Planet X Nibiru – June 1-15 – Timelapse (The Event Is Approaching)

Source:You Tube
Posted here: Monday, July 16, 2012 @ 5:30 am

Editor’s note: This is, almost word by word, what the Anunnaki prince, Utu Shamash, told me when he contacted me (see article: This is what they want us to believe. Yes, ‘Nibiru’ is approaching rapidly, and we may have an encounter, as the planet is coming in from the south, earlier than expected. But don’t believe they are our saviors and creators and our loving ancestors. They are here to invade, not to save. Yes, they may plan on destroying the Global Elite, but that’s part of the show. They will fulfill prophecy, start the War of Armageddon, and rule over the remaining humanity in a machine world most of us don’t want to experience! Also, please read my papers at . This website talks in length about this problem. Don’t be fooled, friends!

Like I’ve said so many times before; no aliens are coming to save us — we are OUR OWN saviors. We are evolving as a species in a natural chain of events, and we have the right to be left alone to complete the process. Our only way out of this mess is to start creating a new reality which will also create a new timeline in our new Multiverse where our thoughts and actions will become our new reality. No more sloppy thinking. Think clear thoughts, set your intentions and live your dreams. Disagree with the Sirian Overlords who are currently controlling our world from behind the scenes. We raise our consciousness by disagreeing with the current system, creating new, positive thoughts containing our dreams and visions of the Multiverse we want to live in. Every single moment of the day, you create a new version of the Multiverse. Your THOUGHTS are POWERFUL. Use them as your weapon and don’t let counter-intentions steer you astray!

And lastly, the Sun is an electrical (yes, electrical) sentient being, and very little of what She is doing is ‘random’. These CMEs are parts of a cycle and are sent out intentionally by the Sun and are meant to reach her children (the planets) and their inhabitants (us) to upgrade us and send us information. Love, Wes