Letter from the Editor #36: My TENTH Paper, “The Beginning of a Tyranny”, Released!

Posted: Saturday, August 18, 2012 @ 12:55 AM

Number 10 in my series of papers of ‘The Second Level of Learning’ released today. Hope you’ll enjoy!

The web address is, http://wespenre.com/2/beginning-of-a-tyranny.htm.

More to come soon and releases will be announced here on my blog.


9 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor #36: My TENTH Paper, “The Beginning of a Tyranny”, Released!

  1. Actually, from what I have heard… the reason Morning Sky has all but disappeared has to do with the sudden death of his wife, which occurred about a year ago if I remember correctly. I cannot confirm this, but I was told he took down his sites because he had reason to believe that his wife died under mysterious circumstances possibly because of his work and the topics he was talking about publicly.

  2. Hi Wes, thanks for another great paper. Found this interesting (if you havn’t alreadty seen this) http://preview.tinyurl.com/9hfxe4e Russian Scientists Prove Dashka Stone (Map of The Creator) is Real.
    “The rock has been dated to around 120 million years old.”
    “The surface of the slab is covered with a 3-D map of a section of the Ural Mountains.”
    “Details of the slab include: the rivers, mountains, fault lines and other natural topography of the Ural Mountains. Also shown are 12 huge artificial dams, thousands of miles of irrigation canals and various other environmental projects.”

    …could there have be a large scale mining/farming operation 120 million years ago? does this fit in with your timeline Wes?

    cheers -D

    1. Hi Dogmachine! Thanks for the link. No, hadn’t seen that one before, and found it pretty interesting. It certainly fits in with the timeline. We tend to think that 120 million years is a long time, but in cosmic terms it’s a blink of an eye. We humans here in 3D count time totally different from ETs who are not limited to the 3rd dimension. On a larger scale, time is irrelevant.

      120 million years ago would coincide with the dinosaur era, and there were many visitors on Terra during that time period. In my papers I only touch on such species briefly.

      It’s like when we’re watching a movie on TV; the film has its characters and story line, but lots of things are of course going on elsewhere, outside the scope of the movie. Same thing here. If I decided to talk about all the species that have been here on Terra/Earth since the beginning, it would distract the reader from the story I want to focus on.

      So yes, visitors came and went during the dinosaur era, and many of those who came were miners. Our planet had (has) a lot of attractive resources that can be traded and sold on the ‘galactic market’.

      Also, many other planets and moons in our solar system have been subjected to mining, and some still are.

      Again, thanks for the link and for bringing our attention to this!

  3. buckster5677

    Thank-you,Wes for your reply! I can only speculate,so i will keep only good thoughts! are you able to respond to private e-mail?,as i Need to communicate to you as private as what can be said,though i know that all such communication is being “watched”. Thanks,C

  4. buckster5677

    Hi Wes,Very happy to get your newest paper,#10.Darn i wondered why i kept getting a Error page,saying your are forbidden from access to this? Error 404? Is R.M.S ok?,or did “They” shut it down? Gosh,There was a great ton of info,and on his sister site! I pray you will always be protected!(as I know you will be!) Love,C

    1. Morning Sky terminated his sites without any explanation whatsoever. I have emailed him twice after the fact to find out what happened, and no reply. He always replied to me before he took his sites down and we were on good terms.

      Yes, I’m confident he is okay, but something happened, I believe, that forced him to take the site down – what really happened is unknown. I don’t think it has to do with his own personal safety, however, although I have no 100% guarantees, of course…

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