Letter from the Editor #58: Fourth Paper of “The Third Level of Learning” Posted: “Channeling the Grays”

Posted: Wednesday, February 20, 2013 @ 5:45am


This new paper I just released is called: “The Third Level of Learning Paper #4: Channeled Entities Part II — Channeling the Grays

Hope you’ll enjoy and that you’ll find it enlightening!

5 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor #58: Fourth Paper of “The Third Level of Learning” Posted: “Channeling the Grays”

  1. James

    Yes they are some of us in the future in different time lines, but they stuck in the synthetic universe hoping are energy will save them. We all originate from an orangic universe. There is a trap to fall into the synthetic light this is why they do not resinate with you.

  2. Shane

    While it is possible( by a very slim chance in hell)to be in contract with greys. It is made very clear to us what our obligations are to suffer, and the greys to benefit . That the greys have no concept of love, yet love for their lives. And that we are on a less than need to know basis concerning our obligation to any said contract between them and us. That they have no concept of deceit , yet when our so called ” self appointed ” representatives dealt with them , an obvious deceit was played out upon the rest of us! How can people be excited to be abducted? This info about the greys can be troubling. I take Comfort in just minds and hearts. – peace

    1. buckster5677

      @Shane,No it is not exciting to be violated(Abducted),as of early 2011,more than 11million humans have been abducted!this is proven and documented.(see the movie “The Fourth Kind”),and i would, in not the least, believe this number is Low! It is truly sad,and when a human does have this experience,who are they going to tell?,as most anybody,and everybody believes they are insane!(except those who have training in this field).Do the research! Best to you!

  3. buckster5677

    At Birth a baby’s brain contains 100 Billion nerve cells,or Neurons.This number is comparable to the number of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy.

    1. That’s right, Buckster! Interestingly enough, I am currently writing about this in my new paper(!)

      We have the whole universe inside our bodies. Is it any wonder humans are called both Royal and Divine?

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