End Time Essays from Life Physics Group California

Posted: Monday, Oct. 1, 2012 @ 7:00 am

Hello everybody,

Here are two new essays from Life Physics Group California (LPG-C), also posted at http://wespenre.com . For those who follow my papers, ‘Level II’, please download these pdf files and either read them now, or preferably in combination with reading the ‘Prophecy Papers’ at wespenre.com, Level II, which are soon to be released. It’s recommended to know the context of these essays in order to fully understand my next few papers.

Also, some of it is ‘heavy stuff’. Don’t panic over it; we are going to discuss this material and others in my next paper. There are soulutions :-)

Thank you for your interest!


 Life Physics Group, California: “Extraordinary Times — An Epoch in Which Humankind Grows Up

 Bordon, A.R.: “Geometry of Actionable Choicemaking”  

9 thoughts on “End Time Essays from Life Physics Group California

  1. Turkstylz

    good stuff :-)
    Has anyone seen the movie “Prometheus”
    I just watched it and in my opinion some parts of the movie point to Sirians side of the story, being partly our creator and all..thoughts?

  2. Shane

    Finished reading. This info from LPG seems like super soldier training…. Cause maybe I just might have first hand knowledge of such training????…. Maybe, you’ll never know just how deep and high the rabbit hole goes till you’ve been there? Trust nothing not first hand experience hasn’t taught? Yeah , like a bullet to the brain a lesson I teach you young Jedi – ( lol) fear nothing let us do. Standing still we must be our minds when our way danger approaches . Humble hearts we must face ourselves to a child God deeply loves- peace

  3. Shane

    Hey Wes great work! Not quite through all the material from LPG , but noticed date on diagram for PAGE 33 march 22, this seems fishy; skull and bones 322 and freemasonry 33* /? Wtf? I’m just the only one to notice a totally crazy correlation ? This make all info presented worth more examination . Would you elaborate ? Thanks for Sharing!

  4. buckster5677

    In Your First,Group of Papers,Level 1,You stated you hope to be in a better place!In a few years from now,and that was more than a year ago. wow,You are(physically at least) are! you now look much younger. I guess it was the beard! Again,Thanks for all your hard work,Love,& Hope,Chris (great Pic.)

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