Close Encounters And Personal Transformation

by Dr. Richard Boylan, PhD
Published here: Thursday, October 21, 2010 @ 4:14 AM

Richard Boylan, PhD

One of the most striking things about a first encounter with an Star Visitor (extraterrestrial) is the intensely personal feeling, dialogue process, and relationship formation that goes on almost instantaneously, when the lead Star Visitor of a group engages a human experiencer (contactee) in mind-to-mind communication. Often a feeling of love is experienced from the principal Star Visitor. A bond, often life-long, is forged between the Star Visitor and the selected human visited.

The bonding experience that takes hold between a human experiencer and his/her primary Star Visitor contact person leads to feelings and behaviors that sustain the relationship. The attention to this relationship, and the nourishing of this relationship by both sides, Visitor and human, is one of the more touching aspects of the Star Visitor Contact phenomenon.

As a young woman put it: “I got a feeling of wanting to be bonded with the ET’s.

I find myself missing them. When I was with them, I had a sense of peace, love. You become a part of the (principal) ET individual dealing with you. He becomes your counterpart.” Continue reading “Close Encounters And Personal Transformation”