the Sirian Overlords who are currently controlling our world from behind the scenes.” The Sirius system is actually the headquarters of the great ascended masters and other highly evolved cosmic beings, they are filled with such love that controlling anyone is completely out of their minds. To suggest that they are in any way holding us back is just plain ignorance.
    (quote:)In the Eastern books they say that in the sun Sirius lies the source of wisdom, and that the influence or the energy of love emanates from there. Then they say that there is a constellation that is even more closely connected with our solar Logos, the reason being that He is not, as yet, sufficiently evolved so that He can respond completely to Sirius, but He can respond to the influence of the seven sisters of the Pleiades. (unquote) Sirius is one of the great Cosmic Avatars.

    “And lastly, the Sun is an electrical (yes, electrical) sentient being,” The sun is also the proton which binds our solar system. The sun is the glorified manifestation of the 3 aspects of the One, which are:
    Aspect Expression Quality
    1. Intelligent Activity Rotary motion Fire by friction.
    2. Intelligent Love Spiral cyclic motion Solar Fire.
    3. Intelligent Will Forward Progression Electric Fire.

    Love to you Wes

  6. Devianne

    Do you have, say, a specific order for me as to where I should begin with reading? Right now there is just too much (new and old) info for me to know where to start, especially with you referring back to older articles, blogposts, etc. I’ve read a certain amount of things on illuminati-news and since then I’ve been kind of ”stuck” between older and newer pages and where to go from now. I wish to learn a lot more about this all, so I can stop being so clueless. Please help. (I clicked the link where you refer to older, but in that one you refer back to an old one as well.. confusing really.)

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