Letter from the Editor #66: New Book by Wes Penre: “Beyond 2012–A Handbook for the New Era” free to be Downloaded!

Posted here: Thursday, June 12, 2013 @ 5:00 p.m.


UPDATE THURSDAY, JUNE 13, 2013: The html version of the book is now posted as well and can be reviewed here: http://wespenre.com/books/beyond-2012-contents.html . Enjoy, Wes.

Hello everybody,

I have been super-busy the last two months with writing a book, which now is finished and free to be downloaded in pdf. Soon it will also be available in an html version, so it can be read online.

This book, in some respect, is a follow-up on the Wes Penre Papers, (The First-Third Levels of Learning), which I published online during October 2011 and April 2013. Therefore, it is recommended that the reader at least is somewhat familiar with these papers before reading this new book. The papers mainly told the true story about the alien intervention with human affairs since hundreds of thoursands of years ago and up until present time, the way I have concluded it through my research.

This new book is about how we can develop our multidimensional skills in order to break free from the physical and metaphysical prison we are trapped in. It is also about the Splitting of the Worlds and how to avoid getting manipulated into the so-called Machine Kingdom, which is the miserable future the Sirian Alliance, or the Alien Invasion Forces, as I call them in the book, have planned for us.

The subjects brought up in this book are essential in order to start becoming more multidimensional and raise our frequencies high enough to vibrate above the frequency range the Alien Invasion Forces have set for us.

I am also delighted to have come to know Professor Bob Stannard of http://twilocity.com, who volunteered to help me with the editing of the book! If you are a writer as well and need an editor, I can’t recommend him strongly enough–he is a pure pleasure to work with and he has edited more than 80,000 papers throughout his career.

I hope you’ll enjoy! The book can be downloaded in pdf if you go to, http://wespenre.com/books/contents.html, and click on the link, “The New Human — A Handbook for the New Era” under “E-Books”.


7 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor #66: New Book by Wes Penre: “Beyond 2012–A Handbook for the New Era” free to be Downloaded!

  1. buckster5677

    @shane,elaborate on how your Knowledge would endanger us??i do understand your comment and your are correct, imho.

    1. Shane

      Elaborate : not us ,, my family.. In other words , I’d rather be dismissed or bear the consequences for my actions alone. The only reason I even feel obliged to say the things I do is the fact that the info is already out there, and for someone who has experienced some of the things I have, ( many things I still struggle to remember / verbalize) I feel obligated to disclose, however everyone is welcome to put me in the nut bin. The truth will reveal itself in time. Peace

  2. ShNe

    Ok, I cannot criticize much but ,, still relying on channeled sources might leave some to wonder. At least Christ was not criticized. I’ve held my tounge long enough; any alien race who has delt with humanity unjustly will contend with the perfected man , no matter how they have tried. At the appointed time, we, who would seek after the father and mother and son will be justified and vindicated. In simple terms , time travel was used to subdue man in order to prevent their destruction. And by their own effects they have insured their own destruction. The time paradox is resolving itself and they know that time is short and that mankind is the only one who can destroy itself. Man will re-evolve into the

    1. Shane

      Oh forget it , to much to put in a post. Will write a book. Just remember people . I know things of a first hand knowledge ,( no I will not prove it to you , it would only endanger people) we MUST stop seeking destruction of ourselves and others! This is how the paradox is held in place! The truth will soon be laid bare, like the blood of a whore on the rock, and all will see the source of our mis belief in Christ, the perfected man. You don’t have to believe me . The cure for the world is :: “it is not what you do or how you do it that counts, it is the reason we do, for all reason propels action , and actions become weighed, and bought and sold and finally possesed.” I give my love to you freely and it cannot be sold or bought but can be weighed and possesed, but is rejected . And it for such reason that my actions take me here. Seek no profit or prophet in the world, none will purchase your freedom. The perfected man lies within and without our understanding but his love is timeless and his actions save mankind. IS THE PERFECTED MAN INSIDE YOU? Yes! Do not protitute yourself to greed and envy and hatred, you can only hurt yourself and even you delay his coming . Wes , bud , there is a savior and he is coming , no matter what . Our mother demands justice for all her children, great or small, otherwise it is no use to be good or loving or even to believe . Her children are deserving of the father and become the perfection of both. And if you’ve been hurt by great evil it is not of the mother or the father or the son . They belong to those who rebel against their mother and father, and one day the son will deal with them. And this is the reason some religions fail: they seek profit by profaning the spirit (mother)and no wise thing is found in them and the people(father )punishes them for denying them the son ( perfection of spirit and body)- peace
      Ps this might just be my last post as I know that already I’ve caused sin by my words and some would hate me. And though I can forgive I wish no further harm. I will continue to stop in but I will not relent in my beleiving in Christ or denying of false religions . And I pray that I grow fruit pleasing to spirit. Thanks

  3. Donna Spicer

    Wes When I go to the URL you indicated and click on the paper about Rockefeller, the server is not able to be found. The link doesn’t work.

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