Letter from the Editor #62: Eighth Paper of “The Third Level of Learning” Posted: “Galactic Federations and Councils”

Posted: Saturday, March 23, 2013 @ 12:30pm


Paper #8 is called, “Galactic Federations and Councils” and I’m quite pleased with this one: http://wespenre.com/3/paper08-galactic-federations-and-councils.htm. Hope you will like it!

Here is the pdf version: http://wespenre.com/3/PDF/Level_3/TheThirdLevelOfLearningPaper8-GalacticFederationsAndCouncils.pdf.


4 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor #62: Eighth Paper of “The Third Level of Learning” Posted: “Galactic Federations and Councils”

  1. Robby

    Hi Wes,

    Thank you for all your hard work…..it’s been truly an awesome ride of information which I just cannot get enough of it….I once read that the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth was a hologram insertion….which kinda goes in line with what you have written about the holograms that beam from Saturn to Moon and relayed to Earth.


  2. Shane

    I know I sound like a cricket with all the comments, sorry.
    Much of the information spread by new age ” channelers” is in fact propagation of ancient and newer occult principals and teachings. Even if channeled,, still old news in another package( only the names have been changed to protect the innocent(lol)). The answers can be easily mechanized / computerized through mankinds inability to differentiate themselves from servitude of thought. We have simple design limitations concerning thought processing; the more difficult the puzzle the more difficult it becomes for us to call attention to detail , You see , if I wanna fake some smoe into a self perpetrating cycle of indecision,,,merely present an algorithm ( rat maze). The posing of question and answer in multiple forms befuddles. The person need not know of a pre- existence of my motives, in fact the more self involved a person is the more delusional they are likely to be, and less speculative of the loss of their mental liberties. ( clear your minds!, get in touch with the un contaminated thinking)( easier to do than explain).
    How is it that we make our entire life’s decisions based on an algorithm put in place by another? Simple ,we learn and lead by and through example or else much of us would have no life skills.! The problem is that we start this life fully engaged in the life experience but like computers that run critical systems; garbage going in leads to more than just garbage out, but a total systemic failure may become imminent. This is where we have found ourselves !
    > A simple thought experiment , ;a round table , a centerpiece and people all around the table. Have each describe what they see of the centerpiece , publish ALL findings and distribute far and wide. Have the masses debate the findings.. Wait for wars and rivalries about results . Centerpiece ? Why it always must be presented as THE ANSWER TO LIFE , no matter where the distribution. Does this line of reasoning sound somewhat familiar?
    We are made different , and in that we are the same. Take a walk around the table with Wes and you might figure out everyone is distracted away from their neighbors as well as predators by a shiny shiny LIE! And since our neighbors and the predators go unseen, they are made the same. Sad .
    Our life is in us , not outside of us
    The material is only alive for itself, to be used, not worshiped.We are not seperate from our being created , or our creator.The creator LIVES on through us inasmuch as our parents .
    What comes around goes around , unless its an unwelcome stray( don’t feed it!)Can’t we all just get aLONG? Or is life too short? Is peace too FARout to be close too your heart?( lol cheesy!)
    Q: Whats The sound of one hand clapping.
    A: Death, entropy, .
    Success is achieved through cooperation and agreement of at least two. Unity of opposites.
    Again sorry for the chirping.- peace

    1. Robby

      Hi Shane,

      Your line of reasoning does sound familiar, but it is purposely designed that way—distraction—distortion?
      I mean are we really in control of our minds, do we not just accept input when we run on auto-pilot…by keeping one in a thought loop, one’s emotional state constantly draining out creative energy, hence the cycle of indecision and contaminating thinking….ultimately leading to the fear of feeling within and mixing the understanding of feeling with thinking and vice-verse!

      Personally I don’t think we all could get along purely because we all don’t know how to go about loving ourselves….go around and ask people, friends and family how does one love one self, and watch their expression, you will be amazed!


      1. Shane

        Thank you, cool response.
        I don’t know if I can fully explain loving either nor could my disabled nephew. But I don’t count it as a slight, I just remember to use the intellect I’ve been given to realize the love already given to me. And that is this thought; the whole of creation was stirred to make room for me not the other way around.Now its my turn to return the favor and when I’m used up in this life or before, I hope to go hand in hand with creation instead of just from it by making room for others in my life. But intellect is unnecessary for function ( our ideas of what is functional is stupefied every decade ) we are all functional and are giving love if we are getting it, get it? If someone and I mean anyone has selfless love being given to them by two or more that should hold up in court as a character reference as far as functional ability right? This is part of the idea of truth taught through Jesus, that we should love first and condemn later.
        Let us be helpful in a foes undertaking , if he is wrong he will follow you and help you in turn if his desire equals yours in search of truth; I think Wes does this some, but I also think you don’t have to be nice when someone’s wrong and asks you go where they won’t ; tough love goes a long way to shorten a quest for truth. ( For the occult trained will recognize these principles of sacrifice first as necessary for magic or for Christians the process necessary for blessing). I do Not condone sacrifice of others or sacrifice to false idols ,living or not .
        I’m gonna get put through the mill for being corny I know, but the best way to shorten and focus e.m. waves is a parabolic dish so I likes parables. And just like parabolic dishes , some just are designed for certain wavelengths as not to offend other broadcasts.( I said I like parables didn’t say I’m good at them;, I’m a motormouth and offend regular , learning though, )
        I’m not the puzzle master I’m just another long winded – peace

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