Asteroid-Mining Project Aims for Deep-Space Colonization

Posted here: Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2013 @ 2:25am

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Editor’s Note: Doesn’t this tell us pretty well what I was talking about in my papers, The Second Level of Learning? Who else is fond of asteroids? That’s right, the Sirian Alliance! And look what they’re doing. Doesn’t it look like they are hollowing it out, just like the Sirians do? So, who could be in charge of this project??? Hm…Then check out the slide show on that site and it’s almost like you were reading my papers, but with real pictures to it! Wes.

A new asteroid-mining company launched Tuesday with the goal of helping humanity expand across the solar system by tapping the vast riches of space rocks.

The new firm, called Deep Space Industries, Inc., announced today (Jan. 22) that it plans to launch a fleet of prospecting spacecraft in 2015, then begin harvesting metals and water from near-Earth asteroidswithin a decade or so. Such work could make it possible to build and refuel spacecraft far above our planet’s surface, thus helping our species get a foothold in the final frontier.

“Using resources harvested in space is the only way to afford permanent space development,” Deep Space CEO David Gump said in a statement. Deep Space Industries will hold a press conference today in Santa Monica, Calif., at 10 a.m. PST (1 p.m. EST/1800 GMT) to unveil more details of its bold mission plan; you can watch the webcast live here at

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