Letter From the Editor #20: Update on “Book” in Progress

Hello everybody,

Some of you who are returning visitors may know I have been working on a book; a trilogy as a matter of fact; and it’s time to give an update on that.

I have come to the conclusion that the process of writing a trilogy is too long; it will probably take me a couple of years; and I don’t feel we have that much time to waste. I may even have to wait with publishing Book 1 until Book 3 is finished, which will further delay the process. 

 Hence, I have decided to publish my new extensive research material at http://wespenre.com/ instead. That website will be totally remodelled to bring forth this new material, which I plan to start publishing in a couple of months or so from now. More information will be added to the website with time, so it will probably always be a work in progress.

So, instead of writing books, I will release this information in form of “research papers”; easy to read and in a reading order that makes sense. These papers will be about a new view on the Universe/Multiverse . They will take the reader on a mind-blowing journey through material which has never been presented in this form before. This research has been the greatest leap in consciousness I have experienced thus far on my personal journey, has really blown my mind, and answered questions I have had for a long time. They will also face the situation we are currently in, including the “ET issue”, what near-future events we are facing, and discuss what we can do about them.

I assume this research will do the for many readers what it did for me, so I hope you all will stay with me in wait for this journey to start.

I will announce the release date here on this blog when I am ready to publish it.

So please stay tuned!