Letter from the Editor #98: The Fifth Level of Learning, “Paper 13: Death and Afterlife in the Hindu Religion and Egyptian Mythology,” has been Published!

Posted on Thursday, February 19, 2015 @ 12:44 AM

Tutankhamun's mask with the cobra and the Neteru symbols on his forehead, symbolizing the ET control over our chakras--here the Third Eye.
Tutankhamun’s mask with the cobra and the Neteru symbols on his forehead, symbolizing the ET control over our chakras–here the Third Eye.

Another new paper in the series “The Fifth Level of Learning” was just now posted! Three more papers to go!

Here is the link to the html version of “Paper #13: Death and Afterlife in the Hindu Religion and Egyptian Mythology” http://wespenre.com/5/paper13-death-and-afterlife-in-hidu-religion-and-egyptian-mythology.htm (for some reason it may say that the page is “not trusted” and they want you not to pull it up. I guarantee you that it is “trusted,” so please click on the option which makes the page open up.)

Some people prefer to download and read a pdf version, which I provide here: http://wespenre.com/5/PDF/FifthLevelOfLearningPaper13-death-and-life-in-the-hindu-religion-and-egyptian-mythology.pdf.

For those who are curious, you can go to the Site Map here, http://wespenre.com/5/site-map5.htm, and scroll down. I have now published the names and the Table of Contents of all 17 papers in the Fifth Level of Learning. You can’t click on any links right now because these papers are not published yet, but you can see what they will contain–just a teaser!

Keep an eye open on this blog from now on, or subscribe to it. I will let you know here as soon as a new paper is published.

Wes Penre

6 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor #98: The Fifth Level of Learning, “Paper 13: Death and Afterlife in the Hindu Religion and Egyptian Mythology,” has been Published!

  1. pamela

    This is as good as it gets fellow humans? Humans daily are eating Mc Donald’s,smoking,taking drugs,drinking tons of alcohol,watching television,playing video games,shopping at malls,running on treadmills,having sex with anything anyone at anytime,dropping their precious children off at daycare centers,their mom and dads off at nursing homes??????? The list of crazy nonesense goes on and on.All the while being miserable because they are :not young anymore,not pretty enough,not skinny enough,not rich enough,not smart enough,not living in a mansion,not driving a BMW and vacationing at Disney World aka as the capitol of porn and child sacrifice??? Really??? WHEN DID YOU EVER HEAR OR SAY I WANT TO BE MORE KIND TO OTHERS?????? MAY I HELP YOU ??????DO YOU JUST NEED AN EAR TO LISTEN AND NOT USE YOUR GRIEF FOR FODDER IN A WORLD OF GOSSIP. HOW CAN I BE A SOULUTION AND NOT THE PROBLEM? Seriously fellow humans did you ever wonder why no good guys exist? Lately I wonder how in the world humans sleep at night when othersva block away are homeless,hungry and frezzing to death everday. But you have to be mad because your not young beautiful and smart driving a BMW while texting on a smart phone eating your McDs going to Disneyland to get richer and more famous while your goal is to sleep with Barbie or Ken lookalike fromFake plastic toyland of Mattel?? Really folks???? JUST NUKE THE WHOLE GROSS RACE OF HUMANS GET IT OVER WITH ALREADY BLOW IT TO BITS. Look around you even the beautiful,skinny famous wealthy humans are angry driving their BMWs choking on their McDs and crying the blues into their smart phones. GET OVER YOURSELVES YOU ARE A SPECK OF DUST IN THESE ZILLIONS OF GALAXIES.YOU WILL NOT BE MISSED.WHY CANT YOU CARE ABOUT OTHERS BEFORE YOURSELVES.BE KIND?COMPASSIONATE.LOVING.UNDERSTANDING.PEACEFUL.WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR YOU TO BE EMPATHETIC?????? YOU KNOW WHAT MAYBE YOUR NOT HUMAN AT ALL?!!!!!

    1. buckster5677

      @pamela,well said comment,how very true,i stand with you and am also horrified at what this race has become.albeit this has not happened overnight,this has been in the “plan” for eons.as Wes has commented he had hopped that many more would get the “message”,however it is a sad fact only a few will listen.(understand,realize).i can understand one can feel like the little boy who cried wolf!

  2. buckster5677

    Wes,” Is there any doubt whatsoever, with all the evidence at hand, that the AIF are controlling the Afterlife and the recycling process? With all the information and evidence at hand, I would say with certainty that the answer is no”. Should that “no” mean “yes” or is that a typo mistake? just trying to clarify.thanks!

  3. Robby

    Hi Wes,

    I cannot thank you enough for all your effort and background research you have shared with all that is reading your levels……absolutely Brilliant and a true expression of love.
    As the Pleiadians would say, “you are a system buster of note,” thank you for showing me the way out!

    Thank you and take care

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