London Mystic Finds Plates of Nephi

by T. Stokes, February 17, 2010
Published here: Saturday, April 10, 2010 @ 6:36 PM

Lawrence of Arabia

George Stokes was a London born Englishman who spent much of WWII both in India and the Western desert, and because he spoke Arabic he was dropped into the desert to gain information on troop movements from passing Bedouins to radio back to base, and once a month a plane would fly past and drop medical provisions water and food.

The Bedouins would curiously stop at his tent to have any wounds treated. George, an army doctor, found many of these simple people were amazingly generous, and impressed him by being spiritual and non material. The simplicity and warmth of these passing people stayed with him all his life.

George spoke of Lawrence of Arabia who promised the Arabs if they fought for Britian they could keep the land and be autonomous, but all the while the same government they fought for was promising it to the Jews who funded the war effort.

Lawrence knew he had been lied to and although warned to stay silent, kept telling of the treachury and was later murdered in a high speed motorcycle chase. Dr David Kelly was also used as a conduit to pass false information to the Arabs, and he too was murdered. There is a saying; “deep inside himself, each man knows his own future“. And Dr David Kelly, Lawrence of Arabia,Princess Grace of Monaco, Princess Diana, and Gerald Bull of supergun fame all knew they would soon be killed. Continue reading “London Mystic Finds Plates of Nephi”