Letter from the Editor #43: My SEVENTEENTH Paper, “”Prophecy Paper #1: The Obsession With Fulfilling Prophecy”” Now Published!

Posted: Saturday, October 6, 2012 @ 1:00pm

The seventeenth paper, “Prophecy Paper #1: The Obsession With Fulfilling Prophecy” just posted at, http://wespenre.com/2/obsession-with-prophecy-fulfillment.htm .

Hope you will like!


7 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor #43: My SEVENTEENTH Paper, “”Prophecy Paper #1: The Obsession With Fulfilling Prophecy”” Now Published!

  1. Jonny

    I enjoy your papers Wes, I really do.

    I like the information that you put forth, but I find a great deal of it to be narrowly focused on blame and agendas. I can see the influence from A Deane’s work here. While I do enjoy a great deal of the wealth of information that she brings forth, the translation of the material has been skewed by personal bias and binary, duality based mindframe that cannot possibly wrap its head around a picture far larger than simply “good vs evil.” As in the case here, it’s all about once again, who are good guys who are bad. It’s the pleadians! No it’s the sirians, wait never mind, they are evil, now its the orions!

    The parties mentioned in the papers could be trying to help. While others may not be. Cannot discount all of them because of those who communicate with others out there, trying to find solutions to the many problems we face as a species. At least THEY are trying and taking the lead. We as a species have to FORGIVE , while remaining discerning. In otherwords we aren’t going to get anywhere by blaming every single interdimensional or extra terrestial race. After all, as above so below- we also attract the bigger fish to treat us the way we treat the lower beings (animals, nature, etc).

    To categorize all annunaki as this exploitative race.. All Sirians as warlords, and suddenly all the Orions as benevolent (when many know that is not true!) is just silly. All of a sudden Arians are the good guys and the Sirians are evil. This is linear, human thinking which is why we have been STUCK in this predicament in the first place! I enjoy all the pieces you put together, but I feel you are trying to scapegoat a bit too much. You would think human beings would have learned from this grave error throughout history.

    That being said, I resonate with many of your interpretations, and like you I have been researching/putting the pieces together for some time. These days, integration into truth within is a bit different than the intellectual need I used to have. The one that wants to categorize everything and figure out whose the good guy and bad. Well I hate to say it- but it’s that kind of thinking that will forever be exploited. And I’ll drop one last hint. Ash’s teachings have been the subject of distortion for years, and years. Sometimes- by the beings she claims to expose.

    The truth is, all this is just information based on hearsay. Until most of us develop gnosive capabilities to truly see and understand for ourselves- it will continue to be the equivalent of schoolyard gossip. Keep up the good work.


    1. Hi Jonny,

      Thank you for your thoughts and your willingness to comment on my papers. Very much appreciated.

      I’m afraid I have to say, however, that you have perhaps misinterpreted my efforts. I am not blaming the Sirians or glorifying the Aryans; I am simply telling the story of our past. The only way to do it in a simple way is to see these star races as archetypes. This means that not all Sirians are ‘bad’ or all Aryans are ‘good’, which I clearly state in my papers as well.

      And indeed, I am giving the power back to humanity, not to the Sirians. It is up to us to regain our sovereignty. I don’t think you are very pleased with living here on Earth under present circumstances, and neither am I. We both probably want a better world for our children. By telling this story, I am hoping people will get a broader picture of the present we live in and where we’re heading.

      This will also be more obvious in the last few papers, which will be published very soon.

      Thanks again for your input!

  2. buckster5677

    Dear wes,i was wondering have you heard,or read any of the 3 books,by Robert Monroe ? his first book “journeys out of the body” first published in 1971,followed by “Far Journeys”,and his last book,”Ultimate Journey”.written about his uncontrolled,OBE’s. very awesome and true work(his writtings).i have read his books,and learned a lot! as my mother also had this happen to her.i remember asking her what she saw and felt.she told me she felt no more pain,felt complete love and bliss,and did not want to come back.she also told me she never saw some tunnel,light at the end.it always fassinated(sp?) me,as i would always ask her about this “event” in my mothers life.i have tryed the steps,r.m.describes about.but have had not much happen.it would be the equvelent to R.V.just wanted to share. thanks C

  3. Shane

    In the beginning was the word , born a virgin birth from our creator(s) ( Elohim ) .
    Jesus is the word not the bird
    The word is truth and truth is what is. not what is not.
    Reality is the word. You are correct in your papers to the point that reality has been screwed up in our perception .
    Occam’s razor is needed though, because the info you present is slanted. Perhaps this is the point ? Like ancient Jews who wrote of the antichrist being the roman emperor to keep their writings secret right in front of the enemy.
    The parable of the good Shepard is absolutely relavent to our truth . Especially this part; And other* sheep I have, that are not of this fold. Them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice, and there will be one fold , and one Shepard . )
    If we examine this statement alone but apply Occam’s razor we can see further into its ultimate meaning. Truth/ Shepard , other star races/ other *sheep, one fold/ one cause, one Shepard / one truth.
    This parable says we will be freed from the clutches of many hirelings who are bribed to mislead .and from any who seek to steal us away from the truth.
    Now I might sound a kook, but the info you have IS slanted. And there are personal reasons I could explain why the interpretation you have is slanted , however I have been asked not to spill the beans on how to see, or how to hear all at once as you obviously have been?
    Truth is truth. Words we use are defect and therefore do not fully explain truth with them.
    There is however evidences we may examine once we’ve been told to look for. But our eyes clouded and need to be clear of preconcieved notions before we look.

    Keep up the good work! ( there is a reason the Jesus of the bible is so persecuted by the enemy!) keep pulling that plank from your eye and then help to others* may occur
    – peace

      1. Shane

        No riddler, just trying to point out that perhaps we’ve had all the answers, just maybe the simplest explanation has been with us the entire time(Occam’s razor). With a long explanation, lol.- peace

        1. buckster5677

          No problem!,as it is said,”The Truth Is Hidden In Plain Site” w/love,peace,hope,and forgiveness,we are all in this together! may you and yours,be well!!

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