Letter from the Editor #65: Tenth and Last Paper of “The Third Level of Learning” Posted: “Evolving without Technology”

Posted: Tuesday, April 9, 2013 @ 5:34am


Level III is completed! And with that, all Levels of Learning. I just finished my last paper, “Evolving without Technology”, and the URL is here: http://wespenre.com/3/paper10-evolving-without-technology.htm .

The pdf version is here: http://wespenre.com/3/PDF/Level_3/TheThirdLevelOfLearningPaper10-EvolvingWithoutTechnology.pdf .

I hope you’ll enjoy this last one. It’s been a very enlightening experience for me to write this series of papers, and I hope it’s been for you, too!

Thanks to all of you and we’ll stay in touch here, as usual! I will soon start on my book and will keep you updated on my progress!

In addition, when time allows, I will post more articles here on my blog — some of them written by me and some by others.

If you’ve been interested in my papers, go sporadically to my “News and Updates” page as well to see if there is something else posted at wespenre.com.


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