Letter from the Editor #35: My NINTH Paper, “Mechanics Around Entrapment of Souls in Third Dimension”, Released This Morning!

Posted: Sunday, August 12, 2012 @ 10:00 am

Number 9 in my series of papers of ‘The Second Level of Learning’ released today. Hope you’ll enjoy!

The web address is, http://wespenre.com/2/mechanics-around-entrapment-of-souls-in-third-dimension.htm. More to come soon and releases will be announced here on my blog.


8 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor #35: My NINTH Paper, “Mechanics Around Entrapment of Souls in Third Dimension”, Released This Morning!

  1. Hey Wes Penre, I am surprised what you talking about because unlike many other researchers (male) that delve and/or fall into this rabbit hole, they usually –some come from a Christian perspective, and I like you because you have gone into how the occult elite run THAT show too, but what is with THIS?? But what I see where your at mow—as I understand, the whole motif of a spirit or soul being trapped in matter, the body, nature or in modern parlance ‘3D’ IS the very philosophy OF the occult elite. Their occutilst philosophy derives from the Hermetica, and aso see the video ‘Do You Believe in Magick?’ (search it at youtube.You may have to add ‘9/11’ because there’s a dodgy song called that too lol..
    .As for the Enuma Elish epic. Please do not take mythology literally. it is a patriarchal solar myth which is designed to suppress the Great Goddess religion and the deep sense of interconnection indigenous people feel for nature so as to enslave them—JUST like the Gilgamesh myth, JUST like the Genesis myth, just like the Christian myth, just like the scientific materialist myth. They use TEXT and impose their symbolism as a means to subvert very ancient organic symbolism which was part of a Lunar mythos. In other words these control freaks—the thinkee thinkering philosopher types who cut their stupod brains off from their bodies and nature are the solar mythers who do not NEED aliens or what have you. They use propaganda techniques–imposed by force and reptitition (ie., right now millions of children are forced to attend their ‘education’ system and be drilled in the toxic myth that they are robots living in a dead meaningless nature, and their purpose is to use their robot bodies to work for the state and be ‘successful’ anfd IF they dont for whatever reason like this, and/or may freak out their mental illness myth pushers are there with their toxic drugs and ECT to ‘treat’ you!
    So it is not nature, the body, or the ‘3D dimension’ which traps us, it is their LANGUAGE which we internalize.

  2. Wes,
    Just a couple things here. The Sirians are only players, like everyone else. They did not create the “Time Lock”. However, the Sirians along with some others races did create the “Light Tunnel”, for the purpose of “trapping” souls. This is why they tell you in so many movies and television shows to go into the ‘light”. They are trying to keep the programming going, so you won’t think twice about entering it when you leave your body. DO NOT GO INTO THE LIGHT!!!! There…I said it.
    Another thing is that you are correct in saying that linear time only exists “here”, so it appears that we have past, present and future lives. The only thing is outside of “here” they are all taking place at the same time. When you leave your body “here”, the “part” of you that was residing in that physical body doesn’t stay “here”, but goes outside. This “part” does not reincarnate, but waits for the rest of your “parts” to finish their incarnations and reunites with them. After all of your incarnations are done, ALL of the “parts” go back to you. The REAL you. Along with them, they carry ALL the many different experiences you have had “here”. Many thousands of lives.
    The ONLY time you go through a memory erasing process is when you go into the “Light Tunnel”. Otherwise, there’s no need, because that “part” of you is finished “here”. It is not coming back.
    While you are waiting to be reunited with the rest of “You”. You will remember things that you forgot while being “here”. You can also take a peek at some of your other lives that are still going on.

    Peace OUT!!

    1. Hey Larnhr! The thing you’re talking about regarding souls being ‘done’ is still 5-6 papers ahead, so you’re getting ahead of me LOL. Only kidding of course, it’s perfectly fine…I don’t necessarily agree with what you’re saying about the Sirians, but so what? It’s cool anyway.

      I remember a couple of years back when I first heard you talking about this thing about reincarnational selves finishing up. I think it was you, LoneFrog and I who discussed something. You had kind of a neat picture which you said sort of explained the soul split and you posted it somewhere, and I can’t find it. Do you still have it? If so, do you mind reposting that picture here? Or if that doesn’t work, maybe email it to me at wespenre@hotmail.com? I may want to use it, unless it’s your copyright? Thanks :)

      1. The reason I know that the Sirians are only players, like the rest of us “here” is because some of us that started incarnating on this planet, once incarnated as them. I wasn’t one of those that did. Before, I came here I was of the Orion Empire.
        I had many lives “experiences” as them. We were given the opportunity to speed up us learning, so that we could move our journey on to new “experiences”. We were given the opportunity to come here, to this specially designated planet. All of us that accepted this opportunity did so, with a little hesitation. This was new to us. We had only known one way to “experience” this place. Every one of our incarnations “outside” of this special planet was long and “time” consuming. Each existence would last several hundred, if not thousands of (Earth) years. Once, we started incarnating on Earth each existence would be shorter yes, but we could have multiple incarnations at the same time. Actually, ALL of our incarnations are at the same time. Since I came here, my incarnations are equal to 16 previous lives. That’s over 80,000 Earth years…..in a blink of an eye. It only appears that we have past, present and future lives, because of this special place.
        Now, the ones we left behind. The ones that are still incarnating outside of this planet…..as the Sirians or the Orion or whatever race are still having long existences. They retain the memories of all the incarnations, but not of their true self. It was their choice to not come here, to speed up their learning. It will also be their choice to stay behind, as we move on. We were “friends” before I came here and we will be “friends” after. But, while I am here….on Earth….they are not my friends. They look to control me/us.
        I wish more of us had come, so that this planetary “spirit” did not have to fill the void by occupying so many physical bodies.
        I have more than likely have said too much, but I’ll post it anyway.

        Wes….I emailed you the picture you asked for.

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