Illuminator13 – Opportunity Knocks Again

Wes Penre, Sunday, March 7, 2010 at 3:00 PM
Published here: Sunday, March 7, 2010 @ 3:27 PM

Remember Hidden Hand, Self-Proclaimed Illuminati Insider who appeared on the Above Top Secret Forum at the end of 2008? Approximately a year later, someone calling him/herself “Illuminator13” contacted the members of the same forum, willing to give them his service in form of answering their questions. He (I say he for simplicity, but we don’t know the gender) gave a time window of 6 days (Nov 15-20, 2009) where the members could ask him any questions.

Illuminator13 knows Hidden Hand and tells us he is “the real deal”. Illuminator13 is himself of one of the “true” bloodlines, unknown to people on Earth. He is a “walk-in” and is here to help humanity out in this particular important time. Just like I did with the Hidden Hand material, I have edited the forum postings so that it’s easier to read. NOTE: I have not changed any of the context — everything is in it’s original form.

I knew of this material already by the time is was released, but haven’t had the chance to edit it until now. Here is the original thread on the ATS Forum:

Enjoy! Wes Penre

DAY 1:

Illuminator13 (A): I am one with access to the knowledge of The Bloodlines who you believe are “Evil” and whose actions you disapprove of. I have chosen to come here to answer the questions you may have, all you have to do is follow The Rules and ask.

The Rules:

1.) I am under NO obligation to answer every question asked (and in some instances I could not even if I wanted to).

2.) Think before you ask your question. I will only be here for a very brief period of time, so I suggest you ask only important questions. Use your Intelligence, Intuitiveness, Courtesy and Creativeness when asking a question. Use your mind and heart to break free from that box that you have been placed in.

3.) Ask specific questions. I am bound by a few laws that I would rather not break by accident, so if I feel your question is very general, it may be ignored.

4.) Respect me and my decisions, as I will be awarding you the same respect. Please do not post crass, pointless, futile, insensible or disrespectful questions and/or comments.

Adhere to these four simple rules and this may prove to be an insightful and enlightening experience. Disregard them and I may choose to disappear.

Now, with those preliminary rules in mind, feel free to post your questions.

Above Top Secret (Q): Well here’s mine, what do you expect to achieve with your post here?

A: I hope to clear up some misinterpretations and misunderstandings. Alot of nonsense floating around these days, its counterproductive to why you are here.

Q: Ok i will play along, just for show, whether you are or not.

1) What books do you think we should read to understand the spiritual side of the so called elite?

2) Why do you feel you have to come here at all, to justify or what ever reason, the elite, at all?

A: 1.) None, it is not your goal to understand anything outside of who you are and why you are here.

2.) I have not come her to “justify” anything, that is because everything is as it is for a reason, wheither or not you believe it to be so.

Q: (1) Does anyone you know have telekinesis?

(2) What is your current belief on the structure of the universe?

(3) What is your belief for the origin of life in the universe and this planet?

A: 1.) No. Telekinesis is possible though, but most likely you will not ever know anyone who can do it.

2&3.) What I believe does not matter.

Q: I see you breezed though your 20 posts which are all one liners of no value.

Your one line posts break the rules here and also show that you really have nothing to contribute to this board but nonsense.

I think the mods should toss you.

A: 1.) Those 20 posts were just a formality for me to post this thread. This is my first time on this website and I had no idea I would be required to post 20 messages. My lengthy responces will come on this thread. I do have have the luxury of time to post 20 indeph responses to other topics. Plus most of the things on this on this site are nonsense anyway, although I did see a few with some merit.

2.) Well if you think that, then I am glad you are not a moderator.

Q: We should phrase that as:

To the op, why should we take you seriously?

Can you explain to me how the rothschild claim a direct bloodline?

A: Whether or not you take me seriously is really none of my concern. Ignore this thread if you wish, I could careless. I will answer the questions of those who ask and will not solicit anything. When my time is up I will leave regardless of how many questions I have answered.

I have never heard of such a thing, but if it is true it does not override the reality of the situation: The Rothschilds are not Bloodline.

Q: Ok,since you brought up “bloodlines”,what could you tell us about them and why do they think they are so “special”?

(This feels alot like talking to the CleverBot,doesn’t it?!)

A: I can tell you that the Bloodlines are here to help you and special is not the correct word, duty is.

Q: “Ask specific questions. I am bound by a few laws that I would rather not break by accident, so if I feel your question is very general, it may be ignored.”

If that’s the case, I’m almost positive you’re breaking a major one by even posting this…

Color me skeptical…

A: I broke nothing. I simply made a request. Whether or not you choose to adhere to it is your choice alone.

Q: You say that most of the subjects here are “nonsense”. Which subjects hold merit?

A: All the ones that portain to “Alien Invasion”, “2012 Apocalypse”, “Swine flu” and the like. Most others are completely irrelavent to your lives personally.

Q: I got a question…

Are you as fake as the other 1000+ posts “just like this one here” where someone comes and explains they are “from the secret societies at hand” or “the Illuminati”?

My second question is…would you roll your eyes at what you wrote thus far, if you were not who you claim to be?

A: I never claimed to be from the Illuminati (Which has less power than you think)

Q: Ok, this is important!…What if we don’t want your help?! Are we going to be forced to accept this “help”?

A: I wont force anything. Forcing would be me just posting unsolicited answers or answering questions that were not asked. If you do not ask, I do not answer.

Q: “I could careless.“

The actual phrase is “I couldn’t care less”…meaning, you care absolutely the lowest factor of caring possible.

I mean…I could point to more of your “1st grade-type” flaws in your communication attempts…but I am far more interested in seeing you prov yourself to be what you say you are, then I am to continue nitpicking on your misuse of english.

And before you point towards my grammatical errors, just remember I am not the guy saying “I am of the sacred bloodlines that control the world”.

Man…you are way too easy to debunk. TRY HARDER! I demand a better Illuminati then this.

A: My spelling has little to do with anything. The Human “mind” can decipher what I mean to say even if I only typed the first and last letters correctly. I am trying to answer as many questions as possible.

As for your “debunking” me, think as you wish. If you do not like this topic and have no questions to ask, simply go elsewhere. There is no reason for you beng hostile towards me, because I am not hostile towards you.

Q: So how accurate is the law of one?

And you are saying our purpose is to learn our (self) purpose and everything else is a distraction? Does every person play an equal role in this world or is one persons purpose more important then the other? Is the method of finding answers to look inside yourself? (for answers)

If each of us does have specific things we are supposed to learn or be concerned with would you consider modern technological society as a big distraction that is leading us to failure? (because of the memes spread for example)

Was Edgar Cayce a charlatan? Did his heavy Catholicism muddle up his message?

I’ll see how these are answered before I ask some “real” questions



Haha read your two most recent posts . . . never mind phoney baloney

poor try — Hidden_Hand did it the most convincing by far! (got to love grad school writing eh?)

A: I would not read the Law of One or any other spiritual writings if I were you, no matter what was “recommended to you”.

In the earlier part of his dialogue “Hidden Hand” made grave errors in what he told you, he “talked too much”.

Q: 1) Do you believe that you where reincarnated, and that you lived on this planet before?

2) Why do you think you are part of a family, that has a “duty” to run society. Why does your family think they where given this duty?

A: 1.) No and I am a rarity.

2.) You are asking the wrong questions.

Q: First contradiction everyone!

Don’t bother asking unless you just want to toy with him more


“Aliens” are not a threat to you. Besides that your governments are the ones who do most of the abductions.”

^^^^ what he said

NO threat to us BUT we must pay attention to the alien invasion threads.
basic inconsistency no need to look any further people
move along

A: What part of the “20” post formality did you not understand? This was a post to which I thought I could tell you otherwise. No “alien” invasion is going to happen, why? Because “Aliens” are not a threat to you nor do they wish to invade you. Contradiction? Nope.

Like I stated before do not pay attention to Alien Invasion threads, they are not true and are not useful to you in any way, shape or form.

Q: So what are the bloodlines planning on doing to help us, if thier here to help us why not just come out and tell us?

They have no reason to hide if thier going to help us. Only reason to hide if the plan on killing us.

Did the bloodline write the bible?

Why do you only have a short time here?

Thanks for asking the questions

A: 1.) All you have to do is take an honest look around and see what you are not.

2.) It doesnt work that way.

3rd statement- Post hoc logical fallacy.

4.) The Bible you have now is altered.

Q: Also,I would ask,”Do you believe in a Higher Power?” and if so,”Who or what is that Higher Power?”

A: What I believe in does not matter.

Q: So, it is your Duty? Does that mean your/their bloodline is of an alien/not of this world type?

If it is your Duty, what is the entire realm of such duties?

A: Ok, here is a good example of a misunderstanding. My duty is NOT the same as the Bloodlines although we work towards the same end goal. They work on the “negative” side of things and I work on the “positive” side of things..I have to tread carefully because I might say too much.

Q: (Originally posted by Illuminator13): “You say that most of the subjects here are ‘nonsense’.

Which subjects hold merit?

All the ones that portain to “Alien Invasion”, “2012 Apocalypse”, “Swine Flu” and the like. Most others are completely irrelavent to your lives personally.”

Wait…so ALL POSTS that “portain” (you mean pertain, you incredibly bad speller, you) to Alien invasions, 2012 end-of-the-world, Swine Flu AND THE LIKE (like what?! Man…you suck at this), ARE ALL REAL!?


Dude…graduate from high school. If you can…and THEN return to try and spam/scam us. O.k? Because the drivel you are spewing here makes you look really (and I mean REALLY) dumb.

I am NOT saying you ARE dumb…just saying you LOOK UNEDUCATED in more areas then just spelling.

Good to know that the sacred bloodlines of old have trusted knowledge to you. They must have had a “pick from the bottom of the bucket day” down at the old Illuminati club house.

Man o man…see you in skunkworks you horribly played hoaxer.

A: Not only can I see the negativity in your words, I can feel it also. Such malicious and venom. What cause are you fighting for?

I am not a hoaxer.

Q: What bloodline are you referring to?

A: The ones you never hear about. The “true” bloodlines.

Q: I didn’t mean You specifically “forcing” your help on us! I mean the “help” that you said the “Bloodline” feels it is their duty to carry out? The question was,”Will that help be forced on us?”

(Because,frankly,I don’t need your help,or want it! I don’t like anyone other than God deciding what is in my best interest!)

Thanks anyway!

A: That is not your decision.

Q: Do you have any knowledge on the explicit use of hypnosis to manipulate people?

Keep in mind that this is a yes or no question…

I will ask this question again.

A: I’m sorry, I must have missed it.

To answer your question, no. Hypnosis as a tool of manipulation is not something I could recommend anyone looking into. Does it work? Yes. Is it counterproductive to why you are here? Yes. Is it really worth doing? No.

Q: Originally posted by Illuminator13: “In the earlier part of his dialogue “Hidden Hand” made grave errors in what he told you, he ‘talked too much’.”

OOOOOH! I get it…more of this “hidden hand” guy.

Wow…thanks for showing me what this is all REALLY about.

Welcome back.

Enjoy playing with your computer. But don’t stay up too late, you have a big day in class tomorrow and we wouldn’t want you forgetting your lunchbox.

A: I am not “Hidden Hand” and I would never even dream of making the mistakes that he did.

Q: The problem we have is we do not know how far we can go into this stuff, without you stopping answering. Who ever you are your very cryptic, and that can mean plenty of things to us all here.

You mentioned the word “Duty”. Can you define what you mean by that, without breaking any rules? I think thats the only thing you have said so far, its your duty.

Just simply what does “duty” mean to you, and who ever your part off?

A: I understand what you mean. You have a right to be suspicious but I am not the “enemy” and I am actually here to help you. I had no idea that I would attract such negative and insulting comments by even coming here but I will persevere through it.

By “duty” I mean it is a task bestowed by the Supreme One.

My “duty” is different from theres. I do not control, or even attempt to manipulate anybody, its not why I am here. I am here to help you realize why you are here.

Q: OK, so you didn’t give me an answer….I know your trying to keep up. It is getting a little heated here, many think your not the real deal. Let’s prove them wrong….can you give us any details that we don’t already know about the whole 2012 scenario?

A: Ok, heres a piece of golden advice:

Do not concern yourself with 2012. As of now it is irrelavent and unimportant. You have better things to be doing, so I suggest you go figure out what they are.

Q: come on people lets not get involved in all this, it ends up making people look gullible and stupid, an exercise in futility.

A: Is wanting answers “gullible and stupid”? The only futile thing on this thread is the negative comments, which are unnecessary, not to mention just plain rude.

Q: (Originally posted by Illuminator 13): What part of the “20” post formality did you not understand? This was a post to which I thought I could tell you otherwise. No “alien” invasion is going to happen, why? Because “Aliens” are not a threat to you nor do they wish to invade you. Contradiction? Nope.

Like I stated before do not pay attention to Alien Invasion threads, they are not true and are not useful to you in any way, shape or form.

DUDE! you just said that these TOPICS HOLD MERIT
Walking contradiction in the same thread a page before

All the ones that portain to “Alien Invasion”, “2012 Apocalypse”, “Swine flu” and the like. Most others are completely irrelavent to your lives personally.

Do you know what merit means? Did you use it wrong? Did your bloodlines run to your head or something?

A: I did not come here to argue. If you really think I am a “waling contradiction” leave, nobody is making you reply to this thread.

Q: I’m thinking that my response would lead you to say something like,”Well,fine! I won’t help you by answering your questions then!”

Would I be correct?

