Terrifying scientific discovery: Strange emissions by sun are suddenly mutating matter…

Source: Project World Awareness, October 5, 2010
[News Behind the Scenes, Monday, May 2, 2011 @ 2:15 pm]

Editor’s Note: Terrifying? Maybe, but not necessarily. Some scientists could gain from studying a little metaphysics. Wes Penre.

The angry sun

For months mounting fear has driven researchers to wring their hands over the approaching solar storms. Some have predicted devastating solar tsunamis that could wipe away our advanced technology, others voiced dire warnings that violent explosions on the surface of the sun could reach out to Earth, breach our magnetic field, and expose billions to high intensity X-rays and other deadly forms of cancer-causing radiation.

Now evidence has surfaced that something potentially more dangerous is happening deep within the hidden core of our life-giving star: never-before-seen particles—or some mysterious force—is being shot out from the sun and it’s hitting Earth.

Whatever it is, the evidence suggests it’s affecting all matter. Continue reading “Terrifying scientific discovery: Strange emissions by sun are suddenly mutating matter…”