Letter from the Editor #57: Third Paper of “The Third Level of Learning” Posted!

Posted: Sunday, Feb. 10, 2013 @ 11:00am

ElohimAnd JosephSmithFirstVision020513

This new paper I just released is called: “The Third Level of Learning Paper #3: Channeled Entities Part I — the Harvesters of Souls

Hope you’ll like it!

It’s the first paper digging into the channeled entities, discussing their role in our future evolution. I started talking about the RA Material already in the previous paper, but this is the first one exclusively digging into this subject.

Why are they communicating with us?
What’s their agenda?
Are they all different sources, or is that just what they want us to believe?
and much more …


4 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor #57: Third Paper of “The Third Level of Learning” Posted!

  1. buckster5677

    I to, seem to feel like time for me, at least,has speeded up much more than before,2012.i have very much noticed this,and also there seems to be urgency,but i feel Calm.

  2. buckster5677

    Wes,Have you read the book,one of many including the Wave books,by Laura Knight-Jadczyk,called “High Strangeness” hyperdimensions and the process of alien abduction.,first published in 2004?.i have just about all her book’s,and have you seen the interview done on her by Kerry Cassidy?(project camelot) Interesting woman! also i was wondering have you saw or read the book,”The Law of Attraction”,the basics of the Teachings of Abraham? they, Abraham, are channelled by Esther and Jerry Hicks.2006, a very different type of beings,with a not so normal,type of messages as what is being presented today.also have you read any of the books,by James Redfield,called “The Celestine Prophecy” an Adventure,1993. suposedly fiction and non fiction,and has written many other books along the same line,kind of like a series.anyway i was curious if you have read any of this matieral (sp?) sorry ,i know bad spelling.read your last paper#3,good job!thanks,C

  3. Hey Wes,

    Well, as always, taking in all of your information can be an unsettling experience, especially when you write with such conviction. To your credit, their is always that balance you seem to inject at just the right moment.

    For example:

    Once you die and go to the between lives area, you will be harvested if you fit into the category and put into a 4D body, but you can also refuse! You do that by saying that you disagree with this and the whole Sirian Agenda. They may tell you that if so, you’ll be sent to their planet of choice, which has a 3D vibration, and you will have to live another 75,000 years cycle there, under continuous slavery. Don’t buy it! If you refuse their manipulation, they can’t do anything; they won’t inflict on your Free Will if what you want is appropriately expressed, and also what you don’t want. Instead, you can go wherever you want to go and just turn your back to the whole thing.

    (and you finish by saying)

    That is what I am going to do.


    As for Laura and her crew there are lots of holes in that womans life and their stories. Just ask Jay Weidner. Anyway, you briefly mentioned ole Supe and it was then that I thought I might see Brandt’s name. These largely popular names you mentioned have been around long enough to have been thrown in the “unsubstantial” pile. For instance, Wilcock, if he chooses to use his resemblance to that of Edgar Cayce’s we also need to look at when others say he is actually Gary Johnson, besides, none of his predictions ever panned out, and he hung around the likes of Fulford, NEVER healed anyone (which detracts from the original messages of Cayce) All the while there was information out there that we didn’t have to wait around to see if it would pan out. We could get proactive and see for ourselves via their information.

    Nobody has “the” information everybody is searching for, if they do, they have either sold out, went off grid, or been dealt with.

    IAmofthemind to agree with Clif High from half past human. If man can’t get things back on track, the universe will. Nassim Haramein asks what information are you taking back to the source and Michael Tsarion adds, transcend individually.

    I like you per, and your methods but it is time to ramp it up. Have you felt how fast time is moving along? Can’t be much left to let everyone know what it is they really need to know.

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