A: If you dont want MY help, fine I wont give it. But the Bloodlines “help” is here regardless of whether or not you want it. Contradiction? No.

Q: Tread lightly friend, but give us a little more detail. How can you say you can help if you don’t at least put a little meat & potatoes on the table?

A: Thank you the encouragement. Believe me I am trying but the only questions I am getting are questions about my answers. If you people would ask some “real” questions, then I could answer, but right now I am getting none of that. If you have a question you want me to answer, feel free to ask it.

Q: So true, the only thing so far in this thread, is that he/she has a duty, and thats all they said, lol.

Anyone can be cryptic in answering questions, though contradicting themselves, is not something i would take seriously as we all have to put our words into english and often we all contradict ourselves.

But this thread is useless, if your not going to say anything.

A: Am I giving the wrong answers, or are you people asking the wrong questions?

Q: Everyone of us have a bloodline, how less true is my bloodline to the one you are purposely being so vague about?

A: Ok, when I say, “true” Bloodline, I am talking about the ones who rule this world. They are not who or what you’ve been told they are.

Q: Based on some of what you’ve said, I would believe that you claim to know “Why” we are here. If so, why are we here, in your opinion?

A: If I told you that not only would I be breaking a law, but I would achieve the complete opposite of what I hope to.

If I could tell you that, I would tell everyone, every chance I had…but this world doesnt work like that.

My time is up for today, but I will be back tomorrow.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll finally get to get started on the honest questions, so if those of you who wish to be negative could restrain yourself from posting it would be very appreciated.


DAY 2:

Q: OK, so you didn’t give me an answer….I know your trying to keep up. It is getting a little heated here, many think your not the real deal. Let’s prove them wrong….can you give us any details that we don’t already know about the whole 2012 scenario?

A: Why are you worried about 2012? Not only is it irrelevant to anything in your life as of this moment, there is no need to concern yourself with it at all.

Q: OK maybe i can fill you in on ATS a bit and explain the hostility your receiving. About once a month, there will be a thread from someone who claims to be in contact with aliens, from the future or from the bloodlines. They come on asking members to ask questions and they promise to give answers, normally with some rules applied. Then we get a thread running for about 20 pages, with no coherent answer to any of the questions asked, very similar to the thread you have just begun.

so you maybe spending your afternoon doing this after maybe reading a book on bloodlines, come on here and see how many gullible people you can dupe. You will realise we are not all saps on this website, so unless you provide some hardcore facts about yourself your family and anything slightly interesting, do one

A: Yes, I looked through this website a bit and I did see what you are referring to, so now I partly understand why some of the members here are so hostile. I have never read any books on the Bloodlines, because none exist. I do not think any of you are “saps” and I am not asking to be “believed”. I am only here to answer questions. People say that I am being vauge, and I am being vauge but there is a good reason for that.

Q: Would you mind telling us what mistakes Hidden Hand made and was he truthfull in his replys and pls check your u2u

A: Finally, somebody who read my answers and asked a good question.

Ok, “Hidden Hand” was who he said he was, there should be no mistake about it. Now, I have read his discourse with this site and it was very honest and a pretty good piece of work. But, to my suprise, I noticed that he told you people way more than he was supposed to and I was not the only one to notice. Infact here is a quote from him:

“Let’s put it this way, I have already been, shall we say “chastised” for going well beyond my remit here. It was not intended that I be as open as I have been. In fact, if you follow the topic through again from the beginning, you may notice how my ‘tone’ toward you (collectively) has softened somewhat during our discourse together.

I have, as far as possible, adhered fully to the Laws of Free Will and Confusion, although there have been instances where I have said more than I should have. You yourselves will not suffer for this, however, when it comes to my next cycle in 4th Density Negative, and working off my Karmic Record, I will have to accept the consequences for my actions. But hey, I figure I’ve got a Negative enough life to come as it is, so what’s a little extra going to matter.”

The one who were overseeing the discourse between him and this site read what he wrote and automatically knew that he had broken the Law of Free Will. How did he break it? Well, he went into too much detail when answering the questions. Not only that, but he answered questions that nobody even asked and that is not a wise thing to do. There are consequences for breaking The Laws, and they are pretty harsh if you ask me. Now, people on this site accuse me of being “vague” and “cryptic” but they do not know what I know. There are things that I CANNOT tell you without harming myself and that is something I am looking to avoid. The reason why I continue to “tread lightly” is because you really can’t be too sure that you’ve broken a Law, until after it happens–then it hits you like a ton of bricks, although you can proceed with caution and will most likely avoid breaking anything. The people in this world break these Laws all the time but they do it unconsciously, yet the[y] still pay for their mistake. Now if I were to consciously, knowingly, break these Laws then I would be in for a lot of trouble. What are these Laws? You’ll have to figure them out for yourself.

Q: I have a suggestion for you….instead of answering all the negitive, give your attention to the positive. So far you have brought nothing to the table. You ask for questions, promising answers….I think you falling short in the answer department.
Please, if your the real deal get to it and stop wasting your/our time. Oh ya, one more question….what blood type is the bloodline you speak of?

A: I figured that out yesterday and that is what I am going to do. As for the “promising” answers part, you people are asking the wrong types of questions. Now, today I am going to “stretch the boundries” a little bit, but I WILL NOT knowningly do anything that I know will be detrimental to why I am here, no matter how any of you may feel about it.

As for your question, it show’s a good example of this: Irrelevance. Thats what most of the Topics/Questions on this site are, irrelevant. Alot of the things on this site do one thing: They get you all wrapped up and distracted from the things that you should be focused on. Is that a “vauge” or “cryptic”?

My answers so far have value, all you have to do is “read between the lines”.

Q: Hmmm seems to me you have read enough here to use a title from a very popular thread “Window of Opportunity” by the poster Hidden_Hands.

He had lots of very good and relevant information.
I feel you are just attempting to copycat this very sucessful thread
and I am not reading from you the same level of knowingness.

If I am wrong, I apologize but, I trust my instinct.

A: You are correct about one thing, he did give you guys some pretty good answers, but he also had alot of irrelevant things. Its funny because the irrelevant parts of his dialogue seem to draw the most attention and focus.

Also, his thread was the reason that this site was the last place I wanted to come to, to say what needs to be said. The idea is to help new people, instead of those who have been helped. Metaphorically speaking: If you were donating 100 christmas gifts to needy families, would you drop off all the toys at one house? No, you would go to different ones.

Q: I would love to hear your answers to the following questions.

1. Who are we?
2. Why are we here?

A: Very good question. I love the way you formatted it, you didnt ask for THE answers to these questions, you asked for MY answers to these questions. The answers are relatively simple. Here they are:

1.) A developing soul.

2.) To show others what they are.

Want me to elaborate? Formulate the question so I can answer.

Q: I wanna play!

I think I get your doings OP…
Here are my questions:

Is a catalyst still being needed in a general sense?
If so, how much more and for how long you would guess that the push needs to keep going?

Do you have to lie to keep your integrity?

A: 1.) Yes. A catalyst will always be needed as long as their are souls who need to be developed. There is no other way around it.

2.) As long as it takes, there is no set “time” standard.

3.) I am not in the habit of lying, and I have not lied to anyone on this website.

Q: Yes but do you understand…and I mean this in all seriousness…do you understand how you are coming off to us?

An egotistical madman sitting behind a computer

with nothing better to do then draw attention to yourself. How are we to take that seriously?

A: Yes, I do understand where you people are coming from.

I am not an “attention seeker”. Infact I live a pretty solitary life, attention from others is probably one of the last priorites that I have.

Q: Is earth such a hard ride sometimes to show us what we are not? And if so,being that we are wonderful supreme beings ourselves why do we have to learn this again and again.

A: Moreonethananyone you are an interesting one, different from alot of the people who I have conversated with thus far. Your questions are the type of question that I am looking for.

You must understand that the ride is only as hard as you make it. Yes, it may infact be “difficult” some times, but that is what perseverance is all about. There are Two “worlds” on this planet. One is the Inner “World” (perception), and the other is the Outer “World” (reality). You have, for the most part, complete dominance in Inner “World”. This meaning you control, more or less, everything that happens there. In the other Outer “World” you may think have less control, but in reality (kind of ironic) you really do have more to say in it than you think.

Q: I think he never hid behind a proxy lol. Plus my IP address question got him going, lol.

Would you come onto a board, with your real ip. Can mods find out his real ip address, and would he want them to know it, lol.

Troll or genuine we will never know. Lol

A: I do not need to “hide behind proxies”. Infact I only use two, and both are at public venues. I have been to both, one yesterday and one today. These are the only two I will be using, the moderators will know for sure.

Q: “Ok, when I say, “true” Bloodline, I am talking about the ones who rule this world. They are not who or what you’ve been told they are.”

What I’ve been told is that all people are born naturally free and sovereign unto themselves, and any notion of Divine Right of Kings is a false doctrine intended to subvert freedom. By believing in natural rights and inherent political power belonging to all people am I in direct conflict with this so called “true bloodline”?

A: No. Believe what you will, it wont the fact of the matter.

Q: surely you have to expect some negativity. Your making some pretty outlandish claims and have proved little in the way of evidence.

A: Interesting. What “outlandish claims” have I made? You are the ones assuming everything and thats not my problem.

Q: Who dug the Oak Island pit, why and does it now contain anything ?

What did the Templars use to blackmail the church and where is it now ?

Why are you any different to any other loony that makes exactly the same claim and cop out as you ?

A: More irrelevant questions. Tell me, of what practical use is anything that you just asked? How does it portain to your life in general?

3.) For one, I am far from a “loony”. And most “loonys” you see are disinfo agents, although some are loony. I have have no reason to do any of this if I did not genuinely want to help you. Take what you want from my statements and throw away the rest, because the only real lasting truth is one that comes from within.

Q: Okay, I thought my questions were legitimate, looks like I was incorrect. Or maybe you missed them?

Perhaps these questions would be of more use if answered.

What is your interpretation of 666?

What does the hexagon mean to you?

What are dreams?

How do we rise our consciousness?

Is 2012 a significant year? Specifically on the 21st of December?

What are the subjects that Hidden-Hand spoke falsely about?

Do you agree with most of what Hidden-Hand said?

Why would there be another opportunity now? Did not Hidden-Hand discuss everything that we need?

Could you give us more detail on your purpose?

A: If you posted these, I missed them, sorry.

Some of your questions are irrelevant, but I’ll answer them anyway.

2.) The Hexagon is a very sacred symbol and also symbol of Saturn. Infact the symbol is actually imbedded onto Saturn. It’s where the elders resign. If you actually pay attention and observe various religious structures/paintings you will find that the Hexagon is present in all major religions, it is not a coincidence.

3.) Dreams- First and foremost it is a place where your soul takes a rest from this realm. Also, it can be manifestation of something that you want in this world, something you dread, or a time of fun where “physical laws” do not apply (Lucid Dreaming)

4.) By finding the answers to these three questions: Who are you? Where are you at? Why are you here? Then living according to the answers of each. It is imperative that you actually live according to these answers, do not just figure them out and then ignore them.

5.) Do not concern yourself with 2012.

6.) Yes, but, again, he talked too much.

7.) More or less. I am not here to discuss “Hidden Hand” much look to my earlier answer for the answer to this question.

8.) I am here to point out what’s really important. There are many distractions and “Red herrings”.

Q: Cool. I love these “ask me anything” threads.

Can we just go on happily raising our families, living our lives and not be concerned with “everyone” trying to take everything in our own little worlds?

I don’t think I am here for any other purpose than to give me to everyone I know. To be a son, brother, daddy, husband. Eventually a grandpa. haha.
I am here and contribute positively to society, enforcing rules and laws to maintain some semblance of order, help people when I can.

If there is some form of “grand plan”, my main question is: Can people just go on living and loving without fear of being violated inhumanely…? haha.

Or, are we doomed from something else other than ourselves?

A: 1.) Do not get attached to material possessions.

2.) More or less, that is why you are here. Dig deeper though, you’ll figure it out

3.) Fear is counterproductive. Besides, there is no reason to fear, because nothing can truely harm what you are. “Physical Reality” is not all that there is. There are those who can eliminate the body, but the soul is eternal.

Ok, this was a very production session. I have to go now, I’ll be back tomorrow though.

You all have a nice day and a good night.
DAY 3:

Q: Listen…

This is real simple…you’ve come to this site claiming to be some bloodline and whatnot

Answer this and I promise I will listen with the most open of minds

How can we be sure you are who you say and not some hack or hoax?

Believe it or not that is very important to alot of us here. You can’t just say these things and expect us to take you seriously and if you do indeed have important answers well this is the only well to help your cause and ours. You want to spread your important messages then throw us a bone here, otherwise you’re nothing more than a hoaxer and your message will fall to a majority of deaf ears.

Also if you are such a bloodline and have such important news you’ve already gone behind your people’s backs by posting to us…why not come out into the open?

Sorry but as of now I think you are hoaxing

A: Interesting question, but what, in this world, can you really be sure of? If you are not aware, most of the stuff you have been taught by others throughout your whole lives is incorrect.

I have not went behind anyones back, I swore no oaths.

Q: So we finally get a little more from you, you know we are going to ask you, who is the supreme one you are talking of.

1) So in your opinion, who is this supreme one, is this what we call god?

2) Do you understand, your mission, or duty, by going through rituals, or through what we call path to enlightenment?

3) Do you mind if a board mod, takes your IP address, and tries to see what area of the world you are in? I know this may be too personal, but the board mods could do this.

On the thing about board negatives, its just that we get loads of these threads. Your not helping yourself or us, by being so cryptic, alot of us speak frankly, as anonymity on the net lets us. We will never know if any true insider comes here, but we can just see where this thread goes.

