Peru’s Ancient Cave Of Dangerous Energies–Homo Sapiens Before the Flood

By Wes Penre on Monday, August 29, 2016 @ 4:35 AM
Source: Brien Foerster, Archeologist, July 19, 2015


In the video below, this Peruan man compares the Antediluvian Homo sapiens with today’s Homo sapiens sapiens–something I discussed in my papers, as well. I also wrote about the time before the Sun began to shine from a blue sky. Before the Flood, the sky was damp and very cloudy–a global canopy was keeping the sunlight out. This man confirms my research.

However, when terraformed the Earth after the Deluge, by tilting Her on Her axis, the gravity and the frequency slightly changed on the planet, and there were big climate changes worldwide as well. Before the tilt, creatures that inhabited the Earth were bigger in stature, but when the gravity changed after the tilting of the planet, most species became smaller, or more accurately; most species who survived the Flood succumbed when Earth’s gravity was changed, and replaced them with beings of smaller stature. The sky now became much clearer, and the new inhabitants of Earth were “allowed” to see the sky, the Moon, the planets, the stars, and the galaxies; i.e.’s Hologram, as described in my new book, “Synthetic Super Intelligence…”

Moreover, after the new terraforming of the planet, the Moon was aligned due to an exact mathematic formula, making it the same size as the Sun (seen from our perspective)–thus we have the “eclipses,” where the Moon covers the Sun exactly. This is precision work.’s terraforming of the Earth affected both the planet and the new species, Homo Sapiens sapiens–the new, genetically manipulated human race, to whom we belong. Those living underground, whom this Peruan man talks about, are the humans who lived on the surface of the Earth before the Flood. Most of them were wiped out together with the rest of the fauna at that point.

2 thoughts on “Peru’s Ancient Cave Of Dangerous Energies–Homo Sapiens Before the Flood

  1. The earths tilting on her axis is what makes the original sidereal astrology differ more and more (every year) from the tropical western astrology that is mainly used today (as the tropical western astrology doesnt give a damn about this tilting and instead bases everything on the weather seasons of the earth). The hindus knew better and kept the original astrology based on fixed stars. This means that according to the original sidereal astrology 4/5 is actually born in the sign previous to the one they have according to western tropical zodiac.

    For more evidence of the accuracy of the original sideral zodiac I recoomend this blog and his book This indian guy explains the sideral astrology good

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