Letter from the Editor #85: The First “Introduction Paper” to the Fifth Level of Learning now Published!

Wes Penre, Friday, January 9, 2015 @ 2:25 AM


The first paper in the “Fifth Level of Learning” series of 17 papers was posted earlier this morning. This Level of Learning will mainly dig into the ancient Vedic texts and how they interrelate with the Sumerian, Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythologies, but also the Bible. I will prove without any doubt that regardless of which ancient text (including the Bible) that you read, the gods in these texts are the same gods regardless.  I even dare say that you can look into any myth or religion and you’ll find them there as well.

Level V will also bring up a lot of new subjects and issues that we need to know about in order to break loose from the chains of manipulation that we’re sitting stuck in. I hope you will take the time to read these new papers because I believe from the bottom of my heart that they will assist any and all humans in their quest to create peace and freedom in a world without extraterrestrial and Global Elite influence.

Here is the link to the html version of the Intro paper (or rather to the Level V Site Map, so you can find your way to it in the future without any problem): http://wespenre.com/5/site-map5.htm .

Some people prefer to download and read a pdf version, which I provide here: http://wespenre.com/5/PDF/FifthLevelOfLearningIntro.pdf .

Keep an eye open on this blog from now on, or subscribe to it. I will let you know here as soon as a new paper is published. In fact, there is a chance that I will publish Paper #1 tonight (American Pacific time), or tomorrow morning.

Wes Penre.

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