A: 1.) That depends, are you worshiping dead humans? And worship, in itself, is an unnecessary thing to do, being honestly grateful is good enough.

2.) It is possible to learn through those methods, but not necessary. You know everything you need to know about why you came here, all you have to do is look within.

3.) Do as you wish, it doesnt matter to me. The places where I am using a computer, like I stated before, are both public venues in a well populated city. If you seek to find me though, you only have 3 days left.

Q: No one can give you truth but yourself…

A: Not exactly. You can be told the truth by others, but it wont help you none. Infact it might actually hurt you. Its your job to find it on your own.

Q: What are the best ways to heal, both physical and emotional problems?

This does sound like hidden hand, but then again he was convincing after all was said and done.

Is what he said true? So we know not to ask the same questions.

What can we do on a day to day basis to help achieve what we are here to do?

A: 1.) Ok, Physical ailments have more to do with the Objective “World” than anything else. There is little you can do when something severe happens to your “body”, no matter how much you may “believe”. Example: Amputees. Most of these instances are designed to test the person whom it happens to. How will you react? Go into a pit of dispair and become resentful or continue on being content and accept what has happened? But relatively smaller problems are not design to test you at all and have solutions that can be solved by an “Objective” source, and by “Objective” I mean something that you would perceive to be apart from your “Inner” self. Example: You trip, fall and break an arm. What do you do? Wrap it in a cast an allow it to heal itself.

2.) As for Emotional problems, if you take note, most are caused by your choosing to react to a certain situation in a certain way. Think about it, who is in control of you? Who makes the decisions in your life?

3.) The core of what he said was true and that really is all you should be concerned with.

4.) Find out what you are, where you are, and why you came here. Then live according to the answers you find out.

Q: Dear Illuminator13, Thank you for offering help.
Here are my questions…

1. Our origins – are reptilians, Dracos and Annunaki our brothers and sisters?

2. Going with reincarnation – We each have a set of lessons to learn each on this planet – true/false?

3. Why is Law of One not right when it answers so many questions?

4. Is graduation from this world involve synchronization of a set of frequencies – what is the best way to achieve this?

5. Is there a guardian race(s) always watching over us?

6. Are we in a Vail of Forgetfulness? What is its purpose?

7. Are you part of an earth bloodline like Jewish / Aryan, etc?

8. If this is your only re-incarnation – you must be a “walk-in” right?

9. If it is not 2012, is there a window between 2012-2013 (summer solstice) or 2012-2017?

10. What are our options when it is time? (Stay with Earth, Move to higher dimension/ density)?

Thank you in advance

A: 1.) We are all one.

2.) True in a certain manner. You all have to go through the same lessons in each “lifetime”, even if you already mastered them. Ok, I’ll use this example: You are in a store, nobody is around and you really want the item you are looking at, only you don’t have any money left. Test: Will you steal to get what you want? Most people won’t but some will, why? Because their soul has not passed the lesson of theft and stealing. The ones who have passed are still tested with it but they pass easily, infact they don’t even feel the temptation that the person who hasn’t passed feels. Now, it is possible for a soul to learn all of the lessons on their first attempt. Doesn’t happen very often, but it has happened.

3.) When I tell you not to read any texts regarding spirituality, that is not to say that there arent any that will tell you what you need to know. Now, for most people who read texts like the Law of One, their soul will get the feeling that it is true, but it will be nowhere near the feeling that they would have if they were to figure out the core of the manner by themselves. Besides that you are less likely to believe, let alone truely follow, what you do not figure out for yourself. Although there are exceptions to this, there arent many.

4.) Do not be concerned with “graduating” from this world. It is a selfish concept in itself. Are you doing what you do because you want to, or because you feel you have to?

5.) Yes

6.) Yes and its purpose it to help you.

7.) It does not matter.

8.) Correct.

9.) Do not focus on things of that nature, its not why you are here.

10.) You have little choice in the matter. Once you get higher up, then you’ll be able to decide what you wish to do.

Q: What is the effect of emotion on reality?

Is reality simply a reflection of consciousness?

What is consciousness?

Is illness created from within?

A: 1.) Emotions are here to, I’ll say, enhance the quality of your time here. They are tools and its up to you to use them properly.

2.) “Individual” or “Universal”?

3.) Some are, some arent. Has to do with the “Objective World” and “Subjective World” I described earlier.

Q: alright, I’m gonna play…


First a personal question. Why did you choose the screen name you did? I know, it should be obvious, given the definition, but I’ve practiced quite a bit of magic. The reason people here thought you were referring to “Illuminati” bloodlines was, in fact, because your selected name implies that notion, much in the same way you ascertained that spelling was inconsequential because man was intelligent enough to know what you meant. Words and numbers have magic that relies heavily on just that notion, thus, if you are from the bloodlines, I assume you have some reason for the name you selected.

Second: What kind of things could you point out in history that (nonspecific bloodlines) have done that would, in your family’s eyes, be deemed as “Evil”? Evil is generally a very subjective word. What is the definition, from your perspective, of what is deemed “evil” and “good” ways? I mean, someone out there views mass genocide of the earth’s population as a necessary evil, while another may look at it as just evil, and yet another may see it as a good thing.

Hopefully I made my questions clear enough… it’s hard to convey a complete thought from mind to word.

A: Seems somebody dwells into the “occult”. There is a reason why I selected the name I did, it has significance, and the number too. What do you know about the number 13?

When I say “evil” I am referring to what other people call it. Hatred, War, Poverty, Lies, Racism, ect. These are generally regarded, in the opinion of the general public, as “evil”. And I, and others like me, dont think any of it is evil, just tools.

Q: Please don’t bother replying to people that are questioning the validity of this. I think we can all decide for ourselves what’s true and whats not.

1.-If we are to be inspired to find our purpose, what methods and direction should we be looking in?

2.- All of this alludes to “god” or whatever is considered to be “in charge of the game”, appointing various individuals into place either via duty, birth, or otherwise, to fulfill their roles in said game. How do these individuals take/understand what is their appropriate roles/duties? Does whomever is in charge of this game “speak orders”?

3.- Within your hierarchy, it’s been alluded to that again, this supreme being, has commanded specific rules that must be followed. Why are there rules, and why would knowledge have to be withheld from anyone?

A: 1.) Method- Contemplation. Direction- From inside your being.

2a.) For some it is passed down from generation to generation. For others, it is made clear in a few subtle ways.

2b.) Yes, but not in they way you think.

3.) The rules can be known by all who wish to, but only after a period of “enlightenment”. People know the rules subconciously, they just choose to disobey them.

Q: A. When you say Bloodlines – do you mean the one that was proven that all U.S. presidents except for one are all related to the same British King? Or are you talking about ET bloodlines?

B. What is the nature of Evil? Who does it serve and what is its ultimate purpose? Is it the lessons?

C. If you are identifying yourself as a benevolent (good, positive) being – do you realize that we must have evil and without evil we will never learn any lessons in life?

D. What will you gain for the information that you are sharing?

E. Can we as individuals bypass the evil bloodline and what they are imposing on the planet?

F. Can we change the destiny of what the “evil” has planned for us?

G. Does Bloodline relate to DNA activation? If so, do they have some special powers that we don’t?

A: A.) The ones you never here about.

B.) “Evil” does not exist in the big picture. Its purpose is to show you what you are not.

C.) Yes.

D.) Well besides finishing one of my tasks, I will gain the peace of mind knowing that I did all I could do to benifit the souls who were ready to receive what I was attempting to give them.

E.) To a certain extent yes. You know most of all the “negative” things that are being done, why do you actively participate in them? Example: You are aware of how fraudulent the banking systems are. Why do people continue to support them by having a bank account?

F.) “Good” and “Evil” work towards the same goal, just on the opposite ends of the spectrum, so the answer is no.

G.) No special powers are awarded for having a certain type of blood.

Q: Are we better off remaining calm until ‘said’ event(s)?

Preparations are needed, to what respect however?

A: 1.) Yes.

2.) If you want to do anything, moving nearer to the equator (Think south america) would be a good option. But really, what does it matter anyway? Do you think you are going to “live” forever? This is not your “Home”.

Q: I am not going to buy into this 100% yet. I do agree that the OP is keeping his answeres very vague. However, lets play for a second that this may very well be the real deal. Someone who has the know and the ability to answer our questions. So here goes OP. Here are my questions.

* When will our governments, (maybe the U.S. to be specific) disclose information that our planet has been visited by E.T. Just to clarify, I am looking for a date, but in the end I will only get what you are willing to give.*

*Are we, the human race and its governments, headed for another world war in the next say 10 years?*

That is all I have at the moment. Hopefully this is what you have stated in previous posts as, the right question. Thank you for your time!

A: I am not asking you to “buy” anything. Take what you want from what I am saying, discard the rest..but isnt that what you are going to do anyway?

1.) Most likely, never. Not only would it be counterproductive, but, believe it or not, the general population is not ready to come to terms with that knowledge.

2.) Nothing is written in stone, but I am reasonably positive that no “World Wars” will be happening anytime soon.

Q: [Posted on November 17, 2009. Time frame relevant to this question due to “alien exposure”, Wes Penre’s comment] Dear “illuminator”

Albiet while others are not so keen about a repeat ‘hidden hand’ post, i see this does serve me an opportunity to ask some questions which i never got to ask your associate.

First of all, are you part of the same embodiment (group) that stems from the ancient lucifer group, or quetzacotl, alternatively would it be possible you could provide more information on said group.

second, is the rumoured coming disclosure this month actually going to occur, i see this as a valid question because if anything if you are who you say you are no doubt you will have the same ‘access’ to information as your associate.

Third, why is the coming harvest necessary and what purpose does it serve to the reptilians, plus it was previously stated by HH that the harvest will propel humankind into the 4th dimension, if that is the case, how do you explain the fact that people are believing we’re headed to the 5th.

Finally, do you have any association with the Galactic Federation of Light whom are apparently nothing more than advanced-biomorphed reptiles.

A: 1.) No I am not of neither of those group souls, nor “Yahweh”. As for the more information part, of what practical use is it to you?

2.) No.

3.) It is necessary because those of you who are ready to “go to the next level” need to continue your journey. And not all of “humankind” will be going anywhere, infact most of you will be staying in this dimension. As for people believing they are going to the 5th, they are misinformed. Nobody skips a level.

4.) I am not associated with them, nor have I ever been contacted by them.

Q: Hello Illuminator. I appreciate you Taking the Time to Answer the less well thought out Questions that Some of my Brothers and Sisters ask. I would also like to Apologize for the Rudeness directed at you by some of the Less Enlightened. I don’t feel that they are entirely to Blame for their Skepticism though. As a People, we have been faced with far too many Lies to take anything at face value.

Now, as for my Questions, I will ask no more than 3three3 in a Single post In respect for the Power of Trinity.

1) Will Your Bloodline attempt to Lead my People into an Unnecessary War with Fatal Weapons instead of just a Lyrical Combat?

2) Can you Suggest a Method to better balance the “Seven Sins” with the “Seven Virtues” Spoken of in the New Testament?

3) Does the Faith of Many detract from the Faith of Few?

Thank you in advance for Answering my Questions and Any others you are Capable of Answering without Undue Risk. I must say, this Game, although sometimes Dangerous for those involved, is Truly fun to play.

A: 2.) Conciously choose to do the latter.

3.) That is the way it is designed, to “test” ones faith in oneself. Are you going to “follow the leader” or are you going to “be the leader”.

Q: Hidden Hand was genuine. I intuitively knew this. If you are who you say you are then I sincerely thank you for the opportunity granted once more. Some highly relevant questions regarding this end cycle.

What are you willing to reveal about the role of chemtrails?

Will the militaries of nations attempt to close borders/highways prior to Nibiru’s passage?

Should we prepare for mass power outages/disturbances betwen 2010-2012 as a result of solar activity?

Will the false flag ‘alien invasion’ be after the pole shift event to help usher in the new world order agenda?

Do you agree the Mayan End Cycle calendar really ends in 2011, not 2012?

I understand these are confronting questions and I hope you are within your bounds to disclose openly and honestly. I realise these events will prove highly relevant in the near future. Please ignore the negativity. It is to be expected unfortunantely. I am sure you are evolved enough to not take it personally.

Thanks in advance.

A: 1.) I’ll put it this way, they are not killing you and they do less damage than you think.

2.) It is possible, but most likely wont happen.

3.) Prepare, yes. Worry, no.

4.) Dont worry about that.

5.) No, and I would be more concerned about the things that are important.

Q: Ok.. I’m wondering about bipolar disorder, would you say that generally bipolar people are more creative than others? If so, why is that.

Bipolar disorder is thought of as being hereditary, is this correct?

What is the real cause, is there a spiritual link?
I’ve read somewhere that it might be something wrong spiritually, a fractured crown chakra or something like that?

Medicine for biplar disorder: is anything big pharma pushes good, or helpful for bipolar disorder, or is it as I suspect: real bad for you?

What about alternative treatments, is there something you could recommend?

Is it maybe just a nutritional problem?

I’ve been wondering this for a while too, is cannabis good for you as long as you don’t overconsume(too much of everything is bad)?

Do cannabis have any spiritual connection, or is it just an ordinary plant which happens to get you high?

Could I terminate my existance.. wouldn’t that be fair, couldn’t “God” give me that opportunity? Couldn’t he destroy me forever and ever?
Basically what I’m asking is:
Am I under a contract that I can’t break? Am I TRAPPED in existance?
In this miserable, utterly hopeless existance, this hell.

