Letter from the Editor #37: My ELEVENTH Paper, “Lord ENKI — The Cosmic Vampire”, Released!

Posted: Saturday, August 25, 2012 @ 10:48 AM

Number 11 in my series of papers of ‘The Second Level of Learning’ released today. This will take the ‘godspell’ off of Lord ENKI. Enjoy!

The web address is, http://wespenre.com/2/lord-enki-the-cosmic-vampire.htm.

More to come soon and releases will be announced here on my blog.


5 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor #37: My ELEVENTH Paper, “Lord ENKI — The Cosmic Vampire”, Released!

  1. Jan Erik Sigdell

    Dear Wes, thank you for these most valuable texts!

    I have a question and hope that you can clarify it for me: You write that JHWH is Enlil. Why not Enki?

    Love Jan Erik

    1. Hi Jan Erik,

      That’s a very good question.

      In fact, YHVH as we know him from the Patriarchal Sirian movement, he is a composite of at least 3 entities: ENLIL, ENKI, and ANU. We can easily distinguish between ENLIL and ENKI — ENLIL is the YHVH with the temper, and ENKI is the more ‘mellow’ one, who would rather back stab than being up front.

      Love, Wes

  2. Thanks for the reply Wes.

    As I am reading the First Level papers and realizing that Marduk is also Ra, something profound just occurred to me. If this is in fact the case, wouldn’t this cast a certain level of suspicion over The Ra Material/Law of One? After considering this for a moment, I then remembered “Hidden Hand” telling people that if you got far up enough in Freemasonry, you would be learning all these teachings anyways. I suppose if Marduk Ra wanted to keep us humans deceived, then it wouldn’t surprise me if these “concepts” went all the way to the top, so to speak. So, in effect you would have even the Elite bloodlines of the planet believing this information that essentially Marduk Ra is responsible for. It doesn’t mean that there might not be some truth in it, but I would say if Marduk Ra is responsible for these “teachings” then perhaps some of it should be called into question.

    It’s possible that you might have addressed this “issue” later in the papers which I will eventually get to, but in case you haven’t I thought I would share this thought with you now.

  3. Wes,

    I am looking forward to reading these papers in “The Second Level of Learning” and I wondered if you are going to make these papers available as PDF files like you did with “The First Level of Learning”?

    I am about halfway through the First Level papers and I like the fact that I could download them as PDF files because I am using my tablet PC to read them and it is much nicer than reading them on my desktop PC.

    Just wondered. Thanks.

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