Bill Cooper Uncut

Source: YouTube
Posted here: Sunday, Aug. 21, 2016 @ 1:05 PM

Here is my tribute to a remarkable man, who was as true to himself and the world as anyone can be. It’s amazing how much this very intelligent man knew (this interview is probably from the mid-90s). He is very pleasant to listen to, and he’s right on. Unfortunately, the Secret Government could not let someone as outspoken as him stay alive–they had to assassinate him eventually, which they did.

I’m of course talking to the one and only, William (Bill) Milton Cooper, author of “Behold a Pale Horse.” May his wisdom never be forgotten, and may more and more people wake up to his sobering words. Bill Cooper was the real deal. Please watch! It’s worth every minute of it, even if you think you already know what Cooper was talking about.

2 thoughts on “Bill Cooper Uncut

  1. iamlonefrog

    In a world where up is down and wrong is right is it that hard to see that this was a character played by an actor.

    Ever hear of Jordan Maxwell? Yup, I know you have, same player.

    They will get their war and you will gladly participate, rinse – wash – repeat.

  2. I was a long time fan of Bill Cooper. Actually I still am but he is gone now. He was true to himself and us, telling us the ugly truths, and not sugar coating them. I also have his book. Thanks for sharing this important information.

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