Couldn’t I just say: I’m done playing, I don’t want this, I don’t want this life, I don’t want an afterlife, I don’t wanna reincarnate, I don’t wanna move to another “density”.. I don’t wanna exist in any way, shape or form.
Wouldn’t that be my right if I wanted to, to not exist?

I’m pretty much done with this life already, been burned out for years.. this “game” is played out.. and my conscious self never signed no deal.
I want out.

I don’t see the purpose of this spiritual rat race anyway..

A: 1.) There are alot of people who are misdiagnosed with that “disease”. And why are the ones who truely “have it” more creative? The same reason that when a person loses his sight, his hearing becomes more keen. You lose something, but it is compensated for in another way.

2.) Ok, the best way I can put it, so that you might be able to understand it, is this: A “glitch” in the “game”. Same thing for people born with “Downsyndrome”.

3.) Almost all of it is “bad” in the general sense, but everyone is different. If you become more “stable” and experience little to no “side effects” then whatever you took is right for you, if not get a new medication.

4.) No alternative treatments that I would recommend, sorry.

I do not use “pot” and I would not recommend it to anyone.

7.) Just an ordinary plant.

8.) No. Learn your lessons and learn them now, taking your life will solve nothing. Life is “sacred”, charish yours.

9.) Just look at your mindset. Everything is as you see it because you choose to see it that way. Have you ever “looked on the bright side” of things? Be thankful for where your at, because there are many in far “worse” situations than you. Its not what happens to you that is the problem, its how you choose to react to it.

10.) No, thats not the way it works.

11.) This is not a “spiritual rat race”, take as long as you need.

Q: -1-
a) WHO ARE the “Bloodlines”? If you won’t give me names, tell me how they control the world.
b) Are they the rich business tycoons who we hardly know anything about?
c) Do they influence world events and have control of our political leaders?


By “duty” I mean it is a task bestowed by the Supreme One.
a) Who/What is the “Supreme One”? Is this a human entity?
b) If so, does he/she have a profession or title that we humans can relate to?

a) Why are we here? I am aware that you said you cannot tell us, because it would break a “law”. Fine, but can you tell us how we can find out?
b) Is our purpose to work in and support a hierachical society or infrastructure that only “Bloodlines” can see/understand? Metaphorically, like individual parts of a giant machine; or stones in a pyramid?

a) Why do we need “help” from the “Bloodlines”?
b) How are they “helping” us? Are they helping us by keeping us subservant to them and not asking ourselves important questions like why we are here?
c) What do they want from us? What do they want us to do?

a) Is the Swine Flu Pandemic/Mass Vaccination a form of biological warfare or control?
b) Is a method of population reduction?

a) Are there such things a Extra Terrestrials?
b) If so, what is their purpose?
c) Are the “Bloodlines” in contact with them? Is any other human organization, for that matter?

a) What is going to happen in October 2011?
b) Will there be a pole shift during (or beginning) in that point in time?

a) Is something going to happen in the near future that you are on this site preparing us for?
b) How much time do we have if that is in fact the case?

That’s all I have for now – my next set of questions will depend on your responses to this set. Take as much time you need in answering them, but please do respond to each and every one of them. I apologize if I have offended you in the first part of this post.

A: 1a.) By telling those who are publically in power what to do.
1b.) No.
1c.) Yes.

2a.) The one who not only created all that you preceive, but is also intertwined in its creation.
2b.) No it is not a human entity.

3a.) Look inside yourself, the answer is there.
3b.) No, nothing like that. You are not slaves (Contrary to what “Religion” may tell you).

4a.) If you didn’t have the help, you would never grow.
4b.) By showing you what you are not.
4c.) To see what you are. To “evolve”.

5a.) “Swine Flu” is pretty much in the same boat as “Bird Flu”, you do remember what “Bird Flu” was don’t you…hype.
5b.) There is no plan of population reduction and/or control.

6a.) If you mean beings that are not from this planet, yes.
6b.) Their purposes are different. They vary from “species” to “species”
6c.) Yes, to a certain extent. and to my knowledge no other “organization”, although it is fully possible.

7a&b.) Do not worry about the future.

8a.) Yes.

8b.) To answer that would be counterproductive, do not worry about “how much time” you may have.

Q: You have obviously assumed that english is OPs native language.
This puts you potentially at a disadvantage in the discussion.
A disadvantage that the OP has not taken advantage of.
Just an observation.

The fact that the OP whipped out 20 posts only supports his claims. If I were her for one purpose I would do the same I’m sure.

So far I see no grounds for any antagonistic posts to this thread or it’s OP.
I would remind everyone that this thread is the property of ATS
but it’s quality has been left in our hands. I’m no mod but some of
you are ridiculous.

1. Are you done answering questions.

2. The Vanderbuilts, what knowledge have you in terms of their influence
on the current world scene? Also I have heard of their lineage running
some how back to the Elites of the Maya and even the Olmecs. Can you speak to this in any way?

A: Statement: Good observation Shelock Homles lol

1.) I am done, at the lastest, on Friday…although it could be sooner.

2a.) They dont carry alot of influence as far as the “big picture” goes.

2b.) No I can’t, but don’t believe all that is said regarding people who can “Trace Lineages”.

Q: Here’s a question that shouldn’t break any of your laws:

The title of your thread is “Opportunity Knocks Again”. For something to have happened again, it has to have already happened once.

When did the first opportunity knock? Is this your second attempt at this type of thread or are you referring to someone else’s work on this subject?

A: Not a knock, the first time, but a window.

Q: If it is true that you have an answer that I myself do not have, then please answer this question Illuminator.

Does the Supreme One acknowledge me?

A: It acknowledges all.

Q: 1) What is the genetic significance of “The Bloodline?” Why are these genetics significant? For example…perhaps there is a gene that facilitates use of a body by discarnate entities. That might be significant because a person with such a gene could easily act as a host. What is the significance?

2) I am toying with the idea that I am sovereign within my own experience, and that others that I perceive within that experience are not “really” others, but rather, are self-created representations of others that might or might not bear any resemblance to the self-perceptions of those others.

2a) How accurate is this perception? How might it be clarified? For example, is the “I” that I perceive really an interference pattern of the self-perceptions of various consciousnesses? To what extent is experience shared? Is there anyone to share experience with? Please explain how the experience of consciousness relates to the experience of other consciousnesses.

2b) What are the implications and consequences of deliberate self-change to my experience? For example, “making use” of the representations of others? It seems as though there could be no possible “badness” in deliberate use of a self-created representation by a sovereign consciousness. Using others is really using self. It seems there need be no imposition upon the free will of those others, as my use of elements of my self-created experience need not interfere with the self-created experience of others. But it’s possible various consciousnesses may be in rapport, and may be experiencing a “collective” reality. Or, those others might simply be unaware of their sovereignty, or might not have sufficient awareness of the nature of their experience…and consequently, changes made by me to my experience might affect the experience of others. Please explain how this process functions.

2c) Assuming I desired to create an experience, and perhaps make it available to others who may choose to accept it, but not impose it upon them if they do not…how would I do so?

2d) How would one communicate directly with another consciousness rather than their representation?

Thank you.

A: 1.) Genetics have little to do with, “spirituality”. Only with ruling over this world.

2.) Well, I wouldnt do that if I were you because its not true. Also it borderlines a “psychiatric disease” called Schizophrenia. Although there are “Two Worlds” in this place, both are equal in their “existance”. Those you experience are apart the “Objective” World and that which you “think”, “believe” or “perceive” is apart of your “Inner” World. Both of these “worlds” interlock to create your “reality”.

2a.) If you polarize it into “black and white”, not very accurate at all. In this dimension, it doesnt relate a whole lot, but as you “go up the ladder”, everything becomes, One.

2b.) I cant and you wont find anyone that can. It will all “make sense” as you “work your way up the ladder of creation.”

2c.) It seems you want control. I cant, and wont give it to you.

2d.) You have to reach a certain point in your development, and have a VERY high level of concentration to channel your thoughts. Sound easy? If it was, everyone would be doing it.

Q: Originally posted by Illuminator13 : 2.) Think before you ask your question. I will only be here for a very brief period of time, so I suggest you ask only important questions. Use your Intelligence, Intuitiveness, Courtesy and Creativeness when asking a question. Use your mind and heart to break free from that box that you have been placed in.

1. What box might that be? (No matrix cleshes please)

You are assuming people you do not know are (metephorically) imprisoned. Thats a big assumption given there are 6 billion individual human beings on the planet each with their own unique perception of the world.

2. Who and what is the “supreme being”?

You said to someone “but you ask the wrong questions”.. (I love interview with a vampire!) .. but rather than getting us to pander to you and play 200 questions.. couldn’t you just save us some time and tell us the specific answers we need to know? The answers you have given so far are vague and cyptic and do not fulfill the opportunity you claimed to be offering.

A: That “Box” is where your “teachings” and “learnings” have brought you thus far. Conditioning, it works just as well on the mind as it does the body.

That is the end of my time today.

If you could please hold back on the questions, so I can catch up, it would be appreciated.

Take care.

DAY 4:

Q; You mean you’re here to help us in the same way that Hidden_Hand said he and his House are?

A: Ultimately, yes.

Q: Also, can you tell about magic? In this world of ours, where we are supposedly bound within rules, how does magic exist?

A: 1.) What I can tell you is that “Magic” does exist, but that does not mean that you should go meddling with it. You dont personally need it and it wont help you do what your here to do.

Q: Can you please tell me about the significance of dreams? Using dreams – can one get answers to a few questions we are seeking and become clearer of our individual purpose?

A: I already answered your first question in an earlier post, and dreams can make you more “clearer” of your purpose, but it is unecessary. You can figure that out while you are “awake” and let me make this perfectly clear: You, unconciously, know why you are here, but you just dont, conciously (for now atleast), “remember” what it is.

Q: What in your opinion is the best meditation technique to better know ones inner mind.Or is there something better than meditation that brings you closer to the source.I meditate alot and my temples contantly tingle ,can you tell me why?

A: I would say deep breathing and contemplating whatever thoughts you seem to be having trouble with “getting a grip” on. I wouldn’t use “Mantras” if I were you.

Q: According to you and your perspective, how does the development of our souls in this duality play affect you and yours in the development of your soul?

A: They don’t. I am here for a slighty different reason than you are. I got through this “phase” a long time ago, and though I had to “relive” the basic polarity complex that is this planet, I learned relatively quickly why I was here, and, so I am completing my mission.

Q: Which others do we need to show what/who they are?
Other developing souls in a 3D human incarnation.

A: 1.) Everyone you come into contact with.

2.) Yes.

Q: What steps need to be taken to further develop our souls on an individual basis?

A: Well the first thing you need to do is “go inside yourself” and get the answers to who you are and why you are here, then the rest should really take care of itself. If you show others what you/they are, both of you will develop. Why? Because you are One.

Q: If what you need to do is not done by Dec 2012, will you not have failed, or are you do be in this 3rd density for an unspecified time?

A: Ok, I don’t “need” to do anything. I am making the choice to do what I do, just as I made the choice to come here. I could just not do my duty and go sail around the world or something to that extent, not coming into contact with any of you and nothing negative would befall me, but the fact of the matter is that I want to be beneficial to you in any way that I can. Say if somehow we were actually to cross paths, I would be that person who holds the door open for you as I am leaving the store, gives you that extra money you forgot in your car while getting groceries or that person who taped the $1 to the Vending Machine with a note that says “save your money and have an awesome day!.”, ect. I am here to help you see what you are.

Q: About the “Why are we here,in your opinion?”..Doesn’t mean that I am looking to accept those answers. I only asked that question to try to gain insight into his perspective.

I believe in God,but I still don’t know why we are here! I can accept there are some things we may just not be able to know,and I’m okay with that! Truth is,I’d be very skeptical of anyone claiming to know…that doesn’t mean I’m not curious about the answers they would give!

A: I am not asking you to accept my answers. You have the answers inside of you; all you have to do is look. Once you figure out why you are here, it will become very obvious to you and in reality it is obvious. When searching for something it is easy to overlook that which has been right before your eyes the whole time.

Q; In your opinion, What is meant by higher self, if “a part”of us resides with the source then why do we send of a part of our soul to earth to learn all over again.

A: Because of the challenge and the desire to “prove oneself”. You are, in all acutality, “playing” a “game” with yourself and eventually you will win.

Q: how important is vegetarianism?

A: Ah, what a delightful question! It’s interesting because I knew, in my heart, that this question would be asked. For starters I am, in fact, a Strict Vegetarian. That being said, Vegetarianism is a relatively important part of the “game” but its main function is more so focused in the 4th Density (Compassion). The question: Can you show the same treatment to animals as you do yourselves?

First off, despite what you have been told, meat is not a natural substance to be used in “fueling” your “body”, why do you think you consistently deceive your taste buds with your different mix of spices and seasonings? And to continue, what would you, intuitively, rather eat, a freshly picked fruit or some freshly deceased road kill. There is a reason why your mind would choose one over the other and while we are on the subject, Cow’s Milk or Eggs are not to be consumed naturally either. Vegetarianism receives a “bad rep” for a reason, mostly by showing radical “PETA” members. Besides that, who do you think approved the “Food Guide Pyramid”? Sure the stuff you should be eating is nearer to the bottom of the pyramid, but which part of the pyramid do you draw your “main course” from?

If you research properly, you will see that some major “important” human philosophers, scientists, physicists, and the like, did not consume meat. There is a reason for that, most of it being ethical but do not mistake, it did help them accomplish what they did. But seriously, have you ever even thought to check where you meat comes from, how it is processed, and how those animals are really treated. Some of you would be shocked, but the less developed would adopt a “I don’t care” type of attitude.

