Letter from the Editor #102: The “Wes Penre Productions Discussion Board” Now Active Again!

Posted by Wes Penre on Tuesday, August 30, 2o16 @ 3:30 AM


The Wes Penre Production Discussion Board, which has been quite inactive for a while, has now been updated with more topics: http://wespenrepapers.proboards.com/. I also wrote a new message there, which can be viewed here: http://wespenrepapers.proboards.com/thread/99/published-free-book .

My intention is to be more active on the forum if I notice that people are interested in posting. I believe that the inactivity in the past is mainly because of my own absence from the forum. Now I hope to be able to remedy this. There is so much to discuss…

I hope this letter will encourage some of the readers to start posting on the forum. If there are any questions, please either address them in the comment section below, or email me (go to the Contact Page on this blog).

Thank you very much!

5 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor #102: The “Wes Penre Productions Discussion Board” Now Active Again!

  1. I created a specific category on the message board yesterday called the Mandela Effect, where people can discuss this phenomenon. Here is the link to the board again: http://wespenrepapers.proboards.com/ .

    There is more and more activity now on the board, and my intention is to keep it active from now on…

    Thanks for your interest in participating!

  2. What I would like to discuss here is the Mandela effect, and if CERN has anything to do with this phenomenon or what??? In the way I know history and most of us older ones, there are some paradoxes that are popping up, subtle name changes of things and so on, which I know but the main public is unaware of. Anyone else notice these things?

    1. Travis smith

      Yes! I have noticed. I feel this is a very real phenomenon that should be discussed here more. I even preformed an informal survey of various people (without leading them to answers) and found a majority of people remember certain things different than “recorded history”. There are very obvious things that are “different” or “changed”.

      1. thankyourmuse

        Perhaps I got somewhat of an answer to this phenomenon today. I was reading how as we raise the vibrations or in our progress to a higher form of being, the lower negative densities that were trapped in the underworld, and refused to accept the inevitable, were dissolved which would perhaps dissolve their part in our earth history, had they accepted the opportunity to thrive and move on with their progress instead of remaining in that very negative lower density, then they might have remained as a part of the history, but once dissolved, it’s like they never existed and their part in our history changed our timeline…perhaps…just thinking that might be why we have these mandela effect…but some say it’s where our timelines converge from, time to time…which always makes me wonder, and know why they try to erase history, like tearing down monuments and outlawing flags…like the confederate flag….it’s all so bizarre to have a memory of the way it was but others don’t…and do those who remember things differently, aware of this that recorded history as it were for us has changed or do they beleive their memory of history or the recorded history? Some are saying that even the JFK assassination even has changed to there being the governor and his wife riding in the car with them….I haven’t seen proof of this yet, but am looking into these events that have changed……there is even a youtube channel dedicated to these things that have changed and no one seems to notice…subtle yet…it’s there. This is where I read about the underworld and those beings that have been resolved: https://www.alminediary.com/lower-underworld-refugee-update/#comment-163252
        After all, if we are to rise above this density as in ascension, and get out of this trap, these lower things must be dissolved so perhaps this mandela effect is what is happening and only a few notice.
        I also read a blog where a lady did a past life regression, only to talk to a spirit guide that said we must turn off the veil, or the grid that keeps us here, and only we can do it, it is underground and keeping us here…follow the yellow brick road…expose the wizard and turn off this illusion and bring down the whole thing! Think that might mess up too many’s minds or create too much chaos that we would all go mad?
        Thanks Wes for all your work, I am in the middle of your new book, so I cannot comment yet on any of it except that if we were to find this switch to turn off the grid and the false light matrix we are all under, do you think we could stop this Singularity? Didn’t the Pleiadians warn us of this machine kingdom and them being us in the future to not become these cyborgs. I don’t want to become a cyborg, and I don’t believe this is a progress or upgrade for the humanity that can do alot more than machines and we have alot more power than we know. Perhaps there is more to know about this grid and how we can stop the machine age. ;)

        1. Net

          the answers are all available. since we are all one, not striving to become one, but we are one, now, and always have been, each of us must do our part in our personal lives through meditation and various grounding techniques. it is vital to know and be, herein lies the remedy to our apparent dilemma.

          sadly, there are few able to fully comprehend these words, much less purposefully and intelligently apply what is necessary. we live in challenging times to say the least.

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