Alien from Sirius Denies Orgies with Youngsters

Source:, Jan. 11, 2013
Posted here: Saturday, Feb. 2, 2013 @ 8:22am


Note from the Editor: In the scheme of things, I found this article quite interesting. These certainly are Sirian traits all of them, just like I have told in my papers. Wes.

The regional court of Novosibirsk on Thursday continued questioning the leader of religious organization Ashram Shambala, Konstantin Rudnev, who, according to investigators, lured youngsters into occultism, drugs and sex orgies.

State prosecutor Vera Vasilkova told Interfax that defense had not finished questioning Rudnev. According to Vasilkova, the defendant confirms that he is present in the photo and video materials of the case, although he does not recognize his participation in the alleged crimes.

“As for the videos and photos of those meetings that the religious organization conducted, Rudnev said that they were just training classes,” said Vasilkova. She also said that the next hearing is scheduled for January 21st.

Earlier, lawyer Alexander Nizhinsky told the agency that Rudnev did not recognize his participation in the crimes; defense will insist on his full acquittal. He also expressed confidence that the sentencing would occur in January 2013.

During the hearings held on 26 December last year, Rudnev’s detention was extended till 27 March, 2013. The lawyer also expressed confidence that the sentencing will occur in January 2013.

Earlier, the court finished questioning witnesses on the case of Ashram Shambala sect. In total, the lawyer said, the court heard testimonies from about 30 victims from different regions of Russia and 50 witnesses. The phase of the trial continued for about 18 months. The trial of Konstantin Rudnev started last year and is held in the form of a closed session.

The defendant was charged under Article 131 (rape), Article 132 (sexual assault), Article 228.1 (illegal sale of narcotics) and Part 1 of Article 239 (organized infringement upon the rights and personas of citizens).

The activity of religious association Ashram Shambala, which was operating in the Novosibirsk region of Russia, was stopped in October 2010.

Konstantin Rudnev, who calls himself Sri Jnan Avatar Muni, would introduce himself to people as an alien from Sirius, who was sent to Earth to enlighten people and lead them to the truth. In fact, the organization lured young people into occultism, drugs and sex orgies.

According to police, the organization led by Rudnev was established over 20 years ago. The ideology of the sect is based on Oriental occult practices. Its members, mostly young people between 17 and 30 years of age, would be deprived of their common circle of friends and lifestyle. They would be subjected to psychological and emotional pressure. As a result, young people would often leave their homes, terminate relationships with friends and family and shift from conventional norms of morality and ethics to those accepted among the participants of Ashram Shambala.

7 thoughts on “Alien from Sirius Denies Orgies with Youngsters

  1. buckster5677

    Wes,I also like dirk,had my “phase” many years ago,late 70’s w/the Ouija,and i agree that the board,is most often comes into play in a group setting,as far as the Cassiopaean’s they have been around for a long time,as i read many books,etc.,by Mrs.Jadczyk,her husaband’s last as far as your last paper#3,states who they are,and from where,is i believe she is not the only one who has been in contact w/the cassiopaeans,but she as to my understanding is the main choice of this they say “all believe is beneficial at some level”. in her book “High Strangeness” the cassiopaeans describe mostly about Abductions,as she is in channeled sessions with them.this book is a hard read for those who have no awarness of this topic.thanks,Chris

  2. Dirk, I purchased your e-book “The Praxis” at, and I find that one extremely interesting. Nano-tech is the big thing right now and you bring up subjects there that everybody needs to know – and they need to know it yesterday!

    I just ordered your hard-copy book too, but unfortunately I had to order it from Amazon, because I had a few other books I needed to order too, at the same time, and they are not available at

    Anyway, your research couldn’t have come to me at a better time.

    Thanks for the afterlife link as well…

    1. Thank you! I skimmed not only Chapter 6, but some of the rest as well, and I’m now going to read it more carefully. It looks like your research can be very helpful! I may need to buy your whole book.

      I am at a point in my own writing and research where the ouija board comes into the picture. Have you heard about this group? . They use the ouija board exclusively when they communicate with the Cassiopaeans. I guess your info about the board can only be found in the full copy of the book, is that correct? If you’ve heard about this Cassiopaean group and have time to reply, either here or to my email, , and perhaps comment on it, it would be very much appreciated! If not, no problem.

      Thank you for posting the link,

      1. Well, if you do decide to buy the book please get it from Lulu and not Amazon. Two reasons, first is that I make more money and second I don’t like the effect Amazon is having on real bookshops. Anyway, my Ouija phase started and ended many years ago. I think it is mainly useful for creating a group generated gestalt that may be capable of much more. In my book I also cover the Scole Experiment which may be of interest:

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