That said, not being a Vegetarian doesn’t affect you much spiritually here, but it comes into play in the later “levels”. Physically and mentally are two different stories. Do your own research and you’ll see what I am talking about.

Q: Was the holocaust real in the way it is presented?

A: There are some discrepancies in the details, but overall yes.

Q: You say that you’re the good guy here to help, so if you’re the good guy who’s the bad guy?

A: There are no “Good guys” or “Bad guys”. Just beings playing the roll that they are assigned.

Q: Do you believe that we only reincarnate into the future, and not into the past. Can we in your opinion reincarnate into past(by our understanding of time in our 3d bodies now) bodies.

A: As far as I am aware of Time Travelers (Into the past) do not exist.

Q: Does your theory of reincarnation, need to follow what we perceive to be time, as going from past to what we think of our future?

A: In a certain respect, yes.

Q: What can we do to further the development of our souls?

A: Again, learn who you are, where you are, and why you are here.

Q: What is YOUR definition of a “Soul”?

A: In my “dictionary”:

Soul- An entity who is apart of the Supreme One, but for a time, is or has participated in the “Game of Creation”, no matter what role it plays.

Q: In Your Opinion, will I better achieve my Goals with Commonly Accepted Symbols of Power or Symbols that contain more Meaning to MYSELF?

A: Again there are issues afoot mostly regarding to what I have termed the “Objective World” and the “Inner World” but I would still definitely the latter…it really does depend of Which Symbols of Power you are refering to.

Q: Does a Majority of The Outer World (Terra) have to Forgive you or can You be Forgiven by A More Dominant Being?

A: All must forgive, that is non-negotiable. To pardon other is to pardon yourself. Unforgiveness is very selfish and anyone who neglects to forgive will be here until they learn otherwise.

Q: From what You Understand, Can I better Balance My Knowledge and Wisdom through a proper diet or am I More Tuned to my ‘Spirit’ through Fasting?

A: Proper eating habits will help you mentally and physically, but not much spiritually. And fasting is only perceived as helping you, mentally and physically, because you have stopped poisoning yourself.

Q: Is the Bible relevant to this discussion at all? I assume it is as much as you speak of free will. You say it has been altered, can you point us to the true Laws it contains?

A: Like I stated before, it is not in your best interest to look outside yourself for advice of a Spiritual nature. Even if you did find what you are looking for, you are less likely to put it into practice. Knowing is one this, but doing (more accurately: Being) is another story. To “Practice what you preach” is hard to do if you werent the one preaching. Leave the physical outer world, and go towards the spiritual inner world.

Q: Are you implying that those bloodlines are not reptilian?

A: Not only do I mean to imply that, I will state it directly: The Bloodline are not reptilian. Icke is going up the wrong tree.

Q: Can you post a brief explanation of your duties or work?

A: The only reason I am here is to help you see what you are.

Q: Do you work with world leaders?

A: I work directly with your kind in general on a more personal level. I drop clues to those who I come into contact with and ask me about my demeanor. I can be called a “counselor” of sorts. You’d know what I mean if we were to cross paths.

Q: So the hexagon shape on saturns pole is not a part of it’s composition?

A: No it is apart of its composition, but it is designed to be that way. The elders have been there for quite some time.

Q: OK a few more about Saturn.
Does it’s tilt at 27º mean that Saturn is in perfect balance?
If earth is at 23.5º does that mean that the earth is not in perfect balance? If so does that have any affect on the human condition?

A: The axial tilts of a planet have little to do with anything meaningful. And no, it does not have an effect on the human condition

Q: Are the elders human?

A: No.

Q: 3.Is this a relevant question?

A: No, but to answer the first to, being chipped is actual a reality but for pratical purposes only. Dont concern yourself with it though, if the time comes when you have to make the choice to “be chipped” or not (regardless of the consequences), simply do as you wish.

Q: I think its obnoxious to think that you know everything,

A: Wow I wasn’t going to respond to anymore posts of this sort but this is a very interesting statement indeed…but alas, I am genuinely confused so maybe you can “enlighten” me. When did I say, or even allude, to the idea that “I know everything”? Please tell me because I really would like to know.

You do have the right idea though, because anyone who would dare make such a statement is a liar and a hoax, but I did not and I am neither.

Q: So we should:

A) Fear the coming of 2012
B) Live in fear of the Swine Flu
C) Live in fear of Alien Invastion

And we should not:

A) Read anything which might help us understand our relation to our internal, spiritual universe.

This is what I’ve gathered from your posts so far.

A: Really? Because, except for that last part, I stated quite the opposite. And I believe explained why you should not do the last statement in an earlier response. What are you seeing now?

Q: I don’t really want to be Cryptic, but once you reach a Certain point in Life and Experience enough then You step into ‘it’ Big and join the Inside Circle of the Cosmic Joke. Kinda like a movie that I ‘Watched’ that came out a while ago. Anyway, I’m not going to Forsake my own Happiness and that of the Ones that I Love just to Directly Answer someones’ Question and Neither will the OP. Believe me I want nothing more than to share with Everyone my Intimate understanding of Karma’s workings, but Our ‘SoL’ R Binary and will only let me define what isn’t. I really Hope that helps.

A: Exactly.

Q: Originally posted by JacobTeDreamerIV. Ha! I know it seems suspicious, but In all Honesty I’ve been Lurking this Site for at least three years. I had another account that I created Sometime in March, but that was a Hectic time for me and I can’t Remember My Password, or the Email I used. You can look it up though. I think the Name was just “Dreammaker”. Besides, I like this Name better.

Don’t worry about it, i was only joking, i know about losing passwords and emails also. You did not have to explain anything to me, though. Its just that you both sound so in tune, if you know what i mean.

A: Pehaps there is a reason for that, hmmm…could it possibly be that we “know” something that you “don’t”?

Q: Are you still a part of the Luciferian Bloodline? If so, has there always been a positive faction or was the positive side introduced sometime recently? If you are not part of the Luciferian Bloodline, when was your bloodline introduced here on Earth?

A: I am not apart of “Lucifer”. There are a few like me on this planet, and we do not all have the same “Bloodline”.

Q: Reffering to the Hidden_Hand post.. he/she states during the coming Harvest there will be a three way split. The Negative will join Lucifer’s soul group in 4th density negative, who will (if anyone) accompany those going to 4th density positive,

A: There are already beings awaiting those who will be coming to 4th Density, and a few that will be coming to help out there also, so nobody will be needed to “accompany” anyone, although beings like me might decide to go along to.

Q: who will accompany the ‘lukewarms’ and provide them with the cataylst while they repeat the cycle?

A: Does it matter? You most likely won’t even notice the switch anyway.

Q: Is 2012 the correct year of Harvest?

A: Why are you concerned? Does it even matter?

Q: What kind of changes (physical and spiritual) can we expect to take place as we approach the coming Harvest? How soon will the physical changes (i.e., earthquakes, tsunamis, extreme weather) start to take place?

A: Well, as far as physcial goes, you’ll see some dramatic climate changes, raging storms, ect. basically what you are hearing about not only 5-10x worse.

How soon? It really is of little value to you. Do not be concerned about that which is happening around you, work on yourself.

Q: What will happen to my cats during the upcomming harvest? do they graduate to a 4th density cycle (kitty heaven or kitty hell)?

A: That’s a funny question but they will stay here. There will be animals in 4th Density though if thats what you wish to know.

Q: What is the significance of the number 13? More specifically, 12 + 1.

A: Hmm interesting, I didn’t expect “you people” to know anything about the role numbers play…why do you want to know? Are you planning on performing a ritual?

Q: Why does there need to be a bad guy?

A: In reality: There is no “Bad guy”

But perception wise, well they show you what you arent, as opposed to what you are.

Q: And isn’t good guy / bad guy extremely subjective?

A: Yes.

With that last question answered, that is the end of my time today.

I’ll be back tomorrow..thank you all your your productive questions.

Good Night.
DAY 5:

ILLUMINATOR13 COMMENT: I was looking through the beginning of this thread, to see if I missed any questions, and I have made a grave mistake that needs to be corrected.

It would seem that I misinterpreted a question at the beginning of this discourse and there is a reason for my mistake and now I completely understand why I recieved the reaction I did a few days ago.

Here is the question and my subsequent response:

Originally posted by InertiaZero
reply to post by Illuminator13

You say that most of the subjects here are “nonsense”.

Which subjects hold merit?

All the ones that portain to “Alien Invasion”, “2012 Apocalypse”, “Swine Flu” and the like. Most others are completely irrelavent to your lives personally.

Now, what needs to be understood is that I am reading and answering these questions as fast as possible. When I saw this question I read what I had wrote and somehow assumed that the asker was asking me to elaborate on the subjects I believed were “nonsense”. I blazed through that question and while reading the question I, in some twisted way, added the word “dont” before hold. I accept the fact that a mistake was made, and it most likely has had a negative effect on this discourse. A few members of this site have pointed that out in some of their statements, which I ignored for the fact that I know I would never knowingly give that answer to a question of that nature, because it wouldnt be true. Those who oppose that statement from the onset are wise, because if I did infact support that view, I would be a “hoax” and a “fraud”. Those who have continued onward in this discourse can be sure, from my answers, that this is not the case. If I could go back and “edit” what I stated I would, and I would put this explaination there too, but I cannot. As I have said throughout my messages here, and I will state it again for certainty: Do not worry about the beforementioned topics that I stated. They are of no use to you, at this point in time, and hold no relevance to your lives personally.

Now, that said, I will answer that question again, and right:

Which subjects hold merit?

Only the ones that hold a practical value, not theoretical. If it promotes Fear, Terror, or “doom” do not promote it or even believe it. This “World” was not meant to “end” the way most are describing.

Now, I will continue to answer the questions.

Q: Let’s say a farmer plants a crop of corn, waters it and cares for it for a season, then rips the resultant corn from the stalk and eats it. From the perspective of the corn, is the farmer a good guy or a bad guy?

Though I’ll grant that I hope this is not a good analogy for our particular situation.

A: No it wasnt a good analogy, but is was a pretty funny concept.

First off Corn does not have a “perspective”. Its sole purpose is to be used as “fuel” in the “body” of whatever eats it. While it is “conscious” to a certain degree, it is nothing like the “conscious” you, or I, experience. Think of it like this, in a modern day video game, more specifically an RPG; there are certain items in place whose sole purpose is to benefit the “Character” or “Player” of the game. Say if, while playing the said RPG, you acquire a baseball bat, and you use it on an “enemy” and it breaks in two. Does that mean the person who broke the bat is “bad”? No, because the baseball bats sole purpose was to be used in the “game” to benefit the player, so really there is no harm done here. There is a good reason why fruits and vegetables do not have Central Nervous Systems, Nerve Endings, or a Brain. While it was not happened to me personally, I am relatively sure that that being eaten “alive” is not a peaceful or pleasant occurrence, hence the reason why certain things are lacking in certain areas of their existance…and you would be surprise to know how closely our “reality” resembles modern day video games.

Q: I wondered about the soul status of animals also. Where do they fit in?

A: They are “conscious” to an extent, some more than others, but arent here for the same reason you are.

They are here to act as an early Catalyst, if you want to develop your Compassion before the 4th Density. Why do you think people get so upset when the see a suffering animal? Compassion.

Now to mention, if you look beyond the prisons called “Zoo’s”, most are pretty awesome looking and acting.

Q: That may be, but if it’s truly our choice, then couldn’t we choose to not have a bad guy?

A: Of course you can, and it is highly recommended that you dont try to be a “Bad Guy”, its counterproductive to why you are here and will ensure you being here for quite a long time.

P.S.: all of my edits are for spelling purposes only. I have seen that “you people” place high emphisis on spelling, but it is not possible for me to answer as fast as possible without suffering some spelling errors, as I am sure you make the same mistakes. The thoughts come as fast as I am typing them. Sorry for any misspellings.

Q: What is your thought about planning and not caring?

A: Planning and caring are one thing, incessant preoccupation and worring is another. You do realise that these things will happen regardless of what you “plan” right? Even so, the fact still remains that the things which you are worrying about have not even come to fruitation and you have more important things to be doing at the moment. I suggest, yet again, instead of focusing on the “Objective (“Outter”) World” you should put more emphasis and work into your “Subjective (“Inner”) World”.

Q: Should we plan and make sure the plan follows or should we just go with the flow and not worry about a thing?

A: Definitely the latter.

Q: Have we made a plan before we were born?

A: Yes but, as you surely realise, plans never work out as planned. Especially when you “forget” the plan once you have gotten to your destination.

Q: Are there “pre-programmed” occurrences that push us towards the accomplishment of this plan?

A: Yes. But you, as a general population, don’t pay enough attention to them.

Q: Is there such a thing as failing or not meeting our full potential while we exist as what we are now?

A: Yes. It happens all the time, but you dont need to meet your “full potential” to “pass this level”, and most won’t meet that potential anyway.

Q: What do you think about randomness?

A: If everything that you did or that happened to you was “preplanned”, you wouldn’t have much choice in the matter now would you?

Q: How do you equate the relation between free will and determinism?

A; A false philosophical concept taught to the less developed. There is a reason why I have repeatedly told you people not to go to outside sources for information of this sort. Once the wrong information is engrained at a “Subconscious” level, its pretty much “game over”, atleast this time…until the “restart” button is pressed.

Q; Forgive me, my friend if i sound naive but should we as a species be living in accordance with the universal laws?

