Messages from Thorel Michael to Utu Shamash (with Correspondence between Wes Penre and Thorel Michael, Dec 2014-Apr 2015)

By Wes Penre, Tuesday, 14/4, 2015 @ 12:13AM


Utu Shamash
Utu Shamash

On December 1, 2014, I received an email from a man called Thorel Michael. He said he had read my work and was impressed by it. However, this was not the main reason why he contacted me. He asked me if I still had the email address to Utu Shamash, the Sumerian “god,” whom I had corresponded with in October, 2011. For readers who missed my communication with Utu can read about it here: AUTHENTIC MESSAGE FROM THE KING OF THE ANUNNAKI: PLEASE READ! At that time, Utu Shamash had allegedly recently arrived on Earth from Nibiru to prepare for the return of the gods in the Sumerian texts. He immediately got in touch with the self-proclaimed Earth Ambassadors of Life Physics Group California, led by the late Dr. A.R. Bordon, with whom I was in contact at that time as well. Utu was looking for someone who was willing to post a message from the Nibiru King, Nannar, on his/her website, and after Dr. Bordon had suggested me, Utu contacted me in person. I agreed to publish his message, but insisted that I wanted to include a disclaimer because the message was a message of war, which I did not, and do not agree with. In fact, the message from King Nannar was one of the first in a series of public events that supposedly will lead to the War of Armageddon, as foretold, for instance, in the Book of Revelation and the Book of Daniel.

Now, about four years later, Thorel Michael wanted me to become the mediator between him and Utu Shamash “at this critical time,” as he put it. He wanted me to forward a message that he had for Utu; a message that was included in his email. The message was encoded, but Utu would understand what it meant, according to Thorel. Also, if I were to receive a reply from Utu, more messages would follow, he said.

After had put some thought to it, I decided to do it. I didn’t do it because I believed that it necessarily was an important message, but because I now had the chance to do something that I had thought about doing for quite some time but never really gotten around to; I wanted to email Utu to see if he is still here on Earth or not. I was hoping to get a response from him. Using Thorel’s message seemed to be an excellent excuse for contacting the old Sumerian god. It’s maybe a crazy idea in the first place; wishing to get a response from Utu Shamash for no other reason than that of curiosity.

Anyway, I sent the message!

Since then, I have altogether sent three messages from Thorel to Utu Shamash. Before I continue my story, I’d like to include them here, one after the other, in order to have them gathered in one place. Therefore, here they are, exactly as they were sent from me to Utu.

Message #1:

“Utu Shamash, I am here and I know the meaning of the loaves. I am waiting and Watching.


Message #2:

“Utu Shamash, you and your brothers should not passover the opportunity to meet with me this year. The feast is prepared and I have dined six times with my brother Thomas already. We will meet  together, on the mountain, at the fullness of the moon.


Message #3:

“Utu Shamash, I have arrived at the mountain, on the northern side, at the fullness of the moon. I will be here only seven weeks and one day more. Behold, I am the commander of the army of YHVH. Now I have come. It is midnight. At this time and season we will split the moon but if they see a miracle they will turn away and consider it transient magic. Then, on the mercy seat, the Warner will judge those who Watch, in this, the year of my jubilee.  I am the ark of a new covenant and an army that marches with the ark cannot be defeated.


Four days after I sent the first message to Utu, I received a second email from Thorel, in which he wanted me to send a second message (see Message #2 above) that would make Utu understand the first one better. I accepted and sent the second message as well, mentioning to Thorel that I was hoping to get a response from Utu this time. As stated above, there had only been four days between the first and the second message, so in a way it was perhaps not so strange that I hadn’t received a reply from Utu yet. Thorel, however, was unconcerned and told me, “Thanks Wes, but don’t worry too much about a reply. This message does not require one. It gives the necessary instructions. Utu will know what to do. I’m glad he chose you. If things go the way I plan then what you have done here will be a catalyst for your good work and fertile mind.”

I waited a few days, but everything was quiet; I heard nothing from Utu Shamash, although at least his email address was still up and running and had obviously not been deleted since October 2011 when I last communicated with him. Weeks went by, but I heard nothing from neither Utu nor Thorel; all there was, was silence. However, I was busy editing and publishing “The Wes Penre Papers, The Fifth Level of Learning” at the time, so I more or less forgot about the whole thing as time went by.

It was not until April 5, 2015 that I got a new life sign. Again, it was from Thorel Michael, and not from Utu Shamash.

From here and on I’d like to publish the conversations I had with Thorel exactly in the order they happened, word by word, for the reader to decide what is going on and what is about to unfold–if anything. Of course, it all has to do with prophecy, and bible prophecy in general. As the reader will notice, Thorel is mainly drawing from the Book of Revelation. Not only, though. Very similar to Life Physics Group California (LPG-C), Thorel is also referencing the Sumerian texts, and to some degree the Vedas and other ancient texts as well. Thorel is talking about a Great War where many people will perish and the Second Coming of a Divine Savior, who will arise from the Ashes of the Phoenix. Mankind–or the survivors, rather–will be judged for their actions and inaction, respectively, where after peace will finally come to Planet Earth.

