Does Conspiracy Extend to Musical Scale?

Source: L.C. Vincent for Dr. Henry Makow, August 31, 2010
Published here: Wednesday, September 1, 2010 @ 7:19 AM


Vibration throughout the frequency spectrum of sound, heat, and light, is the organizational principle of matter.  Sound is the organizational principle of our Universe, of physical matter and most importantly, living matter.

The science of Cymatics illustrates that when sound waves move thru a physical medium (air, water, sand, metallic particles, etc.) the frequency of the waves has a direct effect upon the structures which are created by the sound waves as they pass thru that particular medium.  YouTube videos show these fascinating patterns and arrangements here:

Sound is also the basis for form and shape:


Imagine an incredibly powerful, wealthy person who secretly prospers from conflict, disease and war learns that certain sound frequencies (those easily divisible by two, signifying opposition) create conflict, discord and disharmony while those divisible by three  (signifying balance, polity, reconciliation, harmony) produce symmetry, and visually harmonic, pleasing structures. Continue reading “Does Conspiracy Extend to Musical Scale?”