Letter from the Editor #45: My NINETEENTH Paper, “The Dark Road Towards Extinction” Published!

Posted: Sunday, October 21, 2012 @ 2:25 PM

The next one will be my last in this series, which I call ‘The Second Level of Learning’. This paper is called, “Humanity’s Future, Paper #1: Life After the Nano-Second, Part 1 — The Dark Road Towards Extinction”, http://wespenre.com/2/dark-road-towards-extinction.htm.

Hope you like!

Love, Wes

6 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor #45: My NINETEENTH Paper, “The Dark Road Towards Extinction” Published!

  1. Shane

    Still on point with accountability!
    For biblical theorist it would account for two souls being the spirit and the soul.
    And this biblical theorist would also contend that Jesus was not enki . That God the creator is androgynous by our concept. That God the creator is in league with other creator gods (Elohim). That the only godess god ,is one of unipolar existance and hence one of destructive growth( chaos). The creator of all is not preferential of sex( this is proven to be nothing but hormonal and society conditioning , both men and women of the human variety have the ability, if conditions permit (uncontaminated 4% body)to reproduce through androgynous conception.) .The fact that seperation has occurred between the sexes and seperation of sibling/peer has trapped us in consciousness of what you call the 4% ( flesh/ material ) competition is the only way to supplication in the 4% but the 96% is free from sexes, free from competition between us, not ” sirians” ( there is sooo much love there ) but there is war in the 96% right now and the ” sirians” are being driven back to a ” dug in ” position, we, are, the” human shields” if you will. An asteroid ” belt”just happens to be at the incoming/occupying enemy’s/ rescuer’s disposal. A Mexican standoff is what is occurring . They’ve got us hostage. There will be a ground war under the threat of complete annihilation from ” above& below& behind & forward , inside& out” the enemy of us has lost their shortcut, no turning back now.
    We must be STILL. Shut everything the 4% throws at you( be in the world but not of the world) our Heroes from god will not fail to separate us from our kidnappers . The enemy uses the prophets testimonies to perpetuate control because the WORD of our creator is the only power greater than Our words,! Thank God we are in our limitation of 4% Wes , you got it right we are dangerous !, in our present form, its like old work clothes, not fit for joining the 96% , the 4% we got is jacked. A new 4% body is needed. The one we have is tethered to hell( lower frequencies). The bible is the source all great ” seers” reference.
    This is why the bible should be studied for confirmation for any info presented, from ANYWHERE! Despite the fact the bible is ” coded/ slanted” in its presentation . It is the truth of us. And we are children” elect”. To hold a place higher than the angels. And to hold judgement over them. And we are to be judged by the “saints”. This is very important because the “saints” have connected to the 96% and it is their truth presented to us we despise. The truth of Christ is the most despised, why? He didn’t do anything to harm us and contended with lucifer in the desert. All demons run from him, why? Why is faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains( both literally and figuratively .)? Our greater selves( 96%soul) is our only salvation , don’t reject it! It demands justice and will go where it is welcome and free us from our bonds . The flesh is weak but the spirit is willing.
    If we can do anything we must be ready for escape, discouragement of the ” net” should be utterly ignored , we should try and never give in!
    Wes, you got so much right in your papers they should not be ignored. Perhaps you have had ” contact” to privy info. It sure seems like it, you have talked about stuff I thought no body else could know, especially the super soldier and alien abduction stuff among other things.
    Love is love, hate is hate = truth, accept no substitutes . Lol . Sorry so long winded, I’m a fan of your efforts – peace

    1. John W. and Shane,

      I appreciate both your inputs. I must say I agree with you both. And yes, I have had access to information not from these ‘planes of existence’, if I may call it that, and been able to make sense of most of it (I hope). There is a lot of wisdom in both your comments, and I hope many visitors will read them!

      And to John I want to say that I agree with you that the way I am describing the two souls in my papers is very simplistic. I decided to keep it that way, because my papers is a brain-full anyway for most people; they contain so much information. If I go too deep, I will lose many readers. It is not my intention to make deep studies like that of the esoteric teachers. Still, these teachers and their teachings are available for those who really want to dig deep into these subjects, taken into account that they can distinguish between genuine and distorted information. But even if not, it is still helpful.

      I have not read Blavatsky or any of the sources you mention in any detail. Of course, I have read excerpts in form of articles posted on the Internet, but not whole books, or anything like that. My information comes from elsewhere, but I am aware of that much of it coincides with the esoteric teachings – they must, because that’s where much of the ‘hidden truths’ are buried.

      And yes, Shane, I am in agreement with you. The Bible has a lot to teach us if we steer away from all dogmas that have emerged from the Book. And of course, much of what is in there is a rewrite of older material. But for the Bible to have the usefulness it deserves, we first need to gain information from elsewhere, or it can’t easily be decoded (some sections perhaps not at all). But like the Multiverse itself, the Bible is teaching us in ‘layers’. The reader understands it based on his/her current awareness level, and it can regardless be termed useful for the reader. It can even be read as pure entertainment – that’s the beauty of it.

      Thank you,

      1. Shane

        Thanks Wes ! I wish more people could comprehend those things foreign to our experience or learning, but that takes faith in ourselves , something Jesus had for us. But also such faith in humanity has obviously been presented elsewhere for sure! And I admire your faith in humanity as well. Can’t wait for next paper! Keep up the hard work, it’s appreciated!

  2. John Williams

    If you picture a God-spark (monad), made of pure Creator essence as the core of each individuality, and this God spark putting down a series of vehicles on each of the planes to gather experience, *all form an indivisible unit*,* *A GREAT CHAIN OF BEING, as it were. SPLITTING this in any way would kill the flow of life totally, making the idea of putting in one part and leaving out another simply an impossibility, at least in terms of all known teachings on the esoteric structure of man. At least this is what MY reaction to this is. for what it’s worth.

  3. John Williams

    Back in Blavatsky’s day she referred to the ANIMAL SOUL (astral/ lower mental combination) and the HUMAN SOUL ( higher mental or Causal/Buddhic combination. Sounds like you are hitting on the same perception here. Have you ever read Theosophy or the Alice Bailey teachings? In terms of esoteric SCIENCE, very satisfying, I think, despite the fact that these groups, like the Masons, have been infiltrated and misused.

  4. John Williams

    Love your stuff, Wes! Keep it coming. Re souls though, why speculate? Generations of independent psychics working in the Theosophical (Leadbeater, Besant, Hodson, Steiner) and Rosicrucian (Max Heindel) traditions have all agreed on the physical, etheric, astral, lower mental, causal, buddhic, atmic, monadic structures of consciousness, and this makes a lot of sense when you consider it, and is a little tidier than the 2 souls concept, yes?

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