A: What an important question, but it will never happen. If you did, there would be “World Peace” and thats not what this place was designed for. There is a reason why all “World Peace” demostrations, arguments and declarations fall on deaf ears.

Q: Do we have an expiration date set for the vessel that we are currently utilizing?

A: Not a “set” date, but if it wasnt already completely obvious, it will happen eventually, “immortals”, in a physical 3rd Density sense, dont exist. And Comte de Saint-Germain did not live as long as his followers believe, although he was an interesting character.

Q: Can Karma be zeroed out various times in one life time?

A: No, you will have to “do your time”.

Q: What is the purpose of Karma?

A: Not its original name, but it Balances and is used as a guideline of how much “punishment” you receive if you break the Laws.

Q: Does Karma imply the existence of a higher or absolute morality?

A: What do you think?

Q: If you see the future, how should you act to make it happen

A: Ok, “seeing the future” is a concept that is grossly misinterpreted and this is where many “Prophets” fail. This Galaxy runs on a “Cyclical”, rather than “Linear”, “schedule”, just to put that out there. To predict “Linear” time would be all but impossible, because it would follow in a straight line and not repeat therefore allowing for a infinite number of occurrences to happen from one moment to the next, basically why Quantum Mechanics would be right…if the time we ran on WAS Linear, but its not. Now, if the knowledge of a “Cyclical Cycle” is passed down, it is possible to make extremely good “educated guesses” as regarding what is going to happen. Not perfect by any means, but still relatively accurate. If you are not educated in the real nature of this Galaxies “Time table” do not attempt to make guesses and go public, you will most likely be wrong and be made a fool of.

Q: What would you say about one that is choiceless?

A: No, but some would love for you to believe that. You know you have a choice, even if other tell you that you do not. Who do you place your trust in, yourself or others?

Q: Is error limited to the human experience?

A: No. You’d be suprised at how many mistakes others make, even me I made one with a eariler question but it was corrected, especially animals..example: Roadkill.

Q: What do you think of David Icke?

A: A tool being used. Passing along a message of fear, paranoia, distrust, and disrespect. Not to mention those “dreadful” reptilians that some believe exist and run this planet. But, he really does think he’s “spreading the truth”, although that is FAR from the truth.

Q: Whats the purpose of development?

A: Elaborate, that question is too general for me to answer without doing a bad thing.

Q: Is there an end to development?

A: Yes, to a certain extent.

Q: Do you see capitalism being maintaned for many life times on Earth? Do you know about any other political-economical systems which have not yet been explored by humans in a social or ideological sense? If so, could you give details about such system(s)?

A: All of these are pretty irrelavent, as you are in no position to capitalize on anything that would be answered here. Its of no practical use to you at all.

Q: What do you think about a one world government?

A: Don’t fear that which you do not understand.

Q: Do you reckon that descentralization of power (in a political sense) on Earth will be a commonality soon?

A: Yes

Q: Will you now stay longer to answer the questions in the queue,no offence to the people that had there questions answered straight away but there a plenty still waiting for ansers

A: No. I can only be here until Tomorrow then it is done, sorry. I will attempt, tomorrow, to only answer the most “cause-furthering” questions and skip all the rest. You people are good question askers, a very insightful bunch..

Q: How can I make the best of this experiential opportunity? What is the BIG tip that you would give to improve our experience here (besides knowing and acting upon who we are, where we are and why we are here)?

A: I’ll put it like this, and its very simple: Always attempt to do the “right thing”. Don’t come back with some “Oh what’s the right thing!?!?”, Why? because you know what it is.

Q: What technique or method you would suggest for us to figure out all that we need to know?

A: Listen to your “Inner Voice”.

Q: Is there anything that we can possibly lose?

A: I wouldnt say that directly but, in a way, yes.

Q: How can I tell what is me and what is not me?

A: You have to figure that one out for yourself, once you di find out, you’ll see how simple it was the whole time.

Q: What makes existence manifest itself?

A: The Power of Thought.

Q: What is the first cause?

A: The Supreme One wishing to experience itself.

Q: Whats better than water?

A: Freedom.

Q: What is the one book that you would take to a deserted island?

A: Easy, The Rules of Life by Richard Templar.

Q: Who is the greatest personality that ever put his feet on Earth?

A: No individual should ever be placed above the whole.

Q: 1. Is there an uncertain outcome for the future?

A: Ultimately, no.

Q: Is the prime determinant in any outcome up to us? Our individual personal power?

A: Ultimately yes and yes.

Q: Is this bloodline you speak of the most current planetary origins, older or alternate or augmented/engineered biology?

A: Depends…what planet are you talking about?

Q: Is this bloodline actually capable of exacting their desires, plans or destiny?

A: Yes.

Q: Do they have sufficient ability to overtake our own species/ bloodlines largely unrecognized abilities and qualities. (Homoluminous included)

A: The plan is not to “overtake” anything. I hope your not tuning into that Icke guy or the Laura Knight-Jadczyk character.

Q: What are our best abilities to focus on in determining our futures.

A: Making choices.

Q: Why does the world seem to have got real crazy in the last decade or so?

A: It’s always been “crazy”, you just havent been around in enough time periods to notice.

Q: Why do you assume we’re all boxed in?

A: I was speaking not so much in the individual sense, but generally speaking. Almost all the “World” is in the “Box” that I mentioned, some more than others. Although there are a few “awake” people around, there are far less than has been claimed.

Q: Does Obama play apart in your plans?

A: The same part that all the other puppets play. Its funny how alot of “Conspiracy Theorists” make the claim that the current leader is trying to “Rule the world” or is the “Anti-Christ”, but when that said leaders time is up and they leave office what do they do next? They just slap the same old label on the new puppet, not aware of whats really going on. The Bloodline has been in power for thousands of years, yet it always seems to be the current Leader/Figure who is the “Bad Guy”, but thats done on purpose of course…Hmmm, I think I’ll give you a good hint for those of you who think the president makes all of the decisions alone, do you even know the names of the people on his cabinet?

Q: Can we as human beings of the planet Earth claim it as ours?

A: Claim whatever you like, but that won’t make it true,

Q: In light of your question to us, will Biden become president within the next year?

A: He will if Obama is assassinated, and people are planning on making attempts, but that probably isnt going to happen within the next year, if ever. And I sure hope it doesnt, he is a good hypnotist.

Q: Do our souls travel from planet to planet gaining strength and knowledge until we reach our ultimate goal of ruler of the universe?

A: No, as far as I know of, you stay where you are to accomplish the tasks that you are here to do.

Q: How do we free ourselves from space time?

A: “Win” the “Game”.

Q: When you die do you remember your loved ones or does it all go away?

A: A part of you always does, but you consciously forget when you come back (assuming you have not “beat the level”).

Q: Are you and your “family” just a bunch of crazy psychopaths with tons of money, planting all these horrendous conspiracy theories about yourself so that once sheeple wake from their stupor they fall into paranoia?

A: No. Most people do it to themselves by listening to outside sources and they never really “awake” from their “stupor”, they mearly “change positions” in their “sleep”. It’s a condition that is no better, but could arguably be worse, than the position they originally were in.

Q: You said you hope it doesn’t because he is a good hypnotist, what is your interest or agenda here?

A: He is a good hypnotist and I do not wish “death” upon anyone on this earth. I am here to help you.

Q: What is the significance of the “yuga” that are mentioned Hindu philosophy??? How do they tie in with the so called “Harvest mentioned on a few places on this site?

A: It runs along the same lines of all “End time senarios”. Most people in the western hemisphere associate, what is happening, with their respective religions. The truth is contained within Sacred Texts, as within yourself, but in the case of the texts it is hidden in a forest

of darkness while inside yourself, you hide it from yourself (with a little Catalyst help of course.)

Q: ome Buddhism from you, Illuminator13? Interesting!

A: uddhism is corrupted, and I wouldnt accept any promoted “Religion” or “Dogma”. Its all been tampered, if not outrightly created, by the Bloodline.

Q: Does our(soul’s) future depend on ourselves(individually) or collectively on humanity?

A: Right now, Individually. Collectiveness, or Oneness, will occur later.

Q: would we keep coming back on the Earth through reincarnations till entire humanity reaches a certain level spiritually or would the individual’s cycle stop and move on as soon as the individual gathers and understands everything he/she had predetermined to go through?

A: The latter.

Q: if you are here to help, why not tell us all you can without crossing those boundaries which you are scared (sorry might not be the right word) of.

A: I have been and I am not “scared” of any boundaries, I do respect and honor them. There is a big difference between ahereing to something because you are scared of it and ahereing to the same thing because you respect and honor it. Its the main reason why children who get “beat” for doing wrong continue to do so. Besides I fear nothing, because there is nothing to be feared.

Q: So H Hand was Bloodline, and you are a walk in, can you explain the circumstances around your walk in?

A: To help you see what you are through my actions.

Q: How does one measure spiritual understanding of these concepts you write about?

A: Take what resonates, discard the rest.

Q: As a walk in are you limited by the shell you walked into?

A: Physically, yes.

Q: what happens or happened to the one you replaced?

A: Ok I think I understand what you are asking so let me make things clear and simple: Beyond 5th Density you dont have to have a “body” if you dont want to, but it is an option. I was a spirit who took the task to come here and help you out. although I could be likened to most of those who dwell here, I “woke up” rather quickly and have been doing my task every since.

Q: Is karma fair and created by the Supreme Creator, or is it the creation of a lesser (neutral or evil) god?

A: There is nothing unfair about Karma, you get what you put out. You can take responsibility for what you did and recieved or you can play the “Why does this always happen to me?” victim role.

Q: If we are bound by the laws of karma and reincarnation, how can it be fair when people are kept in the dark about it for lifetimes, and believe they never have to pay for anything they can get away with in this life?

A: Because they dont seek understand and then they dont “level up” so in their next life they are repaid for what they did and they cry “poor me”, but they can choose to make things better by doing what that are here to do.

Q: And when we are programmed with an instinctual nature which compels us to create bad karma for ourselves (plus the negative influence of our culture)?

A: Your not, but you are conditioned to believe so. And they “negative influences” are there to show you what you are not.

Q: How important is the power of visualization and intent?

A: Most will never be able to make Physical Visualization Manifestations here, if thats you you are asking, so the power is relatively unimportant.

Intent is imperative and there is no reason, not matter what you do, what happened to you and how you feel, to habor a negative intent towards anyone or anything. Sure, accidents do happen and they do harm your record, but they are less damaging if you meant well and did not preplan whatever you did.,

Q: Originally posted by Illuminator13: Buddhism is corrupted, and I wouldnt accept any promoted “Religion” or “Dogma”. Its all been tampered, if not outrightly created, by the Bloodline.

Corrupted or not it often says exactly what you’ve just said, “outrightly” created by “the bloodline” or not. Correct? And, fellow observer; belief in reincarnation or the cessation of the cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth due to enlightenment is a dogma, no matter if it’s you, an organised religion, or a silent conglomeration of 13 foot desert cactuses saying it

A: For the most part. And I meant Dogma in the sense of a group or “congregation” type of agreeance, as in a group of people coming together to organize what is “right” and “wrong”.. think Council of Nicea.

Q: Is this why we are only required to settle 51% of our karmic debts?

A: Because that, in itself, is hard enough to do. This “game” is supposed to be difficult, but not impossible.

Q: Is the only way out of our karma to ascend, or can we choose another path, and can a higher spiritual being choose to take on our karmic debts for us?

A: As far as I know, bettering yourself and making better choices is the only way. And no “higher spiritual being” would choose to relieve you of your debts, you have to take responsibility.

Q: Assuming that you are familiar with the concept of the WANDERERS, are there any examples of sixth density negatively polarized wanderers in our historical past, considering ours to be a third density world?

A: To an extent, yes. And not that I am aware of.

Q: What is the best way to recover from severe depression, to the point where the person can’t even feel most feelings anymore?

A: Simply choose to look on the “brighter side” of things. Do allow negativity to become your primary mode of operation, be grateful for your life, and figure out why you are here.

Q: I take it that you don’t want to answer my question, or have you missed it by a chance? <– now is that an question?

My original question was not really about what you like about the person of his, but rather the message.

A: I am either not that far into the questions yet or I missed it.

I have seen some of Krishnamurti’s works, interesting in a philosophical way. I am not going to say he is ‘barking up the wrong tree” but figuring things out for yourself is a better route to go.

Q: What is in store for humanity?

A: Nothing to be afraid of, regardless of what others tell you.

Q: I’ve invested a lot of what I am into loving and living for my family in this “reality”, as that is what makes me happiest. Can I stay attached to their souls? As I dig them quite a bit.

A: Of course you can. Emotion is here for a reason, if you werent supposed to care or love people on this planet, the emotion would be here.

Q: When passing on spritual info to friends that I find truthful and interesting am I breaking A law and will it have karmic influence on me and them

A: It all depends on how much you have told them. They have to learn on their own and they will, in their own time. Keep it simple and dont go into detail. If your seen a “Cryptic” or “Evasive” then it is good (Like me earlier in this thread basically) because you know why you do what you do. If they want detail, I would tell them to go beyond the superficial into their “Inner World.”

Q: Would you consider earth more boarding school as oposed to a prison

A: This place can be seen as 3 different things in 3 different respects.

A Prison because you are not free to leave unless you “do your time” in a manner of speaking. This is generally what the “lesser developed” see it as, because they see all the negativity and they know they can’t “Exit the Matrix” like in the movies.

A School because well…what are schools for?

A Game because if you look closely..well you’ll get the picture. The Bloodlines go along this path, because they are on the “up and up” and they know who they arem what they are here to do, why they are here to do it. So, while your at it, why not have “fun” with it?

