Letter from the Editor #44: My EIGHTEENTH Paper, “The Closing of the Nano-Second” Published!

Posted: Saturday, October 13, 2012 @ 2:55 PM

My eighteenth paper, “Prophecy Paper #2: The Closing f the Nano-Second” now posted at, http://wespenre.com/2/closing-of-the-nano-second.htm.


5 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor #44: My EIGHTEENTH Paper, “The Closing of the Nano-Second” Published!

  1. Keairion

    Hey Wes,
    I feel as if all of this is a blur. I’m just 17, but I find all of this interesting. I’m trying to learn truth. Every since I was little, I’ve been having dreams of this big red object next to earth, but I always thought it was movies, until I was drawn here, as if this was meant to be. Now when I have dreams, I can recall things better and understand them. What is this? How can see something in my dreams that has yet to come?
    Second, who is the real God? Who should we really wordship, if we should be doing so. I’m trying to get all the pieces to this jigsaw, so I can finally see what is going on. Can you enlighten me? Please.

    1. Hi Keairion,

      It sounds to me that you are ready for this: http://wespenre.com .

      Your dreams and predictions are good news! You are developing your multidimensional abilities. Can be confusing at times, but it’s all very, very good. Just don’t be afraid of what you’re experiencing. Quite the contrary… I hope you’re willing to develop it further.

      If you want to know more about God, here is how I see it: http://wespenre.com/site-map2.htm . And remember, when you read or hear something, use your abilities to ‘feel’ if it’s true or not, and trust your intuition! You seem to have a lot of that naturally. Your best detector is actually your body. How does your body feel about certain information? Then trust it!

      Hope this can be of some help,

  2. Shane

    While I tend to be dismissive of certain bits of info you present , I must say bravo! Good info however conflictive to other alien accounts. I must say that you did hit on some very real ,and non conflictive, irrefutable insight regarding our own accountability . And our responsibility to each other ! Perhaps we will stand united for peace among all who struggle here in this place, and let those who are too prideful fall in their place.
    We are all but children in this place, no matter who… We should recognize this in ourselves before we can grow up..
    I’ve been around long enough,,, to see how immature we can be,,, “why can’t they remember ? This has all been before”I said to myself many times. As a small child in my body in this place. We come from such a beautiful place, only to get stuck in this dumper, flushed and re-flushed , like sponges , rung out and thrown on muddy ground.
    And rung out again , just in case any good stuff got in there., yeah I know we are being used, and what for.. Love your work dude! – peace

  3. gordonp031@yahoo.co.uk

    Hi wes, I find your writings incredible, when I read them my body tingles, is this truth changing me, I also feel spiritually enlightened, without a church in sight, lol.

    There seems that a lot of contradictory information is around. Have you listened to or read steve quayle author of long walkers. He writes similar to you but ardent christian and from a bible perspective stating the Sams are demons etc and are coming to bring ruin.

    I will be honest, I am struggling to find the truth. When I read your writings I do get the strange feeling and not from S Q is this the sign? I truly hope so, as you can imagine we have been conditioned to believe, religion and what comes from it, and it is hard to break free. What can I do?

    You mention demons from hell, surely then there are angles? Confused. Could you please direct me?

    Lastly the Sam king says they will return at the time of the kings number, I remember this to be 12 is this correct, and does that mean December?

    I have posted your email link on my Twitter, I also post the Kings message previously. I have made the Anon’s aware of you and hopefully they are reading you to.

    Kind and greatest regards

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    1. Hi Gordon,

      What a great comment! Thank you for posting this!

      You are so right when you mention the confusion people have on these subjects. Still, we are all talking about the same thing, but are just seeing it from different angles.

      You are bringing up an excellent point when you say that if there are demons, mustn’t there be angels, too? My answer to that (the way I have started seeing it recently) is ‘yes!’ The Hell I’m talking about is Sirian-made, and only exists if a person believes it does. In certain terms, you go where your belief systems take you after you depart from your body, but the experience is not real and will have the same outcome — reincarnation. However, in the last papers I will let the readers know how to break the endless cycles of reincarnation.

      Anyway, ‘Level III’, which I will start researching in full and begin to write after I’ve finished the last two papers of ‘Level II’, will among many other things bring up the angelic realms and what it is. Angels are certainly real, and it seems like the archetypes we have created (Satan, Lucifer, Gabriel, Michael etc.) have their real personae. It’s mind-blowing, and like I said, it will be a part of Level III, which will probably entirely be dedicated to that, and similar subjects.

      Regarding the King’s number, it’s a mystery in the sense that it’s not been explained. Still, I think your interpretation is quite valid. The latest news is that Sa.AM.e is reaching its closest point to Earth in Dec. 2012. If this is true or not remains to be seen. Personally, I would think we would have noticed more Earth changes if the incoming planet is as close as it supposedly is now (1 AU), but I could be wrong. I am open for it at the moment, but have no real answer.

      Thanks for asking these important questions, and I got a chance to tell you and others about my next project as well :-)

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