Letter from the Editor #59: Fifth Paper of “The Third Level of Learning” Posted: “The Alpha Draconians and the Creation of the Starhuman”

Posted: Wednesday, March 6, 2013 @ 3:55am


This is perhaps one of the most important papers I have written in my life, and also one of the most difficult to write… This one and the one that follows (which will be finished in a day or two) are to be read as a part 1 and 2. Little did I know that channeling was such a big part of the whole plot! And here is the evidence, my friends, what channeling is mostly all about – and a culmination of much of what I have written since Level I. And STILL I have papers left to write.

This paper and the next require a lot from the reader and will stir up a lot of emotions (hopefully). Here is where we have to make our decision, but the story is not fully told until after the next paper.

So, here it is:

Paper #5: “The Alpha Draconians and the Creation of the Starhuman”, http://wespenre.com/3/paper05-alpha-draconians-and-the-creation-of-the-starhuman.htm.

PDF version: http://wespenre.com/3/PDF/Level_3/TheThirdLevelOfLearningPaper5-AlphaDraconiansAndTheCreationOfTheStarhuman.pdf

Love, Wes.

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