Letter from the Editor #38: My TWELFTH Paper, “The Shamans of Mu, the Fallen Ones, and Corruption of Wisdom”, Released!

Posted: Sunday, September 2, 2012 @ 12:15 PM

Number 12 in my series of papers of ‘The Second Level of Learning’ released today.

Here is the URL: http://wespenre.com/2/shamans-of-mu-fallen-angels-and-corruption-of-wisdom.htm .

Hope you’ll like it!


8 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor #38: My TWELFTH Paper, “The Shamans of Mu, the Fallen Ones, and Corruption of Wisdom”, Released!

  1. Jonny

    Well said Yuri. When people claim to expose the mother of all deceptions they are usually, unknowingly so, deceiving as well. Any time you start blaming parties and claiming to know the truth behind something that is far more complex at one level, and far simpler at another- is just setting one up for disaster. Overcome this binary thinking already. It’s not one or the other, humans won’t survive like that.

  2. l v x o r

    Yuriy, you take it very dramatically… Life/nature is simple and beautiful… No one can make it otherwise… Symbols, numbers, consciosness, breathing – these are parts of the “play”… The “play” is universal… Open your heart/mind and “see” for youself… L I G H T

  3. People so often speak about some channelled “hidden truth”. But where is it except in the heads of channelers? Did you ever think that demons are “channelling” all this stuff to make their own agenda? And you’re just playing with fire trying to catch some secret knowledge which simply is not true? In the name of God I ask you to try to stop this game if you can.

    1. Turkstylz

      lol “If you can”, how polite of you sir :-)
      My opinion is we need to play this game so we can break free.
      The real question is why are you afraid to play the game?

      1. Shane

        Play someone else’s game to break free ? Explain. Better yet What color is blue? Keep buying the answers and before you know it you’ll be jeopardy champ.we must be wise not to chose man’s reasoning , it is flawed. But as long as you think you got answers,,, what color is blue?
        Will you succeed at playing my game? You don’t even know the rules, just think about it- condescension explains nothing now does it?- peace

      2. Though I want to be polite, but “if you can” is not politeness. It’s statement of fact. Maybe Wes just can’t. Not because in this way he want to break free, but just can’t. And I’m not afraid.

  4. Shane

    If pleadians are the fallen, then they can bite the bullet, sleep in the bed they made for themselves, and stop being a parasite of other races. Utter b.s., channeled info is vague at best , and besides the ancient history of us belongs to us alone! We are made , genetic facts proves this because we are the only mammals on the planet with one less chromosome . We are unique among the creatures of this planet. Karma cannot be resolved for their crimes against The Creator by us. We have Only OUR karma to resolve. Your are always known by your thoughts and deeds (the fruit you bear, also can be said the mark you wear ).love is love and hate is hate. Karma is sooo misunderstood by most it is sooo funny , It’s not who you where that counts, it’s who you are right now that has any bearing on the present and future, unless you don’t change then you are who you where always . We are not time locked, we move forward and create thoughts( real energy, light.) let the light in YOU over take the darkness of your past by living for the FUTURE. It would seem as though some would have you bow down in ignorance of who you are Now! Blame for us is reconciled in the present, this is our gift! We can change nothing for anyother nor should any feel obligated to help a supposed alien race who tryed to subjugate us and had their asses handed to them by the creator, and their DNA kept away from our genome. Those who survive today are trying to drag you down.

    Humpty dumty was Not an egg, read the poem.
    Stellar Objects cannot be seen in space devoid of atmospheric diffusion of light unless the light is DIRECTLY refracted to the observer yet,, the moon is completely visable from rise to fall, the atmosphere on the moon and light properties misunderstood by scientists can account for this simple observation ( mars is also visable in way that is contrary to stated facts .)

    Want to find the zero point ? Observe a wheel and count the revolutions from the rim and move your focus to the center , and if you are observant you with see that as you move closer to the center( the absolute center) it is so small that no math can count the time and revolution . And shows to have the same aspects of a black hole at the event horizon! Now study Van de graaff generator and see that a spinning object produces zero point energy sucked in to the center and then thrown outward, now no action occurs without an equal??and opposite reaction? Dark energy is the exchange medium! It is a simple vacuum proccess , (think like combustion engine vacuum)

    Now realize that You are moving from a center outward with your thoughts! You are in a superior machine and any being without such capabilities would surely lie to get behind YOUR “wheel” !! The Darkness is now your bitch! That static energy of thought is all anyone can be in the darkness , so if they are a liar then , they are a liar now , trapped in singular thought( see they cannot make a move anywhere without you . They need you but you don’t need them!
    Stick with wisdom of self AND others, let your thoughts be towards perfection(God the creator) and perfection will reveal to you all you desire to know( this is not channeling of inferior “gods” but a connection you already have but cannot see through the darkness you’ve let into your life a controller of your ” wheel” of thought.

    This message has been approved by no one ,
    The statements here do not reflect the views and opinions of pleadians.
    All statements of facts made are readily available for review by pulling your head out of your arse and stop believing anything just because you’re told too.

  5. tempestgarden

    As I am just about finished with the First Level papers, I find many of the similarities to the work of Jelaila Starr (Nibiruan Council) as well as The Matrix books (Val Valerian/”The Author”) to be quite interesting.

    Do you recommend any of Joshua Free’s books? I visited his website and at first glance it would appear that he is attempting to paint the Annunaki in more of a positive light overall. I could be wrong since I am not all that familiar with his material, but it was just the impression that I got from glancing at some of his many books.

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