Letter from the Editor #105: NEW FORUM AS OF TODAY!!!

Hello Visitor!

Today, Oct. 8, 2018, I created a new Discussion Forum together with my partner, Ariel Glad. Please check it out and sign up, if you wish! Ariel and I will participate in the forum as well.

The URL to the Forum is http://wespenreproductions.boards.net/. However, before you visit the forum, we suggest you watch our short 4 min. video about it, so you understand how it’s set up. URL to the video is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEoIGbbuSig&t=2s.

We hope to see you there!

I have also created a new Facebook account at https://www.facebook.com/wespenre.channel.1. Please send a friends request, and I’ll accept you.

2 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor #105: NEW FORUM AS OF TODAY!!!

  1. Ghost riddance

    Greetings Wes,

    I can not vote in regards to your new format; however, using this system (gmail) I am able to advise you that we really miss the scripted version; perhaps you can place yourself (small version) in one of the corners where you will not distract the viewer/s from listening/reading the script. You see, when I read, my imagination goes there (nano-travels) so it is extremely effective way of communicating your message. Also… love the cap! If you ever decide to sell caps/t-shirts please be advised that I do not use computerised money-exchanges, I will however, pay via old-school (cheque/money-order). Absolutely, love your work, have been reading your revelations for a few years now; your work came at a time I was searching for the absolute truth; thank you so very much, you will never understand what your work means to me and others like-minded like me.

    Please keep up with the dissemination of the information.

    Shall see you on the other-side when the time comes.

    Kind regards


    On Tue, Oct 9, 2018 at 10:00 AM Wes Penre Productions — the Blog wrote:

    > Wes Penre posted: “Hello Visitor! Today, Oct. 8, 2018, I created a new > Discussion Forum together with my partner, Ariel Glad. Please check it out > and sign up, if you wish! Ariel and I will participate in the forum as > well. The URL to the Forum is http://wespenreproduc” >

  2. Andy

    Here we are in this present century, this frequently, this density.
    With all our choices, reason, subjection, reaction, solution……you get the picture.
    Wes I here you want to put your face on the you tube channel, at last you’re famous!
    My time here, or the construct we have all come to accept ,has experienced so much.
    I have skipped from one polarity to the next, sometimes with joyful glee and sometimes with willfull neglect.
    These I have learnt to embrace with equal measure.
    I see this embrace in the cold gaze in a murderes eyes, in the leaf of a tree, the stance of the boxer and my mother’s beauty.
    My love, my mothers love, my fathers love and so on is the culmination of this beauty.
    With all of these choices I cannot ignore the lament I see in all beings that we have come to accept as the human race, without exception.
    Some would call it gods grace.
    Perhaps this is part creation of enki
    I do not know
    As we have all taken part in this act, participation or experience we have learnt to manifest our creation and coalesce this density into things that are non bialogical such as the wheel or even the internal combustion engine.
    Of course this we embrace and keep searching for a perfect Utopia
    Yet we still see amongst some a tiny crack within this.
    A machine world within this reality perhaps created by Marduk

    Perhaps a cooperation between father and son, a melting of minds perhaps.

    A war in heaven and earth, between the spiritual construct and a material construct.

    We seem to have a choice, the machine kingdom, or the spiritual kingdom?

    And yet the crack is still there, nagging on the tails of the mothers heart strings.

    What could be the natural progression?

    Splitting of the worlds surly cannot be defined by two clear choices, not when a lamentable melancholy creeps through the crack.

    Perhaps all these distractions have pulled a vale over our eyes and we have forgotten our lament.

    Those cracks or holes show just a fragment of who we really are.

    No wonder there is a universe of eyes watching our every move

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