Zecharia Sitchin
Zecharia Sitchin

In other words, Thorel is convinced that the bible prophecies have to come true, and the pieces of the puzzle are now coming together. To find these previously missing pieces, Thorel has done exactly what LPG-C did; he has concluded that the “Anunnaki” gods play a great role in the bible prophecies. They are the “Fallen Angels;” they are the bad ones, who have manipulated mankind behind the scenes for thousands of years. Overall, Thorel is by and large agreeing with Zecharia Sitchin’s work, which is based on his translations and interpretations of the Sumerian clay tablets from approximately 5-6,000 years ago.

However, not all Anunnaki are bad, according to Thorel. Again, very similar to Sitchin, Thorel distinguishes between at least two factions of the Anunnaki; one faction is led by the old Babylonian god and ruler, Lord Marduk, who later became Marduk Ra in Egypt, and the second faction being the “Home-Bound Anunnaki,” who reside on the planet Nibiru. I told this story in “The Wes Penre Papers, The First Level of Learning” as well, so that the reader gets the idea of what information is out there–not because I thought Sitchin had the answer; far from it. However, according to Thorel, Sitchin, LPG-C, and others, there is great tension between the two different Anunnaki groups. The Nibiruan Anunnaki want to help liberate mankind while Marduk’s group still wants to keep humanity in chains. Marduk and his Anunnaki group are working in liaison with their Minions, the “Global Elite,” who are mostly humans serving Lord Marduk and are wittingly or unwittingly taking orders from him; either directly or through some middle hands. The story goes that Marduk once was banned from Nibiru because of his violent and irrational behavior; no one wanted him around. Instead, he became the King of Planet Earth, which according to some makes him the biblical Satan. For millennia, Lord Marduk Ra (Ra means hidden) has ruled mankind behind the scenes, creating war, famine, and poverty for the general population, while creating riches for himself and his Minions (few people probably paid attention to that Lord Marduk was crowned King of Africa on Nelson Mandela’s funeral). Marduk’s father is Lord, who most probably will take Marduk’s side in the upcoming war, according to Thorel, and will hence become the enemy of mankind (something I’ve considered him to be already when he first came here).

Utu Shamash, who allegedly worked together with the earthly ambassadors of LPG-C, and Dr. A.R. Bordon in particular, is supposedly here to liberate mankind from millennia of slavery, which I find pretty peculiar because Marduk Ra and Utu Shamash are, according to the evidence I gathered in my own research, one and the same! Besides that, Utu and the inhabitants of  Nibiru are now about to return to Earth after have been gone for approximately 4,500 years. This will trigger the War of Armageddon; the war of cleansing, where each human being needs to take a stand. Utu and his men allegedly represent the universal God–YHVH in the Bible–and Marduk Ra, as I already pointed out, represents Satan. Each and every human will be judged by his actions and his beliefs, which will determine if he/she will go to Hell or to Heaven.

With all this said, let’s continue by citing the communication between me and Thorel Michael, starting on April 5, 2015 and ending on April 11, 2015. It will also explain who Thorel says he is and what role he claims that he is playing in all this. Comments on this conversation will follow afterward. TM stands for Thorel Michael and WP stands for Wes Penre, and we are coming into the conversation immediately before I sent the third and last message to Utu Shamash (as of this writing, I have not received any reply from Utu). To make it flow better, I have omitted the greetings in our emails, such as “Hello Wes” and Thank you, Thorel.”

I chose these particular comments and questions after I had put some thoughts behind them. I wanted to know a) is he a prankster who doesn’t believe a word of what he’s saying? b) is he well read, but has an intention to ridicule me in front of my readers? c) is he a disinformation agent, wanting me to spread these messages as a part of a bigger psy-op?After all, this is the way NSA employees usually work to further muddy the waters, d) is he mind-controlled by the Powers That Be to go out and say these things, or e) is he genuine in the sense that he truly believes in what he’s saying? Thus, I was not asking Thorel these specific questions because I don’t know the answers to them; I was asking because I wanted to know what his viewpoint on these subjects are.

TM: Wes, you can send the email to Utu now, but on the 14th May 2015 I want you to post all three messages on the websites of your choice.

Let it be known by one and all. It will serve as a sign and a witness.

If you are confused or uncertain then you may ask me any question and I will explain what I can, within limits. I can tell you this; some of your published reactions to Utu’s original communication to you were incorrect and possibly misguided. I will assist you where possible.

WP: Yes, I have some comments and perhaps a few questions, too. Of course, I can’t interpret your coded messages. That’s irrelevant, though, but the thing is that I don’t want to be known as someone who plays “both sides of the game,” if you know what I mean. I know that the “gods” who are not already here are about to return (unless they already have), and Utu is not someone I’d like to see here on Earth. In fact, it’s high time for us humans to mind our own business, without the influence from “invisible” “gods” moving the chess pieces as they please. They have done so for way too many millennia now.

You say there are inaccuracies in the message from Utu that I put on the website. I am very curious to hear what these errors are, and if what you are doing has to do with their return? If so, WHOSE return, and what exactly do they want?

TM: These are important points you make. When I get to a keyboard I will be able to respond properly. [Thorel is moving to a keyboard.]

Yes, everything is happening the way it is meant to. We all have a role in this movie called life and there is flexibility in how we play the part.

This is how I want to do it for now, in fact, I believe Utu may have sent the message for me. He wasn’t dependent upon your cooperation, it is just the way they decided to do it.

The relationship between angels and man has become interdependent and this is something that many of them are uncomfortable with; but the situation is only temporary.

