Dr Carol Rosin ‘A Call To Action’

Source: YouTube, March 5, 2011

Wes’ Comment: Here is a little more background on the previous article about the Treaty to de-weaponize space. Previous article can be found here: https://battleofearth.wordpress.com/2011/03/12/new-treaty-would-ban-space-weapons-for-earthlings-and-ets/.

This is a video interview with Carol Rosin after the latest conference, where she is explaining more about the Treaty. I watched the above video a few days ago, before I read the AOL article, so I found this chain of events pretty interesting.

Carol is an Award Winning educator, author, space and missile defense consultant, and was the first corporate manager of an aerospace company, Fairchild Industries. She was a spokesperson for ” the father of rocketry”, Dr Werhner von Braun. Dr Von Braun revealed information to her about conspiracies to keep the existence of ETs secret.

Carol is urgently promoting the Outer Space Security and Development Treaty of 2011, after visits from ETs, and her inside knowldege of Space based Weapons systems, being deployed around the earth, and a new space based weapons systems race between the US, Russia, China and India.

She is urgently inviting at least Nine countries in the United Nations to become signatories of this Treaty.