The Link – Extraterrestrials in Near Earth Space and Contact on the Ground

by A.R. Bordon
Published here: Saturday, April 17, 2010 @ 6:38 PM

Editor’s note: This is extremely interesting material, but I should add that it’s an incomplete work or  “work in progress”. What’s in this e-book is all that’s available at the moment. If the author completed the book, he kept the rest of it hidden from the public. A.R. Bordon is a pseudonym. For obvious reasons, he wants to stay out of public view.

Only because it’s incomplete, don’t let that stop you from reading it. It’s a very important piece of work! Wes Penre.

…I begin with the questions: Who are we? And, why are we here on Earth?

The cuneiform tablets derived from the Sumerian civilization report that human kind was a piece of genetic engineering. The genetic engineering was performed by the Anunnaki, the humanoid from planet Nibiru. This planet Nibiru orbits the sun in a period of 3,600 years. During the perihelion, they came to Earth, landing in what is now Kuwait (their E-din), as a point of refuge for Alalu, their former leader.

The Anunnaki call their period of orbit a Sar. During their perihelion (near orbit), they come near the inner planets of our solar system. They need shielding in their atmosphere from the radiation of the sun and other stars. This coming particular orbit finds then encountering a sun with 230% more magnetic energy than it had in 1901. They need more gold. Where will they get this gold?

If you read the document by David Guvatt ( the Third Reich accrued and accumulated very large hoard of gold, which they transported to Argentina in submarines. Some of it was held in four Argentine banks; it was subsequently discovered and hence removed across the Andes to a community in inland Chile. We refer to David Guvatt’s text on the path of this gold. The question is: Was this concentration of gold inspired by the Anunnaki for subsequent collection?

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