I am slightly surprised at your unbelief, I thought given your knowledge you might understand. Anyway, it will all happen according to the Plan.

At least we can all be in agreement that the world cannot continue the way it is now.

I will let you in on a big secret.

What makes me different from other humans and what makes me similar to the Anunnaki is an open chakra system. It happened to me four years ago and mine is more powerful than even those born on Nibiru. The Anunnaki know that real power comes from the spirit not the body. They call it the holy spirit but it has many names and humans were never designed to have it in full; just enough to animate the body.

Combined with a 48 chromosome body a person can do marvellous things; just like Jesus.

This is the reason I am no longer afraid, not even of them.

PS. Do a YouTube search on Alex Grey Kundalini Awakening. This will help.



I just saw your second message.

This has the potential to move into a debate and I don’t want to debate with you. But I will help you with the truth…if you can handle it. You are struggling already with what I’ve told you and there is so much more to know.

Just imagine what it’s going to be like for me when the bad guys get started if you can believe what I’m saying.

We have the potential to be friends but you have to listen to me and you have to believe me. That’s the deal.

Let me think about this for a while and I’ll decide if I can answer your questions. In the meantime, you decide if you can put your pride aside during our dialogue. Utu was not being demeaning when he called you a lulu (worker), he was telling you the truth. I also was a lulu until the age of 46.

PS Utu is not Marduk. If you knew the difference in their physical appearance you would laugh at what you said. In fact, they are on opposing sides. This is not a game, it is very serious.

WP: No debate; I promise…

TM: Then we have a deal?

If so, I have decided to answer all the points in your last email but after that, if you’re still talking to me, you can ask questions. It’s the questions Wes, the questions; and I will answer them unless it is inappropriate at this time, in which case I will say so.

You did me a favour so this is only fair.

I respect you but I ask you to be careful. These are treacherous times.

Utu’s message was true; everyone will be judged by what they believe, say and do.

WP: Yes, on 4/14 I will post the three messages on the blog I gave you the link to earlier [ I will open up that blog again on that date. Also, the conversations you and I have had, and will have, I am not going to publish anywhere, unless we both agree that it’s okay to do so.

Does that sound good? And regarding debates…I will accept the answers you are giving me and will not debate them.

TM: You may publish anything; that’s the point…”For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor is anything secret that will not be known and come to light.”

I can be your Anunnaki deepthroat until I start my work… And possibly after.

When I am away from a fixed keyboard I will be using a portable device and some keyboard related errors may happen, please fix these. I think good grammar is important.

Now you will be communicating with two angels. Angel means ‘messenger of god’. It’s a job description.

When you write that date I want you to write it this way 14/4. It is the number of an angel.

[Thorel is moving over to a place that has a computer. Below is his replies to my questions. His replies are always in bold letters.]
1) Why do you have to go through me to reach Utu? If you are in touch with him, why don’t you have his email address?
I told you the first time I wrote to you, I don’t have Utu’s email address nor do I want it.
2) From what you’ve told me so far, it sounds a lot like the Sitchin version of our history, or the version LPG-C (A.R. Bordon) embraces, which is quite similar to Sitchin. Sitchin has been debunked so many times.
Although there is truth in his books, they are not true enough to be acknowledged as our true history. Your messages to me don’t sound legitimate because of that (I’m just being honest here). And if we really start looking into the old Sumerian scriptures and the Vedas, we see that Utu Shamash and Marduk RA are one and the same.

Zecharia Sitchin has never been debunked, he has just been attacked by debunkers. He will be remembered for an extraordinary body of work. This man devoted his life to uncovering the truth, he studied, traveled, was rejected and fought with museums and so-called scholars all over the world to get access to important records which remain hidden. Examine the credibility of the debunkers before you listen to them. People hate the truth more than anything, I know this from personal experience. However, you should differentiate between Zecharia’s  opinions and his translation work which is second to none. His magnum opus is The Lost Book of Enki which I have verified against the old and new testament writings and various scientific sources. I did note 2 major errors though which I was able to solve. 1) A shar is 60 years in keeping with the orbit of Nibiru around the star Sirius. Not 3600. and 2) Nibiru is not on an elliptical orbit around our sun but orbits Sirius on a 25,920 binary star cycle with ours. That cycle is complete, Nibiru is here.
You also mention that we should be respectful to these beings. I don’t mind being respectful at all to whomever it may be, but then I require respect back. When I communicated with Utu in 2011, he called me a “lulu” throughout our conversations, which is quite demeaning, in my opinion. It made it quite clear that not much has changed since 2500 BC. The Anunnaki still look at us with disrespect. It doesn’t make our future look very bright and hopeful. Also, I don’t believe in saviors; whether it’s the Anunnaki or whomever. We humans need to save ourselves. I know we can, but first, the Anunnaki minions need to be removed from power here on Earth. Hence, the truth needs to get out.

