Letter from the Editor #61: Seventh Paper of “The Third Level of Learning” Posted: “Riders on the Galactic Superwave”

Posted: Tuesday, March 12, 2013 @ 4:25am


Paper #7 is called, “Riders on the Galactic Superwave” and has some pretty important information in it: http://wespenre.com/3/paper07-riders-on-the-galactic-superwave.htm. Hope you will like it!

Here is the pdf version: http://wespenre.com/3/PDF/Level_3/TheThirdLevelOfLearningPaper7-RidersOnTheGalacticSuperwave.pdf.


6 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor #61: Seventh Paper of “The Third Level of Learning” Posted: “Riders on the Galactic Superwave”

    1. Thank you Sospokethdaniel! Next will be on the Galactic Federations. After that it’s 5 papers left, and Level III is thereby finished. The current papers will eventually build up to the ‘Machine Kingdom’. That will be a very important paper (maybe the most important one), because the mess we’re sitting in now, looked at from a “simultaneous time” perspective (past-present-future in one), is because of what will happen in just a few years! It will take time for the human soul group as a whole to grasp what this really means…

  1. Shane

    Really getting to it now Wes ! It’s amazing how close to nail head your aim is. Keep it up someone might mistake you for a carpenters assistant. Observe the kiss rule; all we need to do is accept love of the selfless kind, and remember we are indestructible and hence can only be tricked for so long before its time to tally up to the REBOUND wave ( every action has an equal and opposite reaction, the reaction is what’s coming) all the energy that has been twisted up will come undone by the rain , like wicker furniture that is bearing a load caught in the rain . And all that was and ever will be , will be like salmon and go “home” ( original conditional orientation ) some salmon will find polluted streams and go someplace else. The wicker man doesn’t want you getting your hands on positive energies that he is no longer eligible to receive and it burns him that some ” monkey” lulu is the only eligible candidate to absorb those energies that would be his to use for a final assault. Breeding weeds into the wheat is the only option, tricking those same weeds to swear servitude is his only grip, until….,”THE BODY” is ready , the body is there but the time is running tight so tech will have to be used.
    He will construct a living idol and place it in all places in his kingdom and will have power to breathe life into the idol and strike down those who do not worship . This a clone cyborg setup ! Placed in your hometown soon. The candidate will be accepted as world leader, and who ever it is gets struck in the head by sword and the cyborg tech comes in and saves the savior and this will be a sad day because most the world would still believe no such tech is available or possible. Just a small
    – peace

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