Letter from the Editor #49: An Appendix, Being my Twenty-Second Paper of “The Second Level of Learning” Just released!

Posted: Saturday, November 17, 2012 @ 11:40 AM

Hello everybody,

I just posted the Appendix, which is in two parts. Please read this one very carefully.

This truly rounds up Level II and these two papers are very important to understand what’s going on.

Here is the URL to both papers.


Thank you soooo much for all your support!


4 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor #49: An Appendix, Being my Twenty-Second Paper of “The Second Level of Learning” Just released!

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  2. Shane

    Dude, great paper! However you missed one point. The bible in fact does say that the nephilim did exist after the flood. Check it out in genisis 6:4. I was asked to leave two churches for asking the presiding pastor about the verse. This started back in 2002 . I have much knowledge given to me any time I just ask and then look to find. I couldn’t possibly tell you some things I know , but you just might get around to saying it for me. Because you got some really good info . But all intel is subject to misinterpretation / misrepresentation . But I’d also like to say The Lord of us all needs no introduction; I.e. any chump who claims to be the savior of the world has yet to prove such a ridiculous claim. The savior is he who has already saved, any such character would / could not be restrained or delayed in the undertaking ,,, but saving comes only to those wishing to save themselves by humility and submission.
    Wes, I like you. You got moxy kid. Stay golden pony boy. Keep on keeping on .
    The creator has the hand of perception on you. Trust me , I recognize your kind. You still got a lot of giving to do. It will seem no end will come to it . Now is the time to recognize our true enemy, the person in the mirror! Your journey is most exciting to be a part of, thank you. -peace
    P.s. I enjoy many UFO sightings in Oklahoma, but reporting such things is nonsensical since there is too much at stake for me to openly discuss such matters. As there is nothing that could/ would be done about it. Cause let’s face facts ,what can be done to catch a dream? Perhaps in dreaming we are really awake. Why do you think they want to impose what your sleep schedule should be : work all day , sleep for 6 mabye 7 hrs of interrupted sleep in which the ELF machines kick into high gear ,, along with brainwave entrainment of your brainwave aligned 60 hertz variable electrical net. Check it out, a rotary generated electrical output can be varied and piggybacked the same way the phone lines can carry multiple frequencies . Then with ELF and haarp , harmonics can be placed subtely anywhere,and then chemtrails ,,, well getting too deep in a post . – peace

    1. Hi Shane,

      You are right. And for someone to be a savior, he/she needs to have the power and charisma to affect as many people as needed to change the rest of mankind in a sort of 100th monkey syndrome. And not only that — they need to be able to scare away the Sirians from the planet, too, or convert them! How on Earth would that happen? But if a savior has a soulution for all that, I’d say – bring ’em on! Jesus, Moses, Buddha … no one has even come close to it. So I would be most surprised if that would happen.

      I don’t think anybody can save the whole mankind. It’s a free will universe and we do whatever we please. Those who want to be slaves will continue beings slaves; those who want to expand themselves will do so. People are living in different worlds already (and it will be more obvious in the near future).

      I stick to my own version of soulutions — that we are our own saviors.

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