I have answered your point about lulus already. You say we don’t need saviors. If you knew what Jesus really did to set us free, and what I am going to do, you would be ashamed of yourself. Of course we need to be saved, from ourselves. Man is the most dangerous, wicked species in the galaxy. If the Anunnaki were not controlling things we would have been extinct a long time ago. Watch a movie called The Adjustment Bureau.
You’re speaking of war, and Utu is speaking of war–a sort of cleansing war, perhaps. Yes, we have the Bible prophecies, but time is simultaneous, and it’s us humans who are stuck in linear time–not the Anunnaki. They live “forever” and can look at Earth timelines from an “exterior” perspective. I truly believe that the Bible Prophecies were dictated by the Anunnaki, and their purpose is to fulfill them soon. But only because they want that to happen; not because prophecies can’t be changed–they can. The only thing needed to be done in order to change them is for the Anunnaki not to fulfill them. We don’t need an Armageddon war, Thorel. And we don’t need to be saved. Who says that this whole setup, which is said to liberate us, is not a covert way to be able to openly rule us; similar to how it was in the dark past?

Unpleasant as it is, everything written from the beginning speaks of war at this time; it will happen and the Anunnaki who oppose royal rule and deny the lord of spirits will die. But more importantly, the judgment is upon the watchers, igigi, gregori angels. I won’t have you discredit the prophets, many of them died horrible deaths to give us this information; Isaiah was sawed in two while still alive! The Anunnaki do not control prophecy, often they don’t even understand it. But they do try to manipulate it. They certainly were unable to decipher the Jesus code, he made sure of that…
“To you it has been given to know the secrets of the kingdom of God, but for others they are in parables, so that ‘seeing they may not see, and hearing they may not understand.’” Jesus was not quoting Isaiah but David in the Psalms who uses the word elohim (Anunnaki). Jesus was encrypting his messages against the Anunnaki so that someone in the future could have the information he needs to complete his work.

: Thank you for answering my questions! We are talking about 3 messages to be published on 14/4, right? Not on 14/5? In one of your previous emails you wrote May 14, not April 14. I just want to make sure which it is.

TM: Excuse me, yes, 14/4 is correct, plus 40 days takes us to 24 May, which is what I was thinking. Publish on 14 April, 14/4.

PS. If you are asking anymore questions format them like this:

1) question 1

2) question 2…

WP: Yes, and I actually like that format, too.

I was going to wait until later in the day, but I changed my mind. I’ll have a few elementary questions for now (Thorel is in bold again):

1) You are mentioning YHVH in one of your messages. Are you talking about YHVH, the God of the Old Testament as being the Highest of Highest; The God of All There Is? Or are you talking about an Anunnaki God, who was playing the role of the Highest God? (You know how Sitchin suggests that YHVH is basically one of the Anunnaki, or even a compilation of different Anunnakis). Can you somehow elaborate on this?

Yes I am speaking of the Creator of All, Yahweh, Allah, Vishnu, Lord of Spirits, Gravity. But i am also quoting an old testament verse;  google it. The creator has often spoken through messengers, including the Anunnaki/Elohim and will do again, this time through me. You will see this represented in the old testament as Yahweh elohim when a person represents the creator. Jesus was our finest example of this and gave us clues when he said things like “before Abraham was I Am”. The creator has also spoken himself, directly, to Moses by means of the ark operating inside a structure that imitates the human endocrine system. These are complex scientific principles that involve gravity operating through physical structures, artificial or natural. Natural in the case of flesh and blood. Today these words are fulfilled “Long ago, at many times and in many ways, God spoke to our fathers by the prophets, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed the heir of all things”

2) Sirius plays a big role in all this–I realize that. However, what about Orion? There are many clues that point in the direction of Orion as being the original home of humanity. Would you agree with this?

Not our original home but eventually our new one.

3) If we stay with Sitchin’s work; Utu is in that case an “Enlilite.” Marduk, as I see it, is the leader of the “bad guys” here on Earth, and he is the son of Enki. Where does Enki stand in all this? Obviously, the records say that Enki was the one who created Homo sapiens in the shape and form we are now. Is he siding with his brother, Enlil, against his son, or does he take his son’s side and thereby becomes the enemy of mankind?

Enki is a title, en meaning lord, ki meaning earth… Lord of earth. EA was known as Enki while Enlil means lord of command. I am the new Enki as Jesus said “the  son of man is the lord of the Sabbath (7th, ki)”. EA loves his brother but he also loves his firstborn son Marduk, it will be difficult for him but he will side with his son as he has always done.

4) Last question for now: If we go strictly by the Bible, the majority of humans will go to Hell, and the few are going to Heaven. This, from what I understand, has little to do with if a person is a good, loving, and caring individual, or more of the meaner kind, as long as he/she is dedicated to worshiping the true God. Why does a just God want to throw nice and loving people to Hell just because they don’t believe in God, while individuals who have done less good may go to Heaven because they truly believe in God? That always puzzled me when I was younger, and it still does.

This confusion is caused by those who call themselves Christians (and Muslims) misrepresenting the teachings of Jesus when he gave the parable of Lazarus in torment and the verses that describe cutting your hand off rather than going into hell. Judaism speaks little of hell but did talk about a fire named Gehenna outside Jerusalem where they burned the sacrificial carcasses. The soul is immortal but the souls of the righteous are immortal and divine. There is no fire when you go back to spirit/gravity. Fire is created by gravity so it is impossible for gravity to burn in fire. These stories are kindled by liars that want to keep you afraid so they can control you. But it is true that no sin goes unpunished.

WP: I appreciate your detailed answers. I will be back a little later.

TM: Afwan.

