Letter from the Editor #101: The Fifth Level of Learning, “Paper 16: The Destiny of a Royal Species,” was just Published!

Posted on Thursday, February 26, 2015 @ 3:45 AM

The "Second Coming."
The “Second Coming.”

The last paper in the series “The Fifth Level of Learning” was just now posted! This puts a close on the “Wes Penre Papers” series, and there will be no more papers!

Here is the link to the html version of “Paper #16: The Destiny of a Royal Species” http://wespenre.com/5/paper16-the-destiny-of-a-royal-species.htm (for some reason it may say that the page is “not trusted” and they want you not to pull it up. I guarantee you that it is “trusted,” so please click on the option which makes the page open up.)

Some people prefer to download and read a pdf version, which I provide here: http://wespenre.com/5/PDF/FifthLevelOfLearningPaper16-the-destiny-of-a-royal-species.pdf.

Here is the Site Map for “The Fifth Level of Learning,” which is the last one in the series, http://wespenre.com/5/site-map5.htm.

In a day or two I will write another “Letter from the Editor,” stating that this blog is now completed. This blog has mainly been discussing the Wes Penre Papers, and now when they are all published, this blog has done its job. It will of course still be up so that visitors can read all the articles related to my research.

Now I will dedicate myself to further research, and an e-book containing the results from that will be posted on a new domain, which will be announced here: http://wespenre.com/news.htm. A new blog will eventually be published as well when I get closer to being finished with my new research. The new blog will also be announced at the above link.

Thank you all for your interest in my Papers and my blog!

Wes Penre