Letter from the Editor #53: 2012 is Over and the World is Still Here!

Posted: Monday, December 31, 2012 @ 3:10am


Happy New Year everybody and thanks for all your support in 2012! And thanks everybody who have sent me New Year’s greeting via email!

(Although this message will contain similar information as the previous one, Letter #52, I felt I wanted to post this one as well due to some additional data I am including here).

As we all can see, we are still here and hopefully you all feel ok! No earth-shaking events worse than normal, which also was what I suspected the last few month before 12/21 and indicated in my papers of “The Second Level of Learning”.

Still, I don’t think that’s totally correct. Although no negative mass events have occurred, I feel things have occurred on the positive side.

On a personal note I have started feeling an inner peace that is greater than I had before, and I have a lot of unusual dreams (I normally don’t even remember my dreams). It feels like I am going through some kind of change, both physically and mentally, and I also feel my environment and the people in it are stabilized. It started out in a very subtle way shortly after 12/21, but is getting more noticeable. I wonder if anyone else here has experienced anything similar?

At the same time, I know 2012 has been tough for many in different ways, but if you have managed to handle the most crucial parts of it, I believe the worst is over. Things are now going to slow down, slowly but surely over the next few years — time to reflect. If you are well and things in your life are fairly in order, I would suggest it will more or less continue that way.

The world scene will still be shaky, so keep your own space and your local universe clean, clear and filled with love and understanding, and continue sharing your good energies. This will help the world situation, and it will help people making important choices in the near future when the Machine Kingdom is really starting to establish itself.

I personally believe the ‘takeover’ has been more than halfway complete, if not more, and it’s been done from the nano world. It’s good to be aware of this, and be alert and observe (without paranoia). Avoid people with strange energies and connect with those who are similar to you, work on yourself — always — and we will all grow…

This is the end of a 5,125 year long era (Mayan calendar), and now a new one is beginning, and in this new one, the New Human will evolve. Some say this is the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, while others say this is still a little bit ahead of us. What I am certain of, however, is that we will see remarkable children being born over the next few generations. They will be the New Humanity, and those who are evolving here now (you and I) are candidates for inhabiting these new, enhanced bodies.

But, we will also see people with other kinds of bodies which are evolved as well, but have been manipulated by technology. This has been done over many decades via abductions; both from our own governments and negatively oriented star races. These bodies will be in service to the Sirian Alliance, something I will talk more about in my upcoming papers. We can still notice the difference by reading the energies. The artificially evolved bodies will have more negative energy fields than those who have naturally evolved…

I am researching for Level III, and will begin posting hopefully some time this Spring.

Again, have a wonderful 2013!!!


2 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor #53: 2012 is Over and the World is Still Here!

  1. Astara Fisher

    I enter what I just call the zone at times, more pronounced during Winter Solstice, for weeks and when triggered at Shasta and Sedona, where live now. Yes, dreams are more vivid and unusual, same for some of my friends. In fact my last one was how we are dreamed into existence. Another in which I observed from 1000 feet up a silent prostrated white clad group of about 1000 monks, praying for humanity and the planet, beautifully surrounded by cascading water. ( I was its organizer!) In another I am wearing a white wedding dress with pearls which I described to a visiting empath who exclaimed that she had been telling friends for weeks that she would be meeting a powerful one associated with same. Interestingly, when our small group went on a hike it was like we were in the Celestine Prophecy. On Jan 1 I slept for ten hours during the day…much processing happening. And of course there’s the feeling of enlarged head, eternal sound of energy, and the serene feeling of being in this world but not of it.

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