Letter From the Editor #47: Now Possible to make Comments on Individual Papers in “The Second Level of Learning”!

Posted: Friday, November 2. 2012 @ 9:57pm

Those who are reading the Papers I’ve written and posted at http://wespenre.com have until tonight not been able to comment on specific papers unless they wanted to email me.

The problem with the website is that it doesn’t come with a “comment section”. So I solved the problem as follows:

At the bottom of each paper (only “The Second Level of Learning” so far), just before the “Notes and References” section, there is an icon to click on. Underneath the icon it says, “Write a Comment”. This icon is linked up to a new “blog” I have prepared and released earlier tonight. The blog address is, http://wespenrecomments.wordpress.com/. So, when you click on the icon at the bottom of each paper, it takes you to a corresponding page on the new blog where you can make a comment. Wespenre.com and the new blog are interlinked.

To see what I mean, go to this paper as an example, http://wespenre.com/2/dark-road-towards-extinction.htm, and scroll all the way down until you get to the beginning of the Notes and References section. There you will see the icon to the right. Click on it to see how it works.

Feel free to make comments anytime!

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