If you are going to publish our email conversations then please correct last reply from “righteousness” to “righteous”…auto text strikes again. I was quoting Socrates so let’s get it right. [Thorel is referring to the sentence, “The soul is immortal but the souls of the righteousness are immortal and divine” in the above paragraph. I have changed the word righteousness to righteous.]

I look forward to your next set of questions.

WP: 1) In a previous email you counted 40 days from 4/14 (14/4). What’s going to happen in 40 days? Is that when the Anunnaki will officially show up?

I’m not communicating with you to give you advance information. That is in the coded message to Utu. I’m giving you information that can be verified later. However, do some research on these dates and you might come up with some questions that I will answer. Read Joel 2/31 then read Hebrews 28/9 and compare the lunar Tetrad dates and tell me what you see.

2) If not, what does the 40 days refer to, and when are you suggesting that the Anunnaki will show up and the war begin?

When I sit down on the throne of David, again.

3) Mundane question: I found you on Facebook. Are you French (or Canadian French?). Do you live in France?

You didn’t find me on Facebook.

You need to flip the 28/9 as we did with the date before. So 28/9 becomes 9/28.

WP: I will look into these Bible verses tonight or tomorrow morning. Besides that, I think I have only one more batch of questions before 4/14, except perhaps some practical questions I may have before the webpage is up and running. Then, when you have answered the questions in this email, I’ll tell you why I have asked the particular questions that I’ve asked. And no worries, I am not tricking you–I am honest with you and will always be.

1. Before you and I found each other and up until today, have you ever met Utu in particular or spoke to him, or any other of the Anunnaki in general, face-to-face or voice-to-voice? And I’m talking about in this particular lifetime; not in past lives.
2. I am far from an expert on the Bible, but your sitting on the Throne of David, doesn’t that come later in the chain of events? After the war?
3. The AntiChrist–is he The Maitreya, who is walking the rooms of the United Nations (and even the Pentagon, according to some) since the 1980s, saying he’s the Second Coming of Christ, and who is evidently quite worshiped amongst the Theosophists there — and those are PLENTY in numbers! Theosophists make up a large percentage of the U.N. employees.
4. If not Maitreya, who will the A.C. be? Or is the A.C. not a person, perhaps, according to you?
Forgot to tell you. I have changed my mind regarding which blog to use when it comes to posting the Utu Shamash messages. Instead of the link I gave you previously, it will be posted on this blog: After have given it some additional thoughts, I don’t want to reopen That blog belongs to the past and is related only to the Papers up until the day the last Paper was published. Then I closed it, and no further posts will be made on that blog.
The new one I am giving you here is “the blog of the present and the future!” It will grow exponentially soon, while the old one will slowly but surely fade out. People are instead subscribing to the RSS feed on the new blog and will withdraw it from the old one eventually. So, in all manners, the new blog is more interesting at this point and on.
I will of course give you the SPECIFIC URL directly after the messages have been posted on Apr 14.

Wes: I will look into these Bible verses tonight or tomorrow morning. Besides that, I think I have only one more batch of questions before 4/14, except perhaps some practical questions I may have before the website is up and running. Then, when you have answered the questions in this email, I’ll tell you why I have asked the particular questions that I’ve asked. And no worries, I am not tricking you–I am honest with you and will always be.

The reason I’m asking you to look into certain things is because I’m giving you the answers, but you have to work a little. They are not too difficult.
You can ask as many questions as you like, I enjoy answering them especially when someone is genuinely interested; which is rare. The human race is in a deep state of solipsism, staring at the shadows on the cave wall while others dance around the firelight behind them. I was at a bar the other night and someone in a group beside me introduced themselves and asked me if I believed that the pyramids were built by aliens. I said “I don’t believe it, I know it”… the room fell silent and after a few seconds they turned away and began to talk about pizza.

1. Before you and I found each other and up until today, have you ever met Utu in particular or spoke to him, or any other of the Anunnaki in general, face-to-face or voice-to-voice? And I’m talking about in this particular lifetime; not past lives.

No “…and for this reason the Lord of Spirits has hidden him” Book of Enoch speaking of the Son of Man.

2. I am far from an expert on the Bible, but your sitting on the Throne of David, doesn’t that come later in the chain of events? After the war?

No, it has happened before and it will happen again. The trick was knowing where to find it! “Jesus went up the side of a mountain and sat down…” Sermon on the Mount. “When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, then he will sit on his glorious throne…” Matthew 25:31 quoting the Book of Enoch. Is it starting to make sense yet Wes?

It’s all happening exactly the same as before; well not exactly.

3. The AntiChrist–is he The Maitreya, who is walking the rooms of the United Nations (and even the Pentagon, according to some) since the 1980s, saying he’s the Second Coming of Christ, and who is evidently quite worshiped amongst the Theosophists there — and those are PLENTY in numbers! Theosophists make up a large percentage of the U.N. employees.

I don’t know of this person. Maitreya means ‘loving kindness’, it has much to do with the open heart chakra. When it opens you feel the love of God fill your body. It is also the source of real power that allows the creator to speak through a physical body; which we’ve touched on before only this time it will be Jesus doing the talking. It’s complicated, but we can explore this separately if you wish.

I told you before that the Anunnaki manipulate prophecy so they and other groups are positioning their contenders. The point is, all prophecy must be fulfilled or the One is not the One and they are trying to do this and will continue until the end. It’s actually scientific when you really get into it.

