Letter from the Editor #84: The Fifth Level of Learning now Completed!

Posted: Wednesday, December 24, 2014 @ 7:55 PM


“The Fifth Level of Learning” in the series of papers that I have written, called “The Wes Penre Papers–Journey into the Multiverse” was completed tonight!

It will mainly discuss the ancient Vedic texts and compare them to the Sumerian scriptures and other ancient material to show evidence that all the ancient scriptures are describing the same gods, telling the same story but in different words. The evidence that Earth was visited by aliens in the past, that our DNA was tampered with, and that some of these same aliens are still here, is overwhelming–something I will show in this level of learning!

This will be the last level of learning, and in the future I will write e-books instead of papers. These books will be unrelated to The Wes Penre Papers. They will also be presented on a different domain. WesPenre.com is exclusively presenting The Wes Penre Papers, The First to the Fifth Level of Learning. The name of the new domain will be announced here when the next e-book is completed.

Now I’m going to wait until after the holiday season, and then I’ll contact my editors. Once a paper is edited and ready, it will be published, while I’m sending the next paper to the editors. Thus, one paper will be published at the time until all 16 papers are published.

The web address where you can find the new papers is http://wespenre.com/ . At the top left of the page there is an icon where it says “Level V.” Click there and it will take you to the Fifth Level of Learning Site Map. At the moment, the link is dead because nothing is published yet. When the first paper is published, I will announce it here on the blog.

When the entire Fifth Level of Learning is published, this blog will be considered complete as well. The only thing I will post after that is the new domain, once my next e-book is finished. This blog is directly related to The Wes Penre Papers, so a new blog will be started when it’s time to publish the e-book.

Thank you very much!

2 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor #84: The Fifth Level of Learning now Completed!

  1. Patrick Cooke

    Outstanding Wes im really looking forward this….great stuff mate…Merry Xmas (for what it is worth) and make sure to have a fantastic new year…love n light guys…Pat :)

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