Letter from the Editor #104: The Stanley-Penre Interview Now on WesPenre.com!

Posted by Wes Penre on Saturday, September 3, 2016 @ 12:45 PM

Rather than updating Letter #103, I’ll write a new one instead.

The interview Robert Stanley at UNICUS did with me some weeks ago is now published on my website. Here is the html version: http://wespenre.com/Interviews/Interview_no.1__Insightful_Interview__Wes_Penre_Interviewed_by_Robert_Stanley__9-2-16.htm, and here is the PDF version for those who want to download: http://wespenre.com/Interviews/PDF/Interview_no.1__Insightful_Interview__Wes_Penre_Interviewed_by_Robert_Stanley__9-2-16.pdf

Hope you’ll enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor #104: The Stanley-Penre Interview Now on WesPenre.com!

  1. patrick

    firstly thanks for this site and more importantly the others too.
    What got me here was the reflections I’ve been having over a vast amount of time I’ve time and time again come to the conclusion that I’m wasting my ‘life’ so to speak.
    I have always been interested in what you term void/spirit/khaa ever since I can remember, and I cannot specify when that was. It always appears as though when I decide to do something, something crops up. Be it my fault or not, I’m tired of the distractions. As I write this, another distraction ensues….climate/season (going into winter soon) and my health is not what it used to be. I’m chronic now.
    Anyway, my questions, for now, on this article are about the Orion constellation. You say we are 3d and need to break out. once out, we are now on thought level. cool. So once out we think about it’s gates and bham we there. is the Orion not also a part of our 3d indoctrination? were not the pyramids and the 3 arches not also a part of this 3d problem/illusion? or are you saying that this whole universe, Orion, Lyran, Pleiades, Andromedan, bootes etc a part of our 3d programming?
    Forgive my naivety, but just how much of this interfered, unconventional, broken non-conventional ebe law does it encompass?
    I do apologise in advance for my naivety, and look forward to your response. alternatively, I could be located on whatsapp on the number +27635171950 should there be an internet problem, as is sometimes the case.
    Kind regards.

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