Ok, time up for today.

Tomorrow will be the last day I can answer questions, so I will answer those which I deem to be of, more or less, importance.

Have a good afternoon and night.

DAY 6:

ILLUMINATOR13 STATEMENT: I Wish To Light Up The Darkness That Surrounds Their Being, Supreme 1

Q: I know for a fact that some of the replies posted on this thread are untruths.

Some of the things said can be picked up from anywhere, just read a few posts on some of the threads on ATS and you get the general idea…any fool could purport to being an illuminati / informed being / spiritual being in human guise or anything else for that matter.

Furthermore though there are some powerful bloodlines, they aren’t the deciders, just slightly higher up puppets on the puppet scale..they too are shielded from the most sacred knowledge and power.

This OP really and truly appears to be an attempt at deceipt to those willing to listen and it very much reminds me of a forum once where some of the posters were so egotistical and couldn’t stand their posts being disagreed (probably a medical condition) that they used their ISP multiple email address / screen name facility to the max and were found to be posting to themselves with self appreciating remarks pertaining to be from some other poster…the entire charade was a totally fictional egofest and this looks entirely the same.

One would presume posters on ATS would be more wary of such pretence given the nature of conspiracy theories and the fact that most are / should be looking for reality in very real terms.

A: I really do not have time for this verbal swordfight, but it would seem that I must.

First Statement: What an interesting sentence, one that anyone who disagrees with my message could say by the way. But the interesting part about it is the fact that you made that statement, but did not provide any examples to support it. One would think that if you truly believed in what you said, you would have at least given one example and an explanation as to why it is an “untruth”…especially on my last day here…interesting, but you are still open to provide an example, before my last post, so I can look at it, but I am sure you wont.

Second Statement: Again, you make statements but provide no examples as to why it is the case. Do you have a “hidden” agenda here? No, I believe it is pretty much out in the open.

Third Statement: You are correct, there are some powerful Bloodlines, who are not the “deciders” (to use your term), I could have told you that though.

Fourth Statement: Again you are shifting the conversation to these vague “other threads”. You are subtlety implying that I am doing exactly what the “stated” (even though it was not) threads OP did. Now, I have stated that I was using two ISP addresses, and the moderators surely know, and I have no need for multiple accounts, which they would know if I had any. I am in full control of my “ego” but I seriously doubt you are.

Fifth Statement: You are clearly attempting to persuade the readers into your non-productive line of thinking by indirectly stating that if they do not agree with what you are saying they are not “wary of such pretence given the nature of conspiracy theories and the fact that most are / should be looking for reality in very real terms.” Do you put out propaganda for a living? Perhaps U.S. Army Psychological Operations (PsyOps)?

Q: You mentioned the supreme one before. (Again) Who and/or what is the supreme one?

2nd line.

A: The One who created this “game” and the One who you will be returning to once you complete it.

Q: How would a person know that they have accomplished all their lessons for this cycle?

A: You wouldnt know until after you “died” or until the Great Harvest comes.

Q: i) After you’re gone, this great information ceases. We understand about seeking within for the answers. But is there any books, information that would provide us more information? Where should we look?

A: There are some, but I would really rather tell you to look to your “Inner” self for guidence. Many call it your “conscience”

Q: Is sex, self gratification and thoughts on this subject a hindrance to our spiritual growth?

A: Not if you do not overindulge, let it take over your life, or allow it to dictate your choices. Use temperance.

Q: Did we have a choice to come to this prison planet (veil of forgetfulness)? Is this a privileged place to be? If not, what horrible things did we do to get here?

A: I would not call it a prison. You chose to come here, to develop yourself. You did no “horrible things”

Q: How many dimensions and densities are there?

A: There are Octaves. If you complete this one you can either, be reunited with the Supreme One or go on the the next adventure, or Octave.

Q: Will suicides be punished in any other way than just losing one incarnation?

A: All Im going to say is that life is “Sacred”. Never “take yourself out of the game”

Q: Is helping others in their spiritual growth important to our growth?

A: Helping others in general is important.

Q: Are we all alien souls from different planets who chose to represent and take back our lessons to them or are we taking it back to the source?

A: No.

Q: Has Military (or elite) time traveled using alien technology to our past and changed the course of history to their own benefit?

A: Not to say they havent toyed with the idea, but the answer is no.

Q: Will 4th dimension have a concept of time?

A: If you mean time as in how you precieve it to be now, then no.

Q: Also, do you recruit?

A: No. There is nothing for me to recruit for, I have no intention on becoming some “Idolized” guru.

Q: So if we are being warned about an upcoming ascension to a new dimension or w/e, they are leaving out the fact you must die to atain this

A: That is exactly what “Heavens Gate” thought, you witness what became of that. No, dying is not necessary if you go in the Harvest.

Q: Q1) When we re-incarnate, do we have a choice on the lessons?

A: Yes, but as I stated before, you will be, more or less, “challenged” by the other lessons as well.

Q: How can I contact beings smarter than myself to assist me?

A: Don’t.

Q: Is it counter productive if I try to find out through past life hypnosis? Will I be just creating some fiction in my mind?

A: Yes. And I can’t be positive about that because the hypnotist could also create “false memories”.

Q: Are there IntraTerrestrials underground (Reptilian / Draconian) – Are we food to them?

A:  No you are not food to them.

Q: I’m doing my best to eliminate any negative actions towards others. Not because I’m afraid of a God or Hell, but simply because It’s the right thing to do and the right path towards a better life for the poeple surrounding me.

A: Im sorry, I’m moving fast. But if you really think and follow that last statement, then you are doing fine.

Q: Is it logical to assume that a human living on earth during this time has been reincarnating as a human onto earth for quite a while now because he/she has still not learned the lessons necessary to ascend to a fourth density?

A: Yes.

Q: If “thought” is “creation”, and this creation affects every aspect of our reality, then is it possible that a vast amount of like-minded souls could change the present reality as we know it?

A: Possible, yes.

Q: If this body is what holds us, is there a way to transcend it?

A: Not if you havent figured out and live according to the lessons you were supposed to learn.

Q: Check your messages before you leave big guy!

A: I don’t think I’ll have time for that, but if I do I will.

Q: ATS was created for people already thinking outside the box.

A: No, they just got outside of “One” box, so to speak. I am sure most of them are still in a “Box”.

Q: I also want to know, can one repair upon past negative actions in this lifetime? Is self judgment and repent enough? For example, every time I stole, I add to the tally X amount of lifetimes.

A: In sense, no. You will have to pay for what you did to work off the “negative karma”. But do not continue to make the same mistakes.

Q: When does the polarity dilema end? When we reunite with the source?

A: As you “move up” polarity plays less and less a role. And when you “beat the game”.

Q: I just read a thread by hidden-hand and it looks practically the same and probably the same person.

I get the feeling this person really yearns power and craves elitist status.

Anyone who knows masonic law for example would know that it’s a hoax and those further up will know for certain that ‘the Creator’ hasn’t authorised such a blatant attempt at misleading well meaning truth seekers on the path to enlightenment.

There are truths which most people know in some of these replies though unlike hidden_hand ”there will be a new currency in end of 2008 /early 2009” prediction is being more vague.

Wonder if hidden_hand / OP still has an opinion on whether San Francisco and Damascus will still exist in 2010, which is in about 6 weeks…hidden_hand doesn’t think so!

A: 1.) I am not “Hidden Hand”.

2.) That just goes to show how misguided your “feelings’ are. I want neither of those things.

3.) Really? Are you a Mason? What degree? Have you no respect, why did you not capitalize Masonic Law?

4&5.) Apparently you don’t “know” as much as you think you do, or you would have realized predicting the future 100% is not possible. While nobody should attempt to “predict” the future at all, if you know the true nature of this Galaxies time, it is possible to give a more or less accurate snapshot of whats going to happen, but not the exact dates. He was going off his own knowledge and maybe if he was “higher up” he could have given you the predictions you obviously were looking for and desire, but he was not.

“theabsolutetruth” your truth is far from “absolute” and your username name is not only pretty arrogant, it implys something about your true nature. You say I yearn for “Power” and crave “Elite Status”, but are you really telling the truth? Maybe its “Power” and “Elite Status” that you desire, but, and I am glad for this, you are not going to achieve it.

Now I have had enough of this verbal swordsmanship and I wont be replying to any other posts from you, unless its the one about your lack of examples. Have a good day, sir.

Q: When I meditate I call my “dead” father and daughter and get a HUGE energy wave come through me and my skin is “on fire” and an overwhelming feeling of love.Can you tell me what is happeneing pls,is it them ,is it my higherself or is it something else alltogether.

Many thanks

A: That could be dangerous. I would try to make contact with the “dead”. While it is a possiblity you reached them, it is more likely your message was “intercepted”. I cannot be certain, but it is what most likely happened.

Q: Illuminator, are you part of the group that H_H speaks of? Are there many groups? (Does it even matter)? Care to elaborate on anything else he said? It seems in line with what you have been saying so far.

A: 1.) No, but I am in contact with them.

2.) Yes.

3.) No.

Q: if when we graduate up densities, and we become a group soul, does that mean we will lose our conciousness as a single being?

A: If you concentrate, yes.

Q: What do you know about Supreme master ching hai, and the quan yin method

A: I have not heard of those.

Q: regarding diet:

i) Is Genetically Modified Food (GMO) as bad as meat.
ii) Sugars

do the above hinder or block us in our spiritual growth?

A: No, but it does hinder you physically and mentally.

Q: H_H talked about the “Great Harvest” coming soon. Is this the only time we “souls” are able to “move up the ladder” or is it possible after every death?

A: No, but if you miss the Harvest it will be “harder”.

Q: i would love to believe the op but i have some trust issues but i will take in what u have said but im going to keep a open mind about it

A: I am not asking to be believed, and for the matter, I do not want to be blindly believed. Take what you want from my messages and discard the rest.

Q: I get the feeling that our bodies are like a space capsule. We see with our eyes (camera’s that feed our soul information). We hear with our ears (microphones that feed our soul information). We touch with our hands and such (probes that feed our soul information). Ultimately we are not actually “experiencing” any of these “senses” first hand. Is this right or am I way off base?

A: Interesting. There is a “delay” between information sent and recieved by the mind and the body. Look it up and you’ll know what I mean.

Q: What about your demeanor is remarkable to our kind?

A: Well, I don’t experience the “wide range” or “extremes” of emotion that you do. I am pretty much on the positive side all the time. I have never felt “Anger”, “Hatred”, “Rage”, “Dispair”, “depression” or any sort of “bad” intend to be inflicted on another being. The worst I have experienced is what you would term “Annoyance” and even then, if I experience it, I will exit the situation. Not to mention I aways “see the bright side” of things. I am frequently questioned as to “Why I am happy all the time?” my answer, and clue to them, “Because I choose to be.”

Q: Have you heard of Dr. Brian Weiss?

A: I have not heard of him or read anything that he wrote, so I cannot answer your question. That said, I will just say that it is not in your best interest to accept information from “outside” sources.

Q: Does the practice of yoga have any spiritual benefits? For instance, being able to connect with our spiritual side better.

A: No, but it does help the body and mind.

Q: IS there such a thing as a “soulmate”? If so, what is the true purpose of “soulmates”? I’ve always thought this to be a contradiction to the theory that we are all ONE. Which, if that is the case, EVERYONE is everyone’s “soulmate”.

A: See the truth is inside you. A “Soul mate” is, generally speaking, a romanticized concept applied to a happy relationship. In reality, you have thousands, if not ten of thousands, of “soul mates” (people you would be extremely “compatible” with). You choose the qualities of a person you are attracted to, and there will be thousands with those same qualities, which you would find out if you “dated” a lot of people. That’s why when “soul mates” die, the person typically will tend to meet another partner (If they allow themselves to).

Q: Anyway, I’m not going to Forsake my own Happiness and that of the Ones that I Love just to Directly Answer someones’ Question and Neither will the OP

Can you explain what that means? How will you forsake your own happiness by directly answering someone’s question?

A: Ok, I will state that “Karma” has a funny way of getting back at you when you break a law. While I do choose what I feel, if I go around breaking the Laws, things can get pretty difficult for me. Besides that, if I did break the Laws, I would be doing something contrary to my being, and that could cause me some “disturbances”.

Q: Is there cures for diseases such as type one diabetes that aren’t publicly available?

A: I do not work in any Government laboraories, so I honestly do not know. Sorry

Q: Is it true that “alien” abductions are sometimes to try to trigger advancement in the abductee?

A: The only person who can “trigger” the advancement of oneself, is oneself.

Q: If we are to focus on what’s happening in our vicinity/what’s importaint to us; what are we to consider if we have memories of “aliens” walking us up at night and talking to us? (Not that I think aliens are nessisarliy aliens mind you).

A: That situation wouldn’t happen. Most likely, if thats really what you remember, you have False Memories.

Q: I have not heard of him or read anything that he wrote, so I cannot answer your question. That said, I will just say that it is not in your best interest to accept information from “outside” sources.

A: If this is so why would it be in our interest to accept information from you then?

Like I stated in an earlier reply, there are people who can tell you the truth but you are less likely to accept it as such if you do not see it for yourself. You have to have a “Aha!” moment so to speak. Now I will say this, do not accept my information on the premise that I am correct. Ponder what has been said here, take what you resonates and discard the rest. The same method could be used in other “Sacred Texts” and manuscripts although, depending on how “developed” you are, you may get things confused and accept the wrong parts.