What is central to all of this prophecy is the Jesus code which must be deciphered and fulfilled. “…he is mighty in the treasury of secrets which the Lord of Spirits has revealed to him” Book of Enoch, speaking of the Son of Man.

And, as I am the only one that this has been revealed to, it should become apparent to anyone who wants to know the truth. These people will be a very small minority…and they will be saved.

I am Theophilus (loved by God), Sosthenes (savior of a people) and the Mahdi (the guided one) and as we know; there can be only one.

4. If not Maitreya, who will the A.C. be? Or is the A.C. not a person, perhaps?

“Who is the liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the antichrist, he who denies the Father and the Son.” 1 John 2:22. You should start with first principles; Marduk is the liar and the ‘angel of lawlessness’. Start here and then identify his proxies to come.

Wes, I leave all this entirely to you [which blog to use]. I did find it interesting though, that the original site was called Battle of Earth.

Thanks for your assistance and the time you have put into this.

PS. exponential, yes.

WP: Thank you for your answers. And I actually thought the same thing regarding the “Battle of Earth” name I chose. Interesting how things like that happen sometimes– synchronicity.

Can I ask you an additional question here that came to mind today at work–something I’d hope to get your insight on. Even if it’s just one question, I’ll number it so it’s easy to find later.

1) What do the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life actually symbolize and represent? In correlation with the other answers you’ve given me, this question would be interesting to me.

It should now be clear to you that most of the bible is written in code. The Anunnaki seem to have this view that the worthy are able to understand scripture and I think Moses and the prophets took the same view.

Genesis is based largely upon the Babylonian writings of the Enuma Elish and Moses used a cypher technique which is also used by novel writers even today; it’s called embedded narrative. One story is wrapped inside another.

So, the tree of life refers to the ‘branches’ that EA/Enki uses to describe the chromosome structure of the DNA admixture used in creating man as a lulu. But this section of Genesis is really clever because it wraps three texts in one. Because, the tree of knowledge of ‘good and evil’ also includes a Sumerian reference to homosexuality when EA took one of the heroes as a partner when he landed on earth. It appears the Anunnaki do this on deep space missions when there are no women. At least EA did.

However, a third text is also included here by referencing the time when Enlil found Adapa and Titi (Adam and Eve) in the orchard wearing clothes. Something they naturally wanted to do when Enki, Ningazidda and Ninharsag (although she was only known by this name later ‘lady of the mountain’ when Ninurta built Petra in the 4th region for his mother) added the 23rd branch giving us our 46 chromosome DNA we have today. Civilised man capable of reproduction. Man became the only hominid with 46 chromosome DNA.

Three in one coded message, really clever!

The tree of life refers to this process while also cross-referencing an actual tree with life-giving properties mentioned both in the Book of Enoch and the Epic of Gilgamesh. I know where this tree has been hidden and it will be transplanted to where I am now, soon.

Moses was an excellent writer.

I should add this.

Enlil was furious when he discovered what Enki had done and ordered Adapa and Titi out of the ED.IN/Eden region referred to as the garden but also clever wordplay with the orchard.

Enlil accused Enki of crossing a line and entering territory reserved for the Creator of All. Enki then reassured Enlil that Adapa and Titi where given knowledge (intelligence) with the 23rd branch but that the 24th branch (48 chromosome DNA) was not given to them, the tree of life. Hence we are born into sin and die.

Now, here is some important information. Part of my job is to fix this and Jesus knew this and has made it possible. Hence, I have been working on a eugenics project that will see this final stage completed. Our robes will be washed in white. Prophecy will be fulfilled.

WP: I understand that you can’t tell me the exact location of the actual tree, but may I suggest it is somewhere in Russia? Or am I way off track?

TM: It’s in North America. Fascinating, don’t you think?

You said you were going to explain how you selected your chosen questions. Are you ready to tell me?

WP: Yes, I believe I’m ready to explain why I chose these kinds of questions. It’s for multiple reasons:

1) If I publish any of our conversation in conjunction with the 3 messages, I want to post a Q&A part beneath the messages, and I tried to think like the readers who usually read my articles, papers, and books. Also, the type of questions I chose are simple and easy to read and digest (I hope), and at the same time remind the readers of my papers so that they can compare notes and come to their own conclusions.

2) Of course, I also wanted to see if you are “genuine,” meaning if you are convinced that what you are saying is true. As you know, there are so many con artists, big Egos, and NSA agents, and so on, out there. And there are many “Napoleons” out there as well, if you know what I mean. My own conclusion after have received your detailed answers is that you are genuine, and that you are convinced that what you’re doing is the right thing to do, and you’re convinced that you are who you say you are. I don’t see any red flags suggesting that you are deliberately lying to me, or in any other way are dishonest.

3) By asking you this type of questions, I have also been able to compare notes with my own research. Although there are points you have made that correlate with my own conclusions, the majority of your statements do not. Many of them even contradict my own research, more or less.

In other words, I can’t take to heart the majority of the points you’re making because I am just as convinced that my own research is correct (or at least the great majority of it) as you are convinced when it comes to your own statements.

The issue is complicated because something similar to what you’re saying could actually happen, but it’s not because it’s Gods will; I do not believe that there is a Divine force behind it. The prophets you are mentioning, who you say were you in “earlier” incarnations, I’m sure were just as honest as you are because they truly believed that the messages came from God. I don’t. My conviction is that most of these prophecies come directly from the Anunnaki themselves, and these Overlords (Anunnaki) convinced the prophets that they were Divine.

