Letter from the Editor #55: First Paper of “The Third Level of Learning” Posted About Winter Solstice 2012 and What’s Ahead

Posted: Saturday, January 19, 2013 @ 9:35pm


I just now posted the first paper of “The Third Level of Learning”. It’s an overview and a discussion about 12/21/12 and what lies ahead of us. Hope you’ll like!


Wes Penre

3 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor #55: First Paper of “The Third Level of Learning” Posted About Winter Solstice 2012 and What’s Ahead

  1. Megwitch Wes,
    I have read through all of your writings. I too, have been researching, reading, listening to whats resonates with me. At first, there is so much out there to sift through. Just when you seem to have a handle on a base construct, moving old belief systems out, something else pops up. Finding like/open minded people, has been hard. So many of these ideas are outside the [considered norm] it is good to hear your ideas.
    I do have a question about one of your sources [Anton Parks]. What I have read at their site, is so different, in many of its origins, that I find it rather confusing {Enki-makes Enlil} lastly this Sirian area, you address, differs greatly from what this site suggests. Yet, you do use it as a reference? I know the baby/bathwater deal. Hope you will shed more light on this?
    I wait for your next writing, wish you well.

  2. Shane

    Thanks for your efforts! You talk about some important issues in your papers and have always presented, (in my view) your info as something to mull over and never present stuff as ” THE answer” . I like your style. Albeit some stuff is rocky, most seems tailored for eclectic mind. Rock on Wes! ( it’s like reading secrets I’ve discovered/ learned without it being me to tell!)- peace

  3. gordonp031@yahoo.co.uk

    Thanks Wes for another interesting paper, I look forward to the next.

    I myself have awoke but struggle with what I’m supposed to do, if anything. At the moment I just research and pass information to as many as I can.

    I also struggle with the religion program, I know the spiritual side exists due to personal experience, but can’t break away from the taught church based religion. It doesn’t help with all the religion based information being pushed all over the web, seemingly trying to drag you back down.

    I have been watching 777ALAJE youtube videos and will soon be purchasing his CD as he at the moment with the exception of David Icke is the most consistent and easy to understand person out there. Everything he says, as you would say feels right in my gut, and syncs with your writing and DI work. I also like the fact that he is a healer and a light worker, trying to help the planet breakfree of the negative vibration.

    Once again thank you for your writing.

    Kind regards


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