US Move To Capture “Star Children” Alarms Russian Church

by Sorcha Faal, and as Reported to her Western Subscribers, February 18, 2010
Published here: Sunday, February 21, 2010 @ 7:43 AM

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A most interesting transcript of this past weeks meeting between Chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate Metropolitan Hilarion, Irish Ambassador to Russia Philip McDonagh and Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Yakovenko shows their “troubling alarm” over the United States latest move to “identify and capture” all known “Star Children” currently living in, or passing through their Nation.

In order to fully understand who these Star Children are (or whom they are said to be) one must first have a knowledge of the most powerful German Nazi virtually no one in the West has ever heard of, General Karl Ernst Haushofer, who aside from brokering the Axis alliance between Germany and Japan prior to World War II, was the teacher and mentor of Adolph Hitler into the ancient mysticism of the East.

Of his past we can, in part, read:

“Haushofer belonged to a family of artists and scholars. He was born in Munich, Germany, to Max Haushofer, a professor of economics, and Frau Adele Haushofer (née Fraas). On his graduation from the Munich Gymnasium (high school), Haushofer contemplated an academic career. However, service with the Bavarian army proved so interesting that he stayed to work, with great success, as an instructor in military academies and on the general staff.

In 1887, he entered the 1st Field Artillery regiment “Prinzregent Luitpold” and completed Bavarian war school (Kriegsschule), artillery academy (Artillerieschule), and Kingdom of Bavaria War Academy (Bayrische Kriegsakademie). In 1896, he married Martha Mayer-Doss (1877 – 1946) who was half-Jewish. They had two sons, Albrecht and Heinz.

Haushofer continued his career as a professional soldier, serving in the army of Imperial Germany, and rising through the Staff Corp by 1899. In 1903 he began teaching at the Bavarian Kingdom War Academy.

In November 1908 the army sent him to Tokyo to study the Japanese army and to advise it as an artillery instructor. He travelled with his wife via India and South East Asia and arrived in February 1909. Haushofer was received by the Japanese emperor and got to know many important people in politics and armed forces. In autumn 1909 he travelled with his wife for a month to Korea and Manchuria on the occasion of a railway construction. In June 1910 they returned to Germany via Russia and arrived one month later.” [ref:] Continue reading “US Move To Capture “Star Children” Alarms Russian Church”