Just like you, I don’t want to get caught up in a debate with you, so therefore I’d like to just mention a few key things that contradict your statements. All of what I’m saying below can be found in my papers at .

1) The Divine God is not a male God at all. The Divine force is feminine in nature. The male aspect of things came in later.

2) Sitchin did not tell the truth about these visitors. People are constantly coming to the same conclusion, regardless of me and my work. The Sitchin story is what the Anunnaki want us to believe.

3) YHVH in the Bible is a composite being. There are at least two Anunnaki Lords who are playing God in the OT. These Lords are and Marduk (not “En.lil”). The real YHVH is the Divine Feminine and has nothing to do with what took place between the biblical YHVH and Abraham, Moses, and the rest of mankind.

4) The “Queen of the Stars,” aka the Orion Queen, is the head of the Orion Empire, and she is the one who created Earth as a Living Library together with Prince Ninurta, her son, and some beings from Vega. It was a Great Experiment, and humankind was already highly evolved multi-d beings when the Anunnaki came and invaded Earth and created the Patriarchal Regime that has been in place here for a very long time. They also created the Prison Planet we are now living on. In charge of the Invaders was another son of the Queen–Lord, who can be equated to Lucifer. He and his son, Marduk, have been manipulating things here on Earth from behind the scenes for thousands of years, and they still do.

5) Orion is where mankind originally came from.

6) and his scientists took an already highly evolved race and dumbed it down by downgrading their DNA in order to create a slave race. They did not UPGRADE unintelligent apes, which the Anunnaki falsely claim.

7) Ninhursag is not’s sister and/or lover–She is the Queen of the Stars, i.e.’s and Ninurta’s mother.

8) En.lil, just like, is a title, and here on Earth we know of two En.lils. One is the equivalent to Anu, i.e. the Queen’s husband. There is no Anu; Anu just means “Heaven.”  The second En.lil is a title for Ninurta,’s younger brother. En.lil is therefore not YHVH in the Bible, but and Marduk are.

9) The Anunnaki are already here–or many of them are. However, evidence is showing that the “gods” are about to return. They want to rule in the open again, and the King of Kings, or the Second Coming, will be the same the Sumerian texts talked about.

10) The Anunnaki has their own Empire, and the future purpose with mankind (and also, I’m sure, with beings from other planets they have conquered) is to create a new hybrid race of Super Soldiers, who will be cyborg in nature. A “Machine Kingdom” will be created, step by step, and we are already quite a bit in this process right now with new technology coming out on a daily basis. I’m sure you have noticed this as well. The end goal is to use humanity as foot soldiers once again–this time in a Great Galactic War against humanity’s Creatrix–the Orion Queen. The Anunnaki want to invade Orion, and we humans are the Super Soldiers they will use.

11) Man is basically good, not evil. But we have been manipulated for so long by the Anunnaki that we have adopted their ways. I truly believe we are a peaceful race, which would clearly show if the Anunnaki left us totally alone. It is true that we have their genes–good and bad–but I think it’s quite easy to see that most humans are doing the best they can under the circumstances to be compassionate, loving, and helpful to others. That tells us the real nature of man. It’s not easy to be compassionate in a world that looks as this one does.

There is a lot more, of course, but as I said, these are some key points. I could go on forever, but it’s all in my Papers for anybody who is interested.

Although I haven’t come to the same conclusions as Thorel, I will still publish the messages on my blog on 14/4 as I promised. For all we know, the Anunnaki will return soon, and who knows if they will use Thorel’s information in order to get a foot in the door? Therefore, I see a necessity to post it.

TM: I think you should post all of your comments and opinions alongside mine.

If I am right, everything I have said will happen and much more that I haven’t, I will win, Marduk will be defeated, the watchers judged, the planet will be free of the Anunnaki, the wicked who deny the Creator and his anointed will burn, the survivors will be cured of their DNA affliction through the blood of Jesus and will resemble albinos being healthy and happy and living forever, all governments and control systems like religion and finance will be destroyed, the royal descendants of the watchers will fall and we will finally have peace, truth and justice. In the process, I will speak before the United Nations, be hated, abused, beaten half to death, disfigured and blinded.

On the other hand, if you are right then my open chakra system means nothing, what you say will happen and man will save themselves, possibly with the help of a female Creator.

Thank you for your cooperation and I hope you join my team before it’s too late. We need smart people to build a new world.

The light is burning in the darkness but the darkness has not overpowered it.

I’d like to clarify something. I never said I lived alternate lives including those of the prophets. I was saying that all prophecies from all ages, cultures and religions point to one person, known by different names, but all the same prophetic person. I am saying that that person is me.

WP: Thank you very much for clarifying the statement about all prophecies pointing to one person. I read that incorrectly the first time.

We both have humanity’s best in mind, so it sounds like a good idea to let the readers take part of our communication. This way they can get a better understanding of some differences and similarities between our conclusions.

This is the entire communication between Thorel Michael and me, ending on 11/4. When this is published on the Internet, it’s going to be 14/4–the latter also being the number of an angel, according to Thorel.

