The Pleiadians: A Strange Series of Events

by Wes Penre, Friday, November 12, 2010 @ 5:35 AM


This is how it started on November 3, 2010: Lord James of Blackheath made an announcement that there is a mystical super-rich group who will bail out the United Kingdom and make it prosper–no strings attached(!) There are not many groups which would be able to do that, and the Rothschild’s certainly come to mind.

Then, on November 6, Colleen Thomas, who claims to be a Pleiadian contactee (, warned Obama on video, among other things,  NOT to fire the missile on November 8, or the Pleiadians will intervene. No one knew about any missile at that point. She also said that the Rothschild’s and the Rockefellers know about the Pleiadians and some branches of the Power Elite have agreed to help humankind with rebuilding the economy (see link above).

Apparently, Obama didn’t take heed (or it was out of his control), and on November 8, the missile was launched anyway, heading towards California:

There was a lot of confusion in the Media as of what this missile could be, and the Military were very reluctant to reveal what it was. However, Then, there was this event, which I just got confirmed by the following video. A UFO was apparently shot down and a strange convoy was going through the heart of Los Angeles Sunday night (Nov 7) with security and what appears to be a ElectroMagnetically Shielded cage on the back of a flat bed with a couple trucks following with large Generators mounted on them, and a few heavy-duty tow trucks.

The nuclear waste transport was being used as ‘cover’ for a  UFO transport? The claims within that LA video are that the  ‘object’ came OUT of the transport vehicle container. Here is more for comparison”:

In addition, there were a lot of UFO sightings over the United States.

Then, on November 10, Colleen Thomas appears again, this time on the Russian news channel RT, saying the following:

Obama is still alive, but how did Colleen Thomas know about the missile on November 8 before the fact? Is this another psyop in the shadow of an alien disclosure or is there more to it?

Here is an unedited version of a video taken of the “LA Missile”, clearly showing a cigar-shaped UFO on the side:

More videos here:

So, one important question is: who is Colleen Thomas? Is she the good intended alien ambassador she claims to be?

I have reasons to believe she is not—many reasons!

Please see my sequel, “Fake “Good Intended” Pleiadian Ambassador in Missile Drama!” to follow my logic.