Q: Does seeing a set of numbers (111,222,333, etc etc) constantly on a daily basis signify anything?

A: If you are seeing them constantly on a daily basis, yes. But if not beware, you may be putting “value” on that which has none.

Q: I have a feeling I am here to wake myself up from this “illusion” but in order to do that I must be willing to wake up others since we are all one. Does this make sense?

A: Help others, yes. Wake them, no. They must do it for themselves, but it is fine to “drop hints”.

Q: Would you agree that everything is relative to each other? What is good/evil to some is not good/evil to others? Does this mean there is no absolute good/evil?

A: Just tools so ultimately, yes.

Q: Will humanity ever grow up (say withing the next few decades)?

A: This place is more so focused on the growth of “Individuals” as opposed to the growth of humanity in general. One by one they all will come.

Q: While on the subject of numbers — could you tell how numerology/astrology/palmistry/crystals tie into our lives?

A: The things you have listed have gone astray of their origins and original purpose. They have been “commericalized” for the general population so to speak. I wouldn’t put much value on whats being pushed out, on these subjects, now.

Q: What happens to you when you die?

A: You “take a break” from this world. Death has been given a bad image to scare people into fearing it. Just look at how death is personified by the general population- A Grim reaper. The images places a bad picture of death in the minds of those who see it. Really, death is not to be feared.

Q: hi…q. is it true that everything is connected to the point that ‘ALL’ is ‘ONE’
& ‘ONE is ‘ALL’?

A: Ultimately, yes.

Q: Why do you suggest not using “Mantras?” Do these actually work but do so by inciting the assistance from demonic entities or entities that do not have our best interest at heart?

A: They have a tendency to numb the mind.

Q: Why do you and Hidden Hand capitalize certain letters? Is this some kind of ritual?

A: No.

Q: Why do many groups and companies use common symbols like the all-seeing eye and the triangle? Do these symbols help manifest success for such groups?

A: 1.) To show who “has ownership”.

2.) In a way, yes.

Q: Is the individual who uses the handle ET_MAN truly in contact with extra-terrestrials that give him correct information?

A: I am seen the thread topic but I have not read its content, so I really couldnt tell you.

Q: Where do you currently reside? Is it above the surface or under the surface? Is it on the planet?

A: I live on this planet and on its surface.

Q: Also, will we know when we have completed what we need to here? And if not will we be just returning to try again?

A: In a way, you will know. And yes.

Q: I am confused by the way you have portrayed Yahweh. Is he actually allowed to make decisions that are permanent? Can the Elders alter these decisions, or is it a “once set, it is in stone” type of power?

A: 1.) No.

2.) Yes.

Q: Does part of the ascension process involve recognising the importance of smaller beings such as insects and pets?

A: Yes.

Q: For one that is in service to others, in your opinion what would be the best methods of showing otherselves what they are without using manipulation, or breaking the laws?

A: Your actions.

Q: In your opinion, what are the most beneficial ways of dealing with an otherself that tries to manipulate you without diminishing positive polarity?

A: Acknowledge their negativity and simply pay it no attention. I personally just leave the person/situation.

Q: In your opinion, is it our duty to experience all that we can?

A: Its optional, but not a duty.

Q: In your opinion, is it a better idea to pursue these goals alone or seek the help of a clairvoyent psychic, or past life regression hypnosis?

A: Most “clairvoyent psychics” are frauds, and “past life regression hypnosis” could be dangerous depending on who the practitioner is. My advice, go it alone.

Q: In your opinion, is it best to pursue these goals intellectually or to not pursue them and let it spiritually come to you naturally?

A: Actively pursue them.

Q: In your opinion, can catalyst only be negative to help positive otherselves realise what they are, what are forms of positive catalyst that helps negative polarity otherselves realise what they are as well?

A: Catalysts are neutral. Its all what you decide it to be.

Q: Ok, OP. What role do the incarnates play in the big picture?

A: Different roles for different players. Cryptic, I know but your question is too general.

Q: Are you familiar with the 11:11 time prompt phenomenon and if so does it have any meaning? If so, what is the meaning for someone who experiences this regularly?

A: Think of it as a Timer. What happens when the Timer goes off?

Q: A predecessor of yours suggested against joining “secret societies”, never, whatever the circumstances.

I wondered what your take on this advice is

A: Don’t do it.

Q: And do you feel like Jesus in the book of Job?]

A: I don’t compare myself to anyone, including Yeshua.

Q: Forgive me, my friend if i sound naive but should we as a species be living in accordance with the universal laws?

A: You could, but its not going to happen. “World Peace” is not a possibility here, and its not supposed to be. This “World” is more a “One on One” ordeal than humanity as a whole…work on yourself.

Q: How do we nurture our childrens spirituality effectively?

A: Don’t hit them when they do wrong, for one. Now, unless you plan on “home schooling” them and never letting them experience the “negativity”, they will be influenced. When they get older, it is their job to “conquer” the “darkness” and set out on what they are here to do.

Q: How do we nurture our childrens spirituality effectively?

A: Don’t hit them when they do wrong, for one. Now, unless you plan on “home schooling” them and never letting them experience the “negativity”, they will be influenced. When they get older, it is their job to “conquer” the “darkness” and set out on what they are here to do.

Q: two questions:
what is the best question we could ask?
what should we be concerned about?

A: 1.) Ok, the best questions have already been asked.

2.) I have answered that question on numerous occassions throughout my time here.

Q: For some reason I’ve met most people during some difficult time in their lives, and I am always compelled to help them thru, they on the other hand feel they can open up to me from the very start, and I stay around untill things are good. When I notice the person is open enough to hear, I convey the importance of contemplation and reason, on what a wonderful playground we have at our disposal and that possibilities are endless. Some hear it and some others chuckle. I fell it is right, but would like your input please, is this the main deal why we are here?

A: Very interesting. If what you say is really the case, you may infact be here for the same reason I am, even if your not fully aware of it. I would like to speak with you more, but that is not going to be possible.

Q: I am facing a dilemma now, the world is straying from reason, and a selfish attitude is the new status quo. This hurts me, day in and day out I feel like I’m being stabbed thru my 6 senses and empathy. Its also growing harder every day to avoid the poisons being pumped in our food and enviroment.

A: Ok, if this is true then I am now pretty certain you are here for a different reason than the others. Take heart in your endevours and do what you feel you must, comrad. Show them what they truely are.

Be A Lighthouse, Shining Through The Dark Sea That Is This World, 13.

A: Ok, if this is true then I am now pretty certain you are here for a different reason than the others. Take heart in your endevours and do what you feel you must, comrad. Show them what they truely are.

Be A Lighthouse, Shining Through The Dark Sea That Is This World, 13.

Q: Should I quit reading here and just work on myself?

A: No, but when your done decide for yourself the truthfullness of my messages.

Q: What civilization are the ruins along the mid atlantic ridge from?

A: One that you have heard of surely, but does it matter?

Q: Illuminator13, I just realized something. You have the number 13 in your user id. Usually, general people refrain from using that number due to the negativity that has been attached to it from some time.
Anyways, is it supposed to signify something in your user id? (I think its not a co-incidence). If yes, can you tell us — what it signifies?

A: The number 13 is far from negative. And although it does signify something, am I going to tell you what it is, no.

Q: Can one beat the level by going to where the others reside?

A: No.

Q: So H Hand was Bloodline, and you are a walk in, can you explain the circumstances around your walk in?

A: I came here a short time ago because I knew “what time it was” and I wanted to “help out”.

Q: How does one measure spiritual understanding of these concepts you write about?

A: Contemplate what is written, then take what you wish and discard the rest.

Q: How do we bypass the beliefs of others, they are like security blankets for people who choose not to think about the important things. More importantly however is the question, should I even bother with people who wrap their minds in beliefs?

A: Simply choose to do so. And you should to a certain extent. There is nothing wrong with showing them what they are, as long as you do try to “push” the truth onto them. They will resist, as they have been taught to by their “Gurus”.

Q: This game called life we play, like all games does it have flaws/bugs/exploits that some people abuse?

A: There is a infinite number of possiblites afoot in this game, and I wouldn’t call them flaws.

Exploits do exist, by the lesser developed, the greedy and the selfish, who know about the “game” and choose to take actions that only benefit them. The do get “punshished” for their misdeeds though, so its not a wise thing to do.

“Bugs”, or “glitches,” also exist but on an individual basis. See, if an infinite number of “random” possibilities are happening, then it would be impossible to know what happens next, so glitches do happen, as in any game, but they are not preconcieved in any way, shape or form. The path you walk takes shape as you walk it. I mentioned earlier that one “glitches” is “Downsyndrome”.

Q: Where does the soul reside, inside the physical hosts we call our bodies or somewhere else, outside of the body?

A: To a certain extent, in your “physical” (Which you surely realize is not a “solid” mass) body.

Q: What exactly is a brain, since it can die it must live and it needs the body to live and the body needs the brain, very symbiotic. Also can the soul be transferred from one physical body to another?

A: Think of the brain as a “video game controller

” for the Soul.

And as far as I know of, no.

Q: What is happening to our sun?

A: I am guessing you noticed the lack of Sunspot activity recently. Do not worry about it…

Q: How does one achieve the full potential? Are there signs or experiences one should pay attention to?

A: Mostly likely, that won’t happen right now. If you get into the “Higher Levels” and choose to come back, you can attempt “Master” the previous levels. Its like a famous video game you probably know of: You dont have to collect all the stars to beat the game, but if you want to you can “replay” levels to do so. SM64. I actually love that game btw…off topic, I must keep focus.

Q: What exactly do you think we are being distracted from, almost everything in “life” is a distraction, TV, games, books, sometimes we do learn things from them but overall they serve more to distract and stop thinking, which in my case serves me well at certain times.

A: Video Games, Poltical “Talk Shows”, T.V. in general, Media,  Internet, ect. You should get the general idea. I cannot list them all because I am almost out of time, sorry.

Q: I don’t know for sure but check out the Flower of Life also.

A: Dont believe all of the stuff out there about Sacred Geometry, there are some distortations.

Q: What exactly are hallucinations and why are so many military organizations interested in them?

A: Hallucinations are more of a malfuction of the “Controller” (Brain), cause by many factors such as drugs, perscriptions, ect, than anything in a Spiritual sense. Although they can inhibit your growth if they “break” the controller and you wont be able to use your body to function properly, therefore effectively robbing you of any opportunities.

They want to study it and see if they can produce its effects in a more “controlled” way.

Q: What if some people don’t want “oneness”?

A: Your soul will always want oneness, but the “ego” (for lack of a better term) would like to remain an “individual”, which is why you must keep it in “check”

Q: How does one properly respond to manipulation?

A: Know what it is, how to identify it and then ignore its attempts when you recognize them. Reseach “Propaganda” and you’ll get a good idea on what to do.

Ok my time is just about up. I will be making one more post after this and then I am gone.

I would like to thank you for your insightful questions, you are a smart bunch, and I hope you figure out why you are here and live according to its answers.

If any of you feel like passing this on to other boards and the like, feel free to do so. It may take some to to collate the answers so if it is too much trouble, dont worry about it, this will reach who its meant to.

I wish you well in your journey, have fun with it though, life isnt meant to be serious all the time.


My Task Is Now Complete For Those With Hearts To Seek, Illuminator 13.

7 thoughts on “Illuminator13 – Opportunity Knocks Again

  1. Illuminator69

    It’s obvious Illuminator13 was full of shit with his one word/general answers for every question. He was simply on here to provide disinformation and has no ties to no “bloodline” with higher knowledge or the need to “help” those on here.


    I never believe on spell till i contacted this man name UBIATO i explain everything to him and i was ask to provide some items needed to make some sacrifice which i did and after that i got a new job and i’m so happy….i wish you all the best of luck for you to find a good helper like as i will be celebrating this xmas with happiness

  3. Dave G

    According to Linda P veggie heads are…Like eating a fucking quarter pounder makes one intelligent…get a grip..I stopped reading your comment after that…and no I’m not a veggie head myself.

  4. Linda P

    I read this in it’s entirety. I have the feeling that this OP is really an illuminati bloodline BUT I have the feeling that they are strictly a disinformation agent. Telling people that they need to be vegetarians was the tip off. Any veggie head I ever met was stupid and dumbed down due to not getting the proper nutrition their memory was messed up. OP also does not fully answer any questions that are relevant but just flippantly answers cryptically over and over again. It was nice to wade thru this drivel, but I don’t feel that OP was here to help us other than to deceive us humans. Our sun changing will not mean it’s demise. It’s not the sunspot activity that we need to be worried about it’s the aurora borealis that we need to worry about knocking out the power grids all over the world. Why didn’t he mention that fact if he truly is on the inside? And the part about chemtrails being harmless really had me laughing on the floor!! Sure, placate the peasants with lies and comforting nonsense while dosing the very air they breathe with noxious chemicals. Since when is aluminum and barium safe for humans to breathe? OP just pats us on the head and tells us not to worry. What a hoot! He suckered everyone on that site and they fell for it accepting one line answers to rather complicated questions. And the best part was that David Icke had it wrong. No, David Icke does not have it wrong – this is what really unnerves the OP in that his race is being exposed as what they are and for what they want. Nice ruse if you buy into his disinfo, but I, for one, am not buying his postings. He simply gleaned his answers and “info” from the net – nothing more. Can’s say that anything that OP had to say I haven’t read somewhere else before. He gave me nothing new other than constnatly repeating over and over to look within for your answer to why are we here. I’d rather read a David Icke book instead any day. I’ve read them all. He knows what is happening and has exposed the dracs and reptiles on this planet quite well.

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