The reader who has taken part of my Wes Penre Paper can clearly see the differences and similarities between our conclusions. I believe Thorel is sincere and what he is relaying is his true conviction. Personally, I have come to an entirely different conclusion, albeit I do believe that the bible prophecies were delivered by the Anunnaki; something Thorel also agree with, although he calls them messengers of God; intermediaries, in other words. After have done my research, which led to my five levels of learning, I am convinced that the Divine Feminine (whom Thorel calls God in masculine form) has nothing to do with these bible prophecies. The prophecies were given to mankind for manipulative reasons. The “Anunnaki” (I call them the “Alien Invader Force,” “AIF” in my papers) are next to immortal, and time as we see it here on Earth, i.e., in its linear fashion, does not apply to them. They can look at our past, present, and future simultaneously, insert prophecies and steer things in a direction which may fulfill them.

However, there is not only one timeline; there are multiple timelines, and the Anunnaki’s problem is that we humans change our minds constantly, so nothing is 100% predictable. Also, some people on certain timelines may experience a Battle of Armageddon, for instance, while others, who are not on these timelines, may not. This is why the Anunnaki are creating all these mass events, such as 9/11. A trauma such as that will fuse timelines together, and thereby the Anunnaki can take the opportunity, trying to lead as many humans as possible in the direction of fulfilling their plans. As the reader can see, this invader force is working hard to be able to control mankind; it’s certainly not a vacation.

Thorel is also agreeing on Sitchin’s stories and say that Sitchin’s debunkers are the ones who should be investigated. I believe that this has been done. As usual, there are genuine people who are “debunking” whom they think is a fraud, and there are those who are debunking the good people because they are paid to do so, or they just want to show how smart they are. This is inevitable. Still, at the end of the day, when the research is done, much of what Sitchin wrote doesn’t hold water; his plots fall like domino bricks.

I also find it interesting that Thorel says that Utu and Marduk are two different individuals, and he points out that they look totally different from each other. However, when I ask him if he has met Utu or any other Anunnaki “in the physical,” he says “no.” How then can he distinguish between the two? seated seated

Thorel’s reference to and homosexuality is an interesting one, though. is, of course, just as I’ve stated in my papers, obsessed with sex in all different forms. Although this can be verified quite easily, it’s rarely brought up when is discussed. Still, this is quite an important issue. Most humans are heterosexual, but we have’s genes, and this explains why homosexuality exists amongst humans. I am not trying to condemn or judge homosexuality; those who are homosexual can’t really be anything but that. It would be like forcing a heterosexual person to be homosexual; it just doesn’t work. Still, it’s an aberration. However, it doesn’t stop with homosexuality. What about having sex with animals? What about rape or having sex with little boys and girls? I read quite recently that incest is much more common in families than people think. Sex addiction is yet another abnormality amongst some humans, and so is promiscuity. There are those who would disagree with me on promiscuity, but it becomes an abnormality when it turns into an obsession and when you cheat behind your partner’s back. All these things can be traced back to

Last on this issue; Val Valerian, aka John Gray, was very popular in the 1990s and the 2000s for have written The Matrix Books I-V, and people really listened to this researcher, who showed to be working for U.S. Intelligence. However, in his last book, Matrix V, he said something that was a shock for many; he said that in order to ascend to the next level, you need to become homosexual! There is no other way around it, he said. If we can’t become gay, we are simply not worthy of going to the next level; we have more work to do (either Valerian is gay himself, or he is just BS-ing people and having a good laugh while doing it, too). Many people, in their ignorance, and stupidity in following a leader, did their best to become homosexual(!) Valerian is not the only one, though. The entire OTO (Ordo Templi Orientis), a secret society that is branching out from the Golden Dawn and Mme Blavatsky’s work, has in its 9th Grade a step where the initiate needed to have sex with someone of his own gender! Aleister Crowley wrote that level. All this, dear reader, can be traced back directly to Lord–Lucifer himself!

I still haven’t heard anything from Utu Shamash/Marduk, but according to Thorel that’s nothing to be concerned about. So next, let’s see what happens (if anything) 40 days after 4/14. May 24 is a date Thorel is pointing at. He also asked me to look into two Bible verses, Hebrews 9:28 and Joel 2:31. Joel talks about a Blood Moon and a total eclipse of the Sun, when everything becomes darkness:

“The sun will be turned into darkness And the moon into blood Before the great and awesome day of the LORD comes.” Joel 2:31.

The next such event is on 9/28/2015 ( Then, when we look at Hebrews 9:28, it says,

“so Christ was sacrificed once to take away the sins of many; and he will appear a second time, not to bear sin, but to bring salvation to those who are waiting for him.” Hebrews 9:28.

Apparently, what Thorel is suggesting is that somewhere after 9/28, the Second Coming will happen. The problem is, how long after September 28 will that be? From what I know, the Scripture doesn’t tell…

Thank you for reading this!
Wes Penre

P.S. This article was first posted early in the morning on April 4, but was removed for several hours, just to be submitted again later in the afternoon. The reason for this was a misunderstanding between me and Thorel. I suddenly got very suspicious that this was a “trap” of sorts, so I took it down to avoid any unwanted surprises.
After years of research, I have become very careful; even to the point where I am sometimes over-cautious. However, the misunderstanding was cleared up, and even if I don’t agree with much of what Thorel expresses here, I still believe he is genuinely telling me what he is convinced to be the truth. Hence, I decided to republish this